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Sunday, 31st of October

All Hallow’s Eve

……….Here’s a start for something new, about something very, very old:

The descent of darkness tonight closes the Year of the Greater Sun in the ancient Celtic calendar, and opens for one half-turn of our world an annual doorway to the world of the ancestral spirits.  Like wandering sparks flying up from a fire, or dry leaves blown haphazardly across an empty yard, the ancestors roam abroad tonight.  Whether for those lost ones of dear memory, or for our more ancient forbears, whose names we may never even have learned, in the Celtic World this night was a moment of remembrance, respect, and re-kindling of love — a night for considering deeply who we are, and from whom we have come, and for whom we must continue.

In our time, the ancestors still hover near this night, awaiting the slightest turn of the heart to invite their closer presence, a place by the hearth, a cup to quench thirst, a small tidbit to signify true-hearted welcome.  They may come to your door dressed as children demanding treats, cheerful and expectant, although hasty and eager to depart.  But in whatever guise or form, they should be treated in the old way:  with deference, glee, and minor bribery. Engineer delay, and tease them for a moment into sharing their good graces for your good offerings.  Let them linger as they will on the porch, or just inside the doorway, or hanging back timidly from the light.  Make your happy welcome to them, and then let them turn and be gone and on their way again, back into the night.

Each act of kindness and generosity opens the ears and hearts of the ancestors who wander abroad on this crack between the worlds. Light a fire, a candle, or just incense, but think deeply of your truest wish for the coming dark of the year, a dream of the future not yet come due.  Cherish presence, remember the past, and for this night, let the rattling carriages of Time slow and settle into stillness, silence, repose.  This night, even Time itself must pause, and find the nourishment of peace and patience, and wait for the dawn.


“The Darkness of the Year of the Lesser Sun commences;  may you tend well your homefires through each long night.”

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