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Tuesday, 30th of November


Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Master Mouse Says:

The WOOD MONKEY on duty today has a timid and indecisive nature, but also harbors a well-spring of curiosity for seeking out new problems and new solutions.  This kind of curiosity—and the bursts of creativity that spring from it—will not be regarded as particularly welcome by either the Pig or the Tiger, and those who wish to follow Monkey Form will do better by showing their willingness to make complete inner preparation before launching any outward intervention or experiment.  Hesitating—in the sense of “waiting for the Right Time,” at least—will prove more successful than feinting or thrusting, and convincing others to underestimate you—by reducing your responses and refusing to display your plans—will give you strong tactical advantages.  If hostilities break out, Strategic Withdrawal is the proper course to take, particularly if it wasn’t really your fight to begin with.

Talk to the Animals

Born in the Year of the Rat: The Monkey is going to be both outnumbered and out-gunned today, and your affinities with his Spirit, and your frequent reliance on his Magical Powers, will put you in jeopardy if you don’t remember the weakness of your leverage under the Pig Moon, declaring yourself a Neutral Party in the field of whatever tensions or hostilities arise in the day.  That being said, you can feel perfectly solid in taking a diplomatic role, and you shouldn’t feel shy about Stating The Obvious;  that tactic will have a settling effect on most of any potential combatants.  As for the ones on whom it won’t:  they’re the ones who are puffing up and snorting because they’re addicted to Drama.  With them, you’d better use a light tone and a calm voice, if you want to try diplomacy at all.  Tomorrow’s Fowl will scatter all adversaries, but that won’t make your position any more enjoyable.

Born in the Year of the Ox: The sort of tensions that arise between Monkey and Pig, and between Monkey and Tiger, usually seem like Nothing Important to you, as long as you have the surety of your own goals to pursue;  and the difficulties that might arise among or between them, as long as they’re not creating rubble and disorder directly in your pathway, seem like Minor Squabbling rather than Grand Warfare.  With the Pig and Tiger in the positions of strength, and the Monkey so willing to play a Waiting Game, I think you may find their little threats and counter-threats somewhat amusing, more like a Punch-and-Judy Show than Street Fight, and more like choreography than true combat.  Take your time today, and keep your attention off to the side as you make your way forward;  this is a day for being satisfied with Minor Things, and taking in the world around you for pure Entertainment Value.  Tomorrow’s Fowl will get you back in the groove of your own momentum, and give you reason to feel frisky, moving forward.

Born in the Year of the Tiger: Even with the Pig Moon and the Tiger Year helping you to box the Pesky Monkey into a corner, you’ll not get much satisfaction from taking a purely defensive stance, or in seizing your advantages to make an offensive foray, either.  This member of the Clan of the Long Tail is the master of the Waiting Game, and it’s the parts of his nature and capacities that he’s not showing you, that are the ones you should be truly worried about.  Anything important on your schedule really ought to be delayed to another time—if at all possible—and while hiding your displeasure and disapproval (should they arise) will not really be possible, you certainly shouldn’t allow yourself to act as if they are your Natural Rights, or trustworthy enough to carry you to Victory.  This Monkey is here to show you what little good smugness can do you;  don’t tempt him to make a Big Show of it.  Tomorrow’s Fowl will be equally difficult to align with your sensibilities, but he’ll be perfectly capable of aligning himself, if you take a Hands-Off Approach.

Born in the Year of the Hare: This member of the Clan of the Long Tail will appear no more threatening to you than a Sad Little Clown at the circus, and so you may find it more than a little disturbing to turn and see your friends Pig and Tiger seizing up into a state of Preparatory Alarm at his entrance.  You should keep your attention on the Monkey’s quirky challenges, partly to keep from distancing yourself from Your Friends, but also partly because you might find his demeanor so dartingly fascinating and innocently unpredictable, that you’ll have a hard time suppressing chuckles of delight while you strive to maintain your Game Face.  Keep some attention on the ground under your feet;  this is a day to come back down from Hare Heaven, and to feel your blood pumping in your limbs, your breath flowing in and out.  Tomorrow’s Fowl will put you into the state of alarm, and Your Friends into the state of bemusement.

Born in the Year of the Dragon: The entry of any member of the Clan of the Long Tail is guaranteed to rouse the attention and alarm of the Pig and the Tiger, even if they are so well-positioned on the preferential terrain.  As this particular member has the quirky capacity—for a Monkey, that is—to think and not do, to imagine and not enact, his Two Adversaries are going to be a bit flummoxed and discomforted, unable to build enough confidence in their Usual Game-Plan to take action against him.  In the anxiety-ridden stand-off that results, you’ll see many angles of approach on your part, that will tempt you with Easy Pickings and Immediate Rewards, but I cannot advise you to avail yourself of them.  Look instead for the ways in which the Monkey’s Distractions allow you to simply re-position yourself on the game board, and to align your success to the accomplishment of Long-Term Goals.  Tomorrow’s Fowl will lower the tensions, and give you access to some of those Easy Pickings, without putting your own investing power at risk.

Born in the Year of the Snake: There will already be plenty of stress in your social affairs—with the Monkey raising the alarmed attentions of both Pig and Tiger—without you throwing yourself into the mix.  Fortunately, this Friendly Monkey is cool of demeanor, and very, very cagey in shielding both his strategies and his potential tactics from view, and if you can just agree to fall into perfect harmony with his Poise of Inaction, you have a chance to get through the day without damage to your position, or your long term plans, and in fact to feel something of the attitude expressed by the phrase:  “Well!  …We showed them!”  You’ll have some small opportunities to make incremental movements towards a better position of advantage, and as long as you can make them without attracting any attention to yourself, they’ll put you in excellent alignment for the Fowl to arrive tomorrow, to help you render profit from your stealthy shifting.

Born in the Year of the Horse: With the Friendly Tiger in such a position of strength—particularly while so well-supported by the Pig Moon—it may seem strange to you that he still takes with such alarm the entry of the Monkey.  Taking regard of this member of the Clan of the Long Tail yourself, you might think the Tiger’s being a bit overly-dramatic and paranoid:  this Monkey will look to you drab, defenseless, and perhaps a bit sad.  But the Tiger and Pig will be insistent, and you’ll have no choice but to go along with the Orders Of The Day:  Anticipatory Alarm.  If you find that you keep shifting into Fretful Boredom, or Pouting Irritation instead, you’re only expressing your lack of fundamental agreement in taking sides against the Monkey, and you’ll be easing the anxious atmosphere by being the one to blow off a little steam.  Tomorrow’s Fowl will not so much lower the tensions as make them seem less justifiable, and you’ll find some harmony with his Spirit of Independence.

Born in the Year of the Sheep: You’ll be the true Power Broker today, since you have an bone-deep understanding of the Monkey’s capacity to Make Mischief, and an artful angle on the ways that the Pig’s nature vacillates between Wisdom and Folly.  You’ll be able to play on both of them as if they were fiddles, and to whatever degree strikes your fancy—or meets your purposes—you have a strong capacity to make them Harmonize.  Of course that leaves the Tiger to be considered, and on that ground, you are still in a Learning Curve;  still, your skills at Avoiding Confrontation are so perfectly suited to the challenge of knitting together this Monkey’s Cagey Hesitation and this Tiger’s Cagey Patience, that all your admirers will have reason to believe in your Ultimate Successes.  Maintain a spirit of Authoritativeness, but don’t get drawn into a Power Struggle;  Power is the opposite of Struggle, after all.  But then: you already know that, don’t you?  Tomorrow’s Fowl will deflect lines of aim, but will not exactly achieve full disarmament.

Born in the Year of the Monkey: If you took any opportunity at all yesterday to poise your attention, “without even moving a muscle,” you’re going to heartily enjoy the display of that art so competently demonstrated by your Clan-Mate coming on the watch.  His capacity to hide his plans, and to make no indication of potential angle of action, or speed of attack, consistently earn him Under-Estimation by his adversaries;  both Pig and Tiger are going to as stiffly poised against him as statues, frozen as perfect pictures of Attentive Alarm.  If you’ve noticed, These Two do have the upper ground, and your presence on the field does nothing to even the odds of your Clan-Mate’s success;  so take Tactical Stand-Off as the great triumph that it is, and wait for darkness to mask your safe departure.  You can chuckle about it to yourself as you fall asleep, smiling softly as if to say:  “Another Tiger, Eluded!”  Tomorrow’s Fowl will deflect tensions into action, but won’t be able to guarantee much order to the affairs of your day.

Born in the Year of the Fowl: The tension in the air today will be as thick as that kind of fog usually referred to as “pea-soup.”  The Pig and Tiger will be on hair-triggers, and worse:  entirely different things are likely to set them off.  For the Monkey’s part, he will have the tactical advantage of Stillness and Shadow;  he is the best in his Clan at concealing his intentions, and masking any hint of What he might do, and When he might do it.  Your position is not entirely impossible, but it is fraught with dangers.  If something sets these three off, you’ll find no position from which to make a Successful Choice, or even to discover a path of Safe Retreat.  If you spend the day matching the Monkey’s Motionlessness, you’ll have a good start;  but you’ll have to be ready to move with your best lightning-quick reflexes, without advance notice, or confidence in direction, or certainty of results, to get through the day with your full Suit of Feathers intact.  Tomorrow’s Fowl will lift the fog—at least for you—and show you some ways in which you hit the targets, even without being able to see them.

Born in the Year of the Dog: Between the Pig’s distaste for the Monkey’s Irreverent Style, and the Tiger’s irritation for the Monkey’s Daring Impudence, the member of the Clan of the Long Tail coming on the watch today will be entering an Armed Camp.  Fortunately for his purposes, he has a Secret Weapon: he is, in fact, the most Un-Monkey of his Clan.  He’s as cagey as the rest, and as clever in his strategic mastery of opportunity and line-of-attack, but he’s absolutely matchless in his capacity to shield from view the array of his forces, the depth of his strategic creativity, and the direction and timing in which his attack might be launched.  In other words:  the more you look at him, the more you don’t know what you’re looking at.  Consequently, the Pig and Tiger are going to be in a Frozen Tizzy, and you are going to be so tense and anxious—without being able to see why—that you’re liable to be sweating in drops the size of small bullets, even though you’re doing very close to Absolutely Nothing.  It would be nice, of course, if there were something you could do about it, but:  there isn’t.  Be patient;  sunset will come soon enough, and you’re going to sleep really well tonight.  Adrenalin over-load is a great soporific.  Tomorrow’s Fowl will make things around you much more easy to assess, but you are probably not going to like the details of the assessment.

Born in the Year of the Pig: The really annoying thing about the Clan of the Long Tail—well, at least from your point of view—is that their form of Fun always refuses to include your sort of Propriety.  On that ground, you’re going to find this member of the Clan both reassuring and unsettling:  clearly he’s a Monkey, and must have something up his sleeve, but he’s just sitting there, and not acting in any way that will allow for analysis of his intentions, or assessment of his potential actions.  Most infuriating!  Fortunately for you and your purposes, the Tiger and Pig have the high ground on the field of confrontation today, and there’s every likelihood that “just sitting there” may be the full extent of the Monkey’s actions.  Still, whatever situation you find yourself in, that hovering worry will be disturbing your repose, and distracting your attention.  Summon your interest in the way that one moment flows effortlessly into the next, and table your Grand Plans for a better day.  Tomorrow’s Fowl will alter the atmosphere as dramatically as a movie director’s call to “Break for lunch!” causes the cast and crew to casually disperse, and you’ll find some peace and quiet in which to re-assemble your schedule of events.

Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Words to the Wise:

The Moon comes up long after dark, and sits for a moment on the wavy line of the mountains,

Coy and curvaceous as a toy, a child’s picture of a perfect boat on which to sail the starry seas.

Through the winter night, the journey will be a long and cold one, but windless, patient, serene.

Fiery in the dark, the stars glint like heroes of old, flashing brightly, frozen in noiseless battle, charting out a way across the sky.

“When everything else is finished, travel can be begun.”

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Monday, 29th of November


Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Master Mouse Says:

The WATER SHEEP on duty today has a cautious attitude, and can easily get bogged down in details, preferring to take action only after lengthy consideration of all counter-balancing influences.  Don’t resist the temptation to re-consider decisions before taking action;  the time is right for erring on the side of caution, and for waiting for new opportunities to season themselves through time before being certified as Proper Choices. Patience has virtue, and—as long as it’s not regarded as the only one—will reward those who observe it with Balance , Equanimity, and Good Order.  Elegance will come from allowing options to fall away under the attack of Further Thinking and Finding Faults;  when the Mild, the Mediocre and the Merely Convenient have been swept away, what’s left will prove to be Classic.

Talk to the Animals

Born in the Year of the Rat: It’s not often that being fussy and selective have so favorable a condition to recommend themselves;  your own taste leans frequently towards Accommodation and Compromise, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know how to call things as you see them, or to recognize when a standard has failed to be met.  Give your words time to take effect today, and don’t fear questions:  they will bring forward truth if you honor them, and your answers will justify the Low To The Ground angle of vision you have to offer to others.  Sometimes the pathway in front of you is obvious to you, but has to be explained to others;  you speak so many languages that you shouldn’t hesitate to take the time to do the translations for those who need to be convinced.  Tomorrow’s Monkey will make your negotiating skills extremely valuable, but you’ll have to maintain scrupulous neutrality to keep from gathering blame.

Born in the Year of the Ox: The quality of patience that you so clearly possess is not even from the same hemisphere of thought as that so ardently demanded by the Sheep, today.  Consequently, you’ll find your progress tethered by questions, considerations, and philosophical emptiness.  Don’t try to fathom such questions as “What is the meaning of Action?,” or “Why does one choose one direction over another?”  No doubt, the resolution of them will prove important to someone’s purposes, but to yours, they will seem to be only mindless gymnastics, and tactics engineered to produce Pure Delay.  Continue on your way, but don’t expect an easy time of it;  there’ll be a lot of nonsense going on around you, which others will take as worthy of attention, however idiotic it so clearly is to you.  Tomorrow’s Monkey will make your progress more easy, and might present “nonsense” in a much more entertaining light.

Born in the Year of the Tiger: This member of the Clan of Hooves and Horns has a penchant for the Slow Pathway, and for Delaying Decision.  As reluctant as you can be to Make Your Move, you might expect to find the temperament of the day to your liking;  but where your reticence comes from your inner sensitivities to Terrain and Timing, the Sheep’s is going to seem to come from mere vacillation and lack of purpose.  You’ll have your opportunities—and good leverage if you wish to press them forward—but if you’re minding those “inner sensitivities,” you’ll find that your usual confidence is almost continuously undermined by the addition of New Possible Future Outcomes, and a weakness of certainty that comes from letting your mind get too far ahead of your body.  Take the Sheep’s hemming-and-hawing as a warning, and allow yourself to hit the Pause Button;  tomorrow’s Monkey is going to make your proposed spot-for-landing a tricky perch, however carefully you launch yourself towards it.

Born in the Year of the Hare: For most, this Sheep’s fretful and tentative style will prove annoying and overly cautious, but for you, it will harmonize so well with your inclination to take moments as you find them, that the worries and frustrations of others will seem like distant buzzings, coming from somewhere way off on the other side of the Universe.  Park yourself in your favorite position, then, and watch the world work to the effortless accomplish of your dearest goals and purposes.  The Sheep may be extremely demanding in his standards, but with the Pig Moon to support and inform them, they can’t help but empower the accomplishment of your plans, and allow you to gambol and prance about, in dancing celebration of Wishes Coming True.  Tomorrow’s Monkey will add some quirks and jerks to your dance, and they may knock you from your Blissful Balance.

Born in the Year of the Dragon: You’re usually quite willing to give audience to an Argument Well-Made, or to sit patiently through the presentation of a Complete Background History.  All that dry and dusty information may, after all, contain a central gem of understanding, on which you can base your pivot towards an unexpected but brilliant New Direction.  Your tolerance for explanations and footnotes will be sorely tested today, however, as this Sheep digs deep into the archives, and seems willfully and boringly bent on Exhaustive Examination of every single potential detail available for presentation, discussion, and disquisition.  Still, as he’s so well-supported by the expectations and tolerance of the Pig Moon, you’ll have to put your appetite for Directed Action on hold, and bide your time:  the Monkey arriving tomorrow will reward your fretful patience, and give you some sudden and surprising tactical openings through which to press your advantage.

Born in the Year of the Snake: Your preferences towards Pragmatics will fit quite smoothly in the lengthy, exhaustively complete agenda the Sheep has planned for the day, but you’ll have to submit your list of Reasons, Rationales, and Justifications, to be considered along with everyone else’s.  If you had ideas about taking Sudden Action, or breaking ranks in order to score a Quick Kill, you’d better rethink them;  this Sheep is quite the Drill Sergeant, and will have no truck with any such demonstration of lack of Proper Decorum or Disruption of Order.  Still, if you can summon your patience, and wait for the clockwork to finish it’s grinding, you should have every reason to hope for your purposes to get their fair hearing, and your tastes to be satisfied before actions are brought to a close.  Tomorrow’s Monkey will make your affairs much more immediate and entertaining, but will put your antics and aims in a very unfavorable light.

Born in the Year of the Horse: While your root ambitions spring from thoughts of Right Action, and aim towards the physics of Worthy Achievement, it’s also true that they are most properly nourished by attention towards Broad Context, and an encyclopedic awareness of Social Forms.  These are the provinces of the Clan of Fleece and Horns, and are the ground of your perpetual appreciation for their support, and your reliance on their good graces and generosity.  Consequently, while others around you are going to be rolling their eyes and gnashing their teeth at the Sheep’s glacially slow pace at dealing with possibilities and problems, you’re going to be at your ease, humming in patience repose, confident that when your talents are required, they will be asked for, and when your force and powers are appropriate, they’ll be put elegantly into play.  Many don’t think you can actually enjoy Standing and Waiting, but if they’re observant today, they’ll get all the proof they need.  Tomorrow’s Monkey will trade in Patience for Petulance, and give you reason to show how quickly you can show responsiveness to stimulation.

Born in the Year of the Sheep: This most dark of your Clan-Mates can seem a bit of a pariah, insisting—as he does—on grinding through every tiny reason for moving, or not moving, and holding every fraction of a Good Idea up to the microscope for thorough examination, before adding it to the continually growing mass of Pro’s and Con’s which much achieve Total Summary before steps can be taken.  Under the tolerant and appreciative regime of the Pig Moon, however, such complexity and exhaustive detail is finally to have Its Day, and you’re going to find yourself up on the dais, expected to make at least an Oratorical Commentary, if not the acceptance speech for the Actual Award.  Compose your mind, and don’t hurry through the points you wish to make:  those in attendance who don’t want to listen are already fully irritated, and you might as well take the opportunity to give them the full discharge of your thinking and point-of-view.  Do try to add a few jokes, particularly if they imply that you’re not taking yourself too seriously.  Tomorrow’s Monkey will put your theoretics to the test, and allow you to make demonstration of that strange knack you have for calming things down and speeding them up, at the same.

Born in the Year of the Monkey: The pace of things today will slow down to the sort of speed one expects from glaciers, or from snails on tranquilizers.  Normally, this would mean a day of boredom and frustration for you, and the challenge of finding some way to keep yourself from getting into Trouble (with a capital T, as in “Tiger.”)  The Sheep is going to be droning on about Why’s and Wherefore’s to an exhaustive extent, and since he’s going to include everyone’s arguments and points-of-view in his lengthy perorations, they’re all going to have to stay alert and listen closely, in eager expectancy for themselves to be mentioned.  You’ll therefore enjoy the rather rare treat of getting to observe them all while their attention is Captured Elsewhere;  as long as you don’t blow your cover by Making Monkey-Shines, you’ll find yourself fascinated by the amount of information you can gather, without even moving a muscle.  Fascinated, I tell you!  Tomorrow’s Monkey will put you in the spotlight—ready or not—and give you a chance to demonstrate the value of the information you’ve gleaned.

Born in the Year of the Fowl: The quality of Pure Order that today’s Sheep will aim to assert will take all day to frame up correctly, and to put carefully into exact position.  Most will find the process dry as dust, and boring in the extreme;  you, however, will take fascinated delight in the way each new strut in the structure of the argument leans on and supports the others, and will marvel at the elegance with which the Sheep balances and counter-balances attitudes and insistences that—under any other circumstances—one would assume must be mutually exclusive.  Put your own purposes on hold for the day, then, and let yourself be led through the full articulation of Sheep View;  it isn’t often we get it put so exhaustively on display.  (I should mention:  it will be extremely valuable for you to have absorbed as much as you can, by the time the Hare arrives next year.)  Tomorrow’s Monkey will allow no such leisurely examinations, and you’ll have to think fast, and jump faster, to keep out of harm’s way.

Born in the Year of the Dog: The Sheep is captaining the day’s vessel, and he’s planning a very slow trip through the land of Fleece and Horns, taking every opportunity to mention and fully discuss each aspect of his Clan’s long list of Important Principles, Significant Considerations, and Comprehensive Aims.  Most on board are going to find themselves bored to tears, unfortunately, but at least they’ll have had the opportunity to resolve themselves to a very fine degree as to where the Sheep has been coming from, all these years.  You, of course, will find the orations of small interest, but not really obstructive to your own aims while on board ship.  There is, after all, to be no test at the end of the day, and if your mind has been wandering to other matters, no one will be the wiser.  Do try to look like you’re interested some of the time, and don’t forget that knack you have of getting the Sheep to go in the direction you’d prefer, simply by asking.  Tomorrow’s Monkey will put boredom right out of style, and your ability to get things to go your way will most likely go with it.

Born in the Year of the Pig: There are times when you like to expound your position, demanding attention for what you’ve chosen to present and explain;  and then there are times when you like to sit back, and let others do all that sort of Heavy Lifting.  Today is an example of the latter, and the fact that this particular member of the Clan of Fleece and Horns is infamous for parking on a topic and grinding it to dust, will not slacken your enjoyment and satisfaction in the least.  Fortunately for all the other attendees at the Mandatory Assembly, you’re going to be in charge of Logistics and Refreshments, and as long as you pay attention to when the breaks should occur, and what sort of bon-bons are to be presented as rewards for Showing Up and Paying Attention, you’ll find that you’re the actual Star of the day, and that you’re the one everyone wants to question when the more formal proceedings are completed.  Plan on lingering at the After Party:  there are some Special Introductions to be made.  Tomorrow’s Monkey will arrive to throw decorum out the window, and you’re going to want to throw him out after it.

Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Words to the Wise:

The old man said,”There are the things that are fixed, and the things that are unfixable;

There are the parts that can’t move, and the parts that can’t be stopped from moving.

Back and forth you go between the poles, and that’s where whatever is is truly happening.

Don’t think of this, and you see its truth;  don’t listen to my words, and you’ll understand me.”

“Kindness is better than good manners; friendship is better than proper form.”

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Sunday, 28th of November


Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Master Mouse Says:

The WATER HORSE on duty today has great strength of heart but a flickering will, and will need guidance from the Tiger, and prompting from the Pig, in order to turn interest into investigation, and curiosity into choice.  If your attention falls to wandering, or if you find it difficult to take first steps, don’t add to your limitations by expecting your first direction to be final.  Starting-and-stopping is part of the rhythm of the day, and you can actually snarl things up by insisting that momentum, once it’s achieved, must be maintained.  If you find yourself driving mercilessly forward, and feeling highly charged up about it, that alone is probably reason enough to stop, take a breather, and reconsider your terrain.  Look for those who are familiar with the lay of the land, and follow their course;  but if you’re asked to throw your energies into assisting others, make sure there’s a solid escape clause in the contract.

Talk to the Animals

Born in the Year of the Rat: The obvious power of the Horse on duty will seem strangely incongruous to the small amount of work that’s actually getting done, and if you take that as a prompting to put your shoulder to the wheel—as if that would make the difference—you’re liable to end up exhausted, or looking foolish, or both.  The Tiger’s Patience is working on the Horse, whether it’s obvious or not, and you don’t really have a place in the conversation between them.  Most likely, you’re going to fall into consideration today of what work is appropriate to you this year, and that will lead you to review the What’s, Why’s, and How’s of your own conversation with the Great Stripéd One.  Don’t over-think this one;  the Rat Moon is coming in a week’s time, and you’re going to discover that being able—as you most certainly are—to get right up next to an ear, can make you just as influential as having a Great Big Voice.  Tomorrow’s Sheep will be listening for your comments and suggestions, but you’ll have to be very patient if you expect them to demonstrate much effect.

Born in the Year of the Ox: This member of the Clan of Hooves and Mane can give you the illusion that they share your Grand Momentum, but he only looks that way because it can take him a very long time before he demonstrates any movement in the direction he’s declared as a goal.  This isn’t really similar to your style of starting small and building up bit-by-bit;  rather, it’s all about waiting for somebody else to go first.  If you volunteer, you’ll get some definite response, but if you count on that lasting for any significant duration, or on Those Who Follow to match you for pace and directness, you’re just going to find yourself annoyed.  Consequently, I can only advise you to keep your attention on your own work, and to consider that those who seem to be walking along beside you are only coincidentally—and temporarily—headed in what seems to be Your Direction.  Tomorrow’s Sheep will try to demand that you stay With The Group, and your explanations that it’s Not Your Group will be of little avail.

Born in the Year of the Tiger: The sort of flexible curiosity and frisky uncertainty that this Horse displays will capture your attention, and make it seem that’s what’s needed here is a big dose of Tiger On Duty.  Jumping in and making your influence felt is actually not a bad idea;  but it will be structurally important for you to realize that it’s Suggestion and Permission that are most needed, not Bright Ideas and Bold Intimidation.  The Pig Moon is still strong enough to keep you on your flexible side, and with the Horse so perfectly willing to follow any lead you lay down, it seems to me that you’ll heartily enjoy yourself, whatever direction you “suggest,” and whatever activities you grant your “permission” for.  If you want to enjoy yourself as fully as the day allows, try to shoot for at least one thing that even you have no idea how it will turn out.  Tomorrow’s Sheep will not need your permission, but may very well require your patience.

Born in the Year of the Hare: With the Serpentine Threat safely behind them for the current term, everyone around you will greet the Horse’s arrival as good reason to shake off considerations, and choose new directions for Action.  Problem is, they’ll all be waiting for someone else to start off before they agree to go along, and when that finally happens, there’s liable to be a short-lived stampede.  Short-lived, because it’s not just Following that’s the favorite past-time today; everyone wants to follow, alright, but only in the direction in which they already wanted to go.  If this sounds to you like you’re going to have to do a lot of Hand-Holding to get anything accomplished, you’ve hit it right on the button.  The alternative is to take this a well-deserved Day Off, and wait for the arrival of tomorrow’s Sheep, who will make all of your plans go forward like clock-work.

Born in the Year of the Dragon: From your point of view, this Horse is the kind who’s just waiting for a Friendly Rider to take charge, give direction, offer encouragement, and share out the rewards of Bold Action and Intelligent Perspicacity.  Once again, your Wisdom display itself;  but you’re going to have to be cagey if you want to be the one in the saddle on this trip.  The Pig has several Beautiful Ideas to put forward for the Horse’s consideration, and the Tiger will be quite jealous if someone else earns the sort of Whole-Hearted Agreement he so easily commands from the Clan of Hooves and Mane.  If you can read the situation with their goals in mind, and put forward your talents without salesmanship, you have a very good chance of being made Jockey-For-A-Day.  Just make sure that you’re listening to orders, and finding some way to justify your actions by reference back to them.  Tomorrow’s Sheep will put you in a weak position tactically, but if you can hang back just a bit, you could gain a lot through casual eaves-dropping.

Born in the Year of the Snake: If you’re reading this, then you must have kept a low enough profile yesterday to avoid ending up in the hospital, or in jail, and you’ll be ready to take up the Highly Available energies that the Horse is riding in with.  Don’t be too hasty about getting your hands on all that Horse-Power;  it’s true, direction is needed, and companionship will be highly appreciated, but you’ve still got both Pig and Tiger to contend with, and both of them have a prior claim to the Horse’s attention.  Still, that can mean that their attentions will be diverted from you, and if you make all your wishes known through nothing more forceful or note-worthy than Contingent Suggestions, you may find that there’s a great deal of progress to be made.  If challenged, give up immediately, and try taking a different route towards the same end;   even saying exactly the same thing, but using completely different words, can prove successful, as long as you’re not calling attention to yourself by doing so.  Tomorrow’s Sheep will allow you a tiny bit more lee-way for showing your Scales, but you’d better enter the day with your mind already made up to Get Along By Going Along.

Born in the Year of the Horse: This Clan-Mate of yours coming on the watch is the most willing to express delight in the presence of comrades, and on that ground, you may find that the temper of the day is rosy and light-hearted.  However, the Willingness to Work—which is almost the hallmark of the Clan of Hooves and Mane—will be slightly obstructed by an un-willingness to Go First.  If you have a Bold Plan to put into action, you can at least count on a rousing cheer of support, but make sure to look behind you to make sure that your backers are still Keeping Up;  they could very easily fall into distraction, and require another blast of your bugle calling out “Charge!”  More productive, perhaps, would be to find someone else with the Bold Plan, to which you can be the model exponent of Keeping Up, inspiring all the others to do the same.  Don’t be afraid, in either case, to let your enthusiasm show.  Tomorrow’s Sheep will want to Seriously Manage your time and energy for you, and I don’t think you could find anything more felicitous than complying.

Born in the Year of the Sheep: This is one of those days when every task is going to make it seem to you as if you’ve been made Chief Cat-Wrangler.  It’s not that everyone will be independently minded and studiously aloof—as most cats are—it’s rather that there will be so much energy being made available through the offices of the Clan of Hooves and Mane, that it will be quite difficult to get it all lined up in the same direction and ready to start off at the same time.  If you’ve ever observed the entry of the Thoroughbreds into the starting gates before a race, you’ll know exactly what I mean. It will be a supreme challenge for you to suit each argument to the moment, and to summon—or invent—technical solutions to each new objection, but this is the sort of problem you’re actually built for, and I have every confidence you’ll not only come through the day triumphant, but that you’ll fully enjoy yourself in the process.  Tomorrow’s Sheep will put you up on stage, and fully in the spotlight, so put some attention on what Extemporaneous Remarks you might like to make.

Born in the Year of the Monkey: The Horse coming on duty today will present an almost irresistible opportunity for you to Mount Up and ride off Into The Sunset;  but since we’re still stuck in Tigerland, you’ll need to summon some of your Magical Wisdom, and be extremely judicious as to which of the many opportunities can be taken with both safety and agreement as likely results.  It’s really just a small moment of consideration I’m suggesting you need to make use of;  of course, for the Clan of the Long Tail, that’s a Very Big “small” thing to ask.  Perhaps it will help to remember that both the Pig and the Tiger are in line just ahead of you, and if you bolt ahead before they’ve made their choices…?  Well!  “I’m just sayin’…!”  Tomorrow’s Sheep will be throwing a sort of Masked Ball—as far as you’re concerned, anyway—and if you agree to attend incognito, you could very well have a fantastic time.

Born in the Year of the Fowl: There will be a great deal of energy unleashed by the entrance of this Horse coming on duty, and it will be making the day a little dangerous for the Clan of Feathers and Claws.  This is because the Horse’s apparent stillness and composure comes not through relaxation or security, but from the fact that he just hasn’t made up his mind yet in which direction to take off like a Bat Out Of Hell.  Worse, whatever direction The Stampede does take off in, it’s very likely to turn suddenly into a completely unpredictable angle, with-or-without stopping to do so.  Consequently, your famous abilities in Looking Clearly and Reading Without Romanticism are going to be of little use;  as they say in New England, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.”   Keep letting things Be Different, and you’ll manage the day successfully, even if you’re not sure what you’ve accomplished at the end of it.  Tomorrow’s Sheep will make your skills much more valuable, as well as well-appreciated, and may even arrange to convince you that Stampeding can get you somewhere.

Born in the Year of the Dog: Your intimate appreciation of the Clan of Hooves and Mane will make your heart sing, today;  but on account of the particular temperament of the Horse on duty, you’ll find yourself charmed but frustrated at the same time.  The issue is that this Horse clearly has the energy, power, and dedication to apply to some Great Task, but not enough willfulness to be the one to pull the trigger on the Starting Gun.  Consequently the day may feel to you as if you stuck in conversation in which each smiling party is saying not much more than:  “I don’t know…  What do you wanna do…?”  Don’t fret too much about trying to alter this script, however;  both Pig and Tiger have some ideas for the Horse to fall in with, and if you just Hang Out, it won’t be long before you discover that you’re Running Along.  Plenty of fun? Not something you have to think up?  Sweet!  Tomorrow’s Sheep will have ideas for you to fall in with, but you will not have to consider them without your Veto Powers.

Born in the Year of the Pig: The Horse coming on duty today is perfectly capable of Carrying Weight, and Happily Willing to go along with your plans, but you’ll find that he’s not very good at responding to anything that doesn’t raise his Enthusiasm, or play on his fear of Threats.  Between those two, it’s the first that you should carry forward as your Battle Banner;  if you take clear consideration of your interest in Rare Pleasures, and add to it the energetic demand that it be Highly Active, I’m certain you can come up with a list of Possible Directions for the day that would actually take you three or four days to work through.  Pick and choose among them, then, and don’t be afraid to toss any aside if they don’t seem to rouse enough of the Horse’s famous Spirit.  Perhaps it would be helpful to mention that tomorrow’s Sheep will be organizing a little party for you, and that today might be an opportune time to gather whatever supplies you’d like to put yourself—and the Horse—in charge of.  [see above, under:  “Carrying Weight”]

Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Words to the Wise:

Any fire in a shallow pit is a compass-point for all who travel through the cold and the dark;

The stars above are constant, but cannot offer creature comforts, shared nourishment, hospitable warmth.

Once, the Jade Emperor himself was wandering through the world, lost to himself in the Red Dust,

Not looking for Celestial Powers, but for a bowl of warm broth;  not a throne, but a bit of food to bite into.

“In a letter, one can converse without fear of interruption.”

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Saturday, 27th of November


Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Master Mouse Says:

The METAL SNAKE on duty today has a dark and brooding attitude, and an appetite for solitude rather than involvement, all of which will help to lower the likelihood of confrontation with the Pig and the Tiger, but raise the stakes if they decide not to “leave well enough alone.”  Don’t stir the pot when the compounds within it are this willing to remain inert if unstimulated, and this liable to explosion if heated up.  Silence will be the most valuable commentary you can offer on the affairs around you, and polite departure the most practical and prudent contribution to the social sphere.  The strengths of the day lie in contemplation and recuperation, and if you aim for something like hibernation, it’s likely that no-one will take the trouble to disturb your peace.

Talk to the Animals

Born in the Year of the Rat: The Pig Moon has eradicated your capacity to turn your attention towards truly profitable pursuits, and though your social skills are at a peak of appreciation, your audience is not interested in learning something or being talked into any commitments:  they just want to pass the time pleasantly.  As for today, you’ll have to keep your performance on the conservative side until the Snake has passed, if you don’t want to become associated with his coldly calculated cunning.  It’s not that you’re carrying a brief for the Clan of Scales and Fangs;  but you do have an opportunistic streak that will come forward in the wrong light if you show anything but the most casual interest in those things you’re most hankering to achieve.  Tomorrow’s Horse will put you into puzzlement, and make you question both your progress in the year so far, and the strength—that is to say, weakness— of the Tiger’s interests in supporting it.

Born in the Year of the Ox: The snooze-fest that this member of the Clan of Scales and Fangs will be supporting can work to your benefit if you maintain a cool attitude (in harmony with the Snake), a diligent attention to what you’ve declared to be your goal (in harmony with the Tiger), and willingness to keep a cheerful and buoyant attitude about the concerns of others (in harmony with the Pig.)  You’ll have to work quietly, and make sure to be careful where you put your feet, but if you honor the sleepy quality of the day, you’ll get a great deal accomplished, with no one pestering you or trying to butt in line ahead of you.  In some ways, it will feel as if the Great Machine of the world has come to a pause, giving you an opportunity to tinker with some of the parts while they’re not moving.  If you work quickly and don’t aim for a total over-haul, you can raise your efficiency and enjoyment while no one else is paying any attention.  Tomorrow’s Horse will put the machinery back into action with a jerk, so get your tool box closed up—and your fingers out of the gears—well before he arrives.

Born in the Year of the Tiger: The Sleepy Disengagement preferred by this member of the Clan of Scales and Fangs will make your pathway through the day much less eventful if you’ll only do the gracious thing, and Return The Favor.  You are, of course, still in an empowered position, due to the Tiger Year’s long-arcing momentum, and the Pig Moon’s buoyant support.  However, as you may still be reeling from the Dragon’s blustering challenge yesterday, it would be far wiser for you to take the Snake’s apparent discretion as an opportunity to regain and re-certify your balance, rather than as a chance to strike while the Snake is unawares.  That, after all, would be much more like his style, and would only leave you with a bad taste in your mouth, even if it did bring you some temporary profit.  Don’t be afraid to lean on your own taste for solitude today;  the Snake can show up in no end of social guises.  Tomorrow’s Horse will bring forward your sweeter side, though perhaps more for comradeship than for action.

Born in the Year of the Hare: The Snake’s sleepy mood will be just the thing, as far as you’re concerned, to allow you to get caught up on small chores that have been delayed over the last four or five days, and begin to feel that you’re in charge of your own breathing again.  Don’t count on this being a highly social day for you;  most around you are going to be following the Snake’s example—particularly if they’re wise—and if you find yourself in company, it’s more likely to be of the Person-to-Person kind.  If that’s so, you needn’t feel shy about sharing deep feelings, or discussing the darker aspects of your concerns, but make a promise to yourself that the topics won’t become fodder for gossip with others later in the week;  you’ll have to summon your attention to uphold that promise, but you’re perfectly capable of doing so.  Tomorrow’s Horse will bring everybody else back into action, and you may find you want to take a step back, out of the way of the crowd.

Born in the Year of the Dragon: The inactivity of the Snake will lower the need for you to take dramatic steps amongst your friends and family, and you may feel as if it’s also opened a path for you to make secretive adjustments in the order of things while no-one’s looking.  This temptation should only be pursued after a scrupulous review of all of the other techniques and tactics that might still yield acceptable resolutions;  following the Snake’s predilection for Action Out Of Sight will only make the repercussions that more dire, if anyone should catch you, before, during, or after.  On the other hand, if you declare yourself first, and take action only after gaining some agreement, you may find that the lethargy of others gives you a bonus of leverage with usually weighty problems.  Be sleek and smooth, but don’t be sneaky.  Tomorrow’s Horse will rouse most around you to sudden activity, but as direction and follow-through will seem lacking, your leadership skills may prove to be needed.

Born in the Year of the Snake: The Pig and Tiger will have you well-triangulated in the cross-hairs of their attentiveness, and they’ll be eager for any justification to stick you with the blame for any failings—particularly, their own—that seem to be lying around, unclaimed.  It’s fortunate for your safety then, that your Clan-Mate will be so dedicated to inaction, sluggishness, and unresponsiveness.  If you can only follow his lead, and allow your presence to fall more into the category of “Furniture” than that of “Foes,” you’ll find that your proximity to danger proves fairly meaningless, and that imminent threats pass you by as nonchalantly as pedestrians casually browsing past shop windows.  Imagine yourself relaxed, uninterested, uninteresting, and you’ll have discovered an Invisibility Suit for the day.  Tomorrow’s Horse will make most think that they wish to spring into action, but only some will be open to your telling them in which direction they should go.

Born in the Year of the Horse: The sleepy disinterest of the Snake on duty today will produce a rather rare condition for you:  you’ll have plenty of attention available for the consideration of directions to go, and projects to be accomplished, but very little enthusiasm available for actually getting to it.  Think of it as a kind of dream experience, where possibilities float around like jelly-fish in a tide, and don’t concern yourself with finding traction and making tracks.  Any actions today—even if inaugurated with good planning and open-hearted motive—are liable to rouse the Snake, the Pig, and the Tiger, and that will mean a night-mare of Open Warfare.  Let everyone snooze, and let yourself drift without attachment.  If you seem to be flowing into disturbing emotional waters, a small bit of exercise—even if it’s just standing up and sitting down again a few times—will put you back into your proper body, and re-boot your imagination.  Tomorrow’s Horse will sponsor a sense of Getting To It for everyone, but for you there’ll be some indecision about which direction to do that in.

Born in the Year of the Sheep: The universal mood of inaction and inattention suggested by the Snake on watch today will perhaps come as a welcome respite to your attention on The Physical, but it will probably have the opposite effect on your mental state.  Much planning and logistical consideration can go forward when there’s no one up-and-around to divert your attention and cloud your thinking.  The tensions that could erupt will be clear to you, but their abeyance will allow you to examine them as if in a photograph, and suggest new angles of diplomacy to be carried forward while the Pig Moon is still waning.  Make sure that your experimentalism stays completely abstract and internal, however;  trying something as a Test Case today could set off the entire box of dynamite.  If you open discussions, make sure that you’re parked in an obviously neutral position, and make it clear that you’re “only making overtures.”  Tomorrow’s Horse will put virtually everyone in a mood to Take Steps, but damned few are going to be willing to Go First.

Born in the Year of the Monkey: The sleepiness and disregard of the Friendly Snake may not give you cause for alarm, but they’re very likely to make you think it’s your task to get him to Wake Up.  Whether you’d be taking up that task in order to have a play-mate for the day, or in order to take some advantage of the fact that everyone else seems to have been lulled into the same somnolescence, would be beside the point;  any motive would be dangerously unjustifiable.  We’re all actually quite lucky that this member of the Clan of Scales and Fangs is so willing to observe discretion, and simply snooze through the tinder-box of potential mayhem the Pig and Tiger could unleash.  This is an excellent day to discover how practical a stance it can be, to find yourself Frozen With Fear.  If you can also avoid calling out any alarms, you might even find that you can actually get a refreshing little nap while you’re not moving a muscle.  Tomorrow’s Horse will wake everyone to action, as if the Universal Alarm-Clock had gone off, and there might be one or two opportunities amidst the hustle-and-bustle, for you to safely make use of the casual offers of generous strangers.

Born in the Year of the Fowl: The safety net for all of us—given the highly charged and easily-set-off tensions to be found among Snake, Pig, and Tiger—lies in the fact that this Snake is of the Sleepy Persuasion, and might very well completely escape the notice of his Perpetual Enemies and Mutual Tormentors.  As smoothly as your skill-set fits in with the motives and moods of the Clan of Scales and Fangs, not even you can guarantee that your poking deftly around for small advantages and micro-fine adjustments to be made, will not set off the hair-triggered device, and bring everything to a Moment of Disaster.  Consequently, you must err on the side of Absolute Caution, and decline all but emergencies as opportunities to test your acuity.  If you do come across a bona fide emergency, make sure your adrenalin rises to the point that you’re Totally Awake, before you risk intervention.  Tomorrow’s Horse will give the All Clear for most directions of movement, and you’ll have to keep your attention moving to keep from being caught in the cross-traffic.

Born in the Year of the Dog: You’ll feel quite clearly today, the tense readiness both Pig and Tiger are hovering in, waiting for the slightest action of the Snake to signal where they should pounce.  You’re more likely to give any member of the Clan of Scales and Fangs you come upon a wide berth, casually altering your path to avoid the necessity of crossing his.  However, you do have your affinities and loyalties at play here, and consequently, you’re going to feel—at least to some degree—cranky and out-of-sorts, and furthermore, annoyed by your lack of clarity about exactly why you should be so.  Looking for instruction—even in the Pig or Tiger directions—will not get you any response;  they’re going to be quite busy, maintaining Readiness To Pounce.  Play along with the game as they’ve laid it out, even if you can’t see where the goal-line is located. It’s okay, while acting irate to fit in with The Team, if you discover your irritation rising in actuality;  but keep a handle on it, and don’t let it take you over, or you’ll find yourself in the penalty box for the foul of Being Off-Sides.  Tomorrow’s Horse will inspire action again in all quarters, and the problem will be one of trying to keep your Eyes On The Ball.

Born in the Year of the Pig: The tense stand-off among Snake, Pig, and Tiger will be very, very finely balanced, and we should all count ourselves lucky that the timer on the explosive device is set to a long enough duration that—as long as the Snake maintains his tactical choice of Inaction—we have the fair chance of getting through the Snake’s watch without a Significant Event set off by the timer running down to zero.  Therefore, it’s imperative that you consider how your presence and actions could easily tip the balance, and bring about the sort of accidental slip that has caused the onset of warfare in so many moments in history.  Your best tack—for your own safety, and everyone else’s—is to follow the Snake’s example towards sluggishness, disregard, and sleep.  If you feel a bit too wound up or perky for that to be an option, at least do your best to move quite slowly, and to examine your terrain continually for potential misplacement of your feet.  That sort of commando-attention is something you can be quite good at, but it will demand your absolutely Undivided Attention, if you want the day to come off without World War III breaking out.  Tomorrow’s Horse will allow almost everyone to relax back into action, and will put you into the perfect mood—happily enough!— for Industrial-Strength Shopping.

Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Words to the Wise:

The warmth of Springtime is fickle, advancing without confidence, retreating without thought.

The cool of Autumn seems hesitant to offend, but comes on bit by bit, even though with apologies.

If in Winter, the cold clamps down and refuses to yield, like a great ox stubbornly resting in the road.

Perhaps it’s only trying to match Summer’s lazy poise;  or perhaps, because the dark makes it so easy to sleep.

“For easiest departure, make your farewells short, and your baggage light.”

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Friday, 26th of November


Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Master Mouse Says:

The METAL DRAGON on duty today displays brilliance of style and elegance of manner, but it’s his flexibility and sleek elusiveness that will challenge the presumptions of the Pig Moon, and taunt the authoritative repose of the Tiger Year.  Tensions will arise from unexpected directions, and pass away before they can properly assessed;  don’t complicate the condition by over-thinking matters, or by allowing yourself to be suckered into believing what is essentially the work of a con artist.  It’s not that this Dragon is devoted to hucksterism and fraud;  it’s more that he’s trying to mirror back the ways in which the Pig and the Tiger have been stubbornly defending their own fictions.  To inaugurate a Reality Test, pick a simple action, and launch into it;  but don’t be surprised if the experimental results violate your most cherished assumptions.

Talk to the Animals

Born in the Year of the Rat: The Dragon’s shimmering showmanship will bring a shower of new ideas down upon you, and may confuse you with the wealth of opportunities they seem to present.  Don’t be hasty in making up your mind, either as to which of them to pursue, or in considering what profit they might gain you.  There is a fundamental illusion at the base of things today, and believing in anything—while an entertaining exercise—will ultimately produce more running-in-place than getting-ahead.  Look for the ways in which the appearances around you suggest your most normal behaviors as appropriate response, and you’ll end up thinking the day was lucky, after all.  Tomorrow’s Snake will present real dangers with solid opportunities behind them.

Born in the Year of the Ox: It may look to you as if the Dragon has entered with the sole intention of bringing to a halt everything that moves, but—while he’ll really have no interest in either your progress or your direction of movement—it is true that you will have to put some pauses into your day to keep it from going into lock-up entirely.  Questions about the most basic of practical matters will be swirling around you—much to your annoyance—and neither taking the time to truly answer them, nor ignoring them as idiotic wastes of time, will alleviate your discomforts or satisfy those who are pestering you.  Be studiously brief with each new issue that arises, and don’t worry if it feels like you’re just putting tape over a problem that might actually require a full overhaul;  tomorrow’s Snake will get the vehicle up on a lift so you can do much a more workman-like job.

Born in the Year of the Tiger: The sort of devices this Dragon is capable of putting into play are well-designed to throw you into a tizzy of uncertainty and reconsideration.  It will matter very little that they are mostly made of air pressure, water vapor, and flashing lights;  you’re still likely to find the effect quite alarming.  If you take your disturbance with dignity, the Dragon’s Dance will remind you of your own capacity for flexibility and imagination;  still, it’s not likely that you’ll get through the day without a twinge or two of embarrassment and self-recrimination.  It may feel like you’re unfairly being asked to make commitment without proper consideration, but it’s your leap that will count, not your landing position.  Tomorrow’s Snake will make it easier to recover your balance, but harder to manage your temper.

Born in the Year of the Hare: The Dragon’s attempt to shake some sense into the day will look neither artful nor appropriate to you;  what he intends as articulate deconstruction will seem to you to be nothing more than bloviating babble, and what others take as sharp reasoning will seem like nothing more than the cheapest of advertising tricks.  Don’t waste your time trying to get everyone to snap out of the trance;  you’ll only make them think that you’re in a bad mood, overly defensive of your own opinions, and  unwilling to shift your position.  The Dragon’s Dramatics will be clear to all as a passing fad, once the curtain’s come down on his performance, and whatever mania you feel is sweeping through the day will show very few lasting results, anyway.  Put your energies into tasks you can accomplish all by yourself, but be very careful with blades, power tools, and heavy objects.  Tomorrow’s Snake will put you back into a productive mood, and everyone else into frustration or embarrassment.

Born in the Year of the Dragon: Your Clan-Mate has an extraordinary amount of energy with which to charge you, but you’ll have to consider that it comes in many, many small doses through the day in order to use it to get anything accomplished.  The truth is, he’s the Master of Smoke and Mirrors, and if your own ploys are challenged with anything like Physical Obstruction, you’ll feel like a buzz-saw who’s just had his power-plug pulled out of the electrical socket.  When in doubt, move more slowly, and give others the opportunity to think;  your greatest weapon today will be their own imaginations, and the less information you supply to correct them, the better.  Do not allow yourself, under any circumstances, to fall into argument;  tactical retreat will be far more convincing than any words you could summon.  Tomorrow’s Snake will show you many openings for diplomatic solutions, but you’ll have to honestly declare your biases before you can make use of them.

Born in the Year of the Snake: The Dragon’s going to have most around you running hither, thither, and yon, either trying to escape imaginary threats, or trying to reach mirages of treasure in the distance.  You’ll not easily fall into his spell—though you might very well want to play along, just for pure entertainment value—but you should be very cautious about trying to make any practical use of the wide-flung distractions with which he’ll be filling the day.  Your normal stealth and seductiveness will be completely unreliable until the Pig Moon departs, and everyone is going to be seriously miffed if they even suspect that you’ve taken advantage of them in their Moment of Mania.  Take a contemplative attitude, and enjoy the Dragon’s Dance;  his twists and turns might help to throw off some old notions you’ve been holding onto.  Tomorrow’s Snake will put you in clear jeopardy, and your only defense will be your lack of defensiveness.

Born in the Year of the Horse: Your spirit is always easily raised by the Clan of Scales and Claws, but this particular member can raise it so high that it may be very difficult to maintain any sense of your grounding.  As sensitive as you are to expressiveness and implication, you’re going to find the Dragon’s Display both fascinating and convincing, in spite of the fact that it’s clearly made of nothing more substantial than light and shadow.  Those around you may not be so willing to suspend their disbelief, and if they express misgivings, you’ll find yourself in a quandary, unable to assess your apparently counter-posed commitments, and confused by the many sides being taken in argument.  You have one choice if this difficulty arises:  either to pick one friend to stick with, come hell or high water, or to strike out on your own, and find simplicity in solitude.  As the troubles of the day are due to pass in any case without much in the way of lasting results, don’t trouble yourself too much over which choice to make.  Tomorrow’s Snake will bring more decisions for you to make, and more serious challenges to your emotional composure.

Born in the Year of the Sheep: The Clan of Scales and Claws is famous for grasping your plans and running off with them, and you’ve no doubt learned to be wary of the Artful Aerobatics with which they sniff out your purposes, and hijack them before results can be certified or harvested.  This potential will be radiantly clear to you today, but you’d be wise not to fall into the same sort of Suspension of Disbelief that will be so prevalent among those around you.  The truth is, the threats and thrills this Dragon will be putting on offer are no more substantial than movies projected onto clouds, and if you waste your energies trying to counter or command them, you’ll only end up exhausted and feeling foolish.  Sit back, and enjoy the show;  it wouldn’t hurt if you waxed a bit philosophical while you’re munching the popcorn, asking yourself: “What is real, anyway…?”  Tomorrow’s Snake will summon some tensions that could fit smoothly into your pet project, but if you’re not scrupulous in maintaining your neutrality, they could snap back and hit you in the nose.

Born in the Year of the Monkey: The Dragon will have most around you running in circles, and yet imagining that they’re Really Getting Somewhere.  For you, such a powerful display of the Art of Mass Hypnosis will likely summon both your laughter, and your sense of enthusiasm, at the same time.  You’ll find many ways in which you can demonstrate your quickness and effectiveness, but don’t expect anyone to pay much attention, or to remember to thank you later.  The demonstration will be far more important for you to notice, and as brief as the opportunity will be, it’s about time you got a reminder of what you can do, when Circumstances Allow.  Tomorrow’s Snake will make you think your artfulness is called for, but you’d be wiser to feature your timidity.

Born in the Year of the Fowl: The effects this member of the Clan of Scales and Claws is able to summon are insubstantial and ephemeral, but they are none the less impressive, and capable of causing Fears, Fads, Frenzies, or Follies, depending upon the way the Dragon puts them to use.  For you, his artful and hypnotic powers are clearly built on nothing palpable or massive, and yet they’re alarmingly forceful in spite of that, making your admiring fascination all the more enjoyable.  Your appreciation of the Dragon’s technical skill will protect you from the depth of trance most around you will be falling under, and if you find that their attention is diverted from necessary tasks or valuable opportunities, you needn’t be squeamish about stepping in and demonstrating your mindfulness.  When they all come back to their senses, it will be up to you whether you want to call attention to the results you’ve accomplished, or not.  But if it’s appreciation you want, make sure you give them enough time to get completely back to themselves.  Tomorrow’s Snake will put you near the path of danger, and you’ll need to take steps to insure that you’re not the one in the trance.

Born in the Year of the Dog: This member of the Clan of Scales and Claws is the Master of Smoke and Mirrors, but the fact that all his effects and powers are based on illusion and implication will be of no comfort to you at all.  He’ll have you running back and forth all day long, and whether it’s towards something tempting, or away from something terrifying, will make no difference to the sense of ineffectual exertion you feel, and the state of exhausted frustration you end up with by the end of the day.  Fortunately for you, the Dragon’s Trance will pass without much net result as well, and you’ll eventually be able to look back on the whole ordeal as “kind of fun!”  You can try to think of that possibility—as you get put through your meaningless paces—but don’t be surprised if it sounds a bit hollow to you in the moment.  Tomorrow’s Snake will put your temper in front of your actions, and you might find that’s “kind of fun,” too.

Born in the Year of the Pig: The Dragon delights in nothing more than teasing the Tiger, and when he can do it in such a way that it also out-performs the Pig, it’s an irresistible moment to be indulged and enjoyed.  Consequently, you’ll see all the effects he can muster being brought into effect today, and the fact that they’re not much more substantial than colored lights playing over clouds of water vapor will not diminish their forcefulness in your imagination, their power to confuse your sense of yourself, or their efficiency in disrupting your plans and sense of good order.  It’s a good day, in other words, for you to consider Hunkering Down, and to pass over any but the most dire indications that you should step up and Handle Things.  While the wind is knocking tiles off the roof is not the time to get your ladder out of the garage, even if you do look stunning in your full set of rain gear and galoshes.  If you take this as an opportunity to experience your smallness and consider your ineffectiveness, you may yet get a thrill out of the Dragon’s Dramatics.  Arguing with the Universe, on the other hand, is a silly thing to do, even in Proper Clothes.  Tomorrow’s Snake will seem much more well-scaled to your attentions as a matter to deal with, but you’ll have to make sure your tactics don’t amount to playing into his plans.

Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Words to the Wise:

Even at noon, the shadows slant deeply through the trees, and the light brings no warmth;

Winter settles calm over the woods like a snow-fall, and every small movement becomes note-worthy.

Each footfall seems thunderous, puffs of breath coil and tumble like vast cloud-dragons.

I bend forward on my way, as if to carry the sleep of the world on my shoulders.

“Ask for others’ guidance, but use your own wits.”

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Thursday, 25th of November


Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Master Mouse Says:

The EARTH HARE on duty today has an inward-turning spirit and a contemplative nature, but will soften his sometimes dark and recalcitrant mood towards mere sleepiness under the protection and indulgence of the Tiger and the Pig.  Aim for domestic satisfactions, and try to let differences in politics, philosophy, and religion roll by without comment or engagement.  Matters that normally give rise to tension and anxiety can move forward today at a slow and easy pace, allowing even the most inattentive to find the small amount of leeway that will keep missteps from turning into mishaps.  But be forgiving:  you’ll have to give up your claims to righteousness and justified retribution to gain that kind of grace.  A little time by yourself today will do you wonders, particularly if it’s for a little cat-nap.

Talk to the Animals

Born in the Year of the Rat: The Hare is not going to be as sharp or engageable as you may have come to think of him, and you must be careful not to take that as a personal slight, or as an invitation to make deeper inquiries.  If you treat everyone as if they’re a bit short on sleep, and allow them the benefit of the doubt, you won’t pester them with advice or wide-ranging plans, and you’ll take on their offerings of nourishment and companionship by adding your composure and calm to the day.  If you’re not offered what you need, there probably won’t be any problem in you getting it yourself, but don’t be insistent about it;  there are some rules of protocol going on today that you probably wouldn’t understand even if you asked to have them explained to you, and it’s wiser therefore to just try to be compliant with the gestures and styles of those around you:  “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”  Tomorrow’s Dragon will throw many opportunities into your path, but you should be careful to check the traffic in both directions before you try to grab them.

Born in the Year of the Ox: The Hare’s attention is going to be wandering from one direction to another all day long, and it may seem to you that the inconsistency and meandering are almost designed to irritate you.  It isn’t so much that starting-and-stopping is necessary or purposeful;  it’s rather that “single-mindedness” will be a meaningless term.  Consequently, if you want something done with directness and diligence, you’d better take responsibility for it yourself.  If you do so, you’ll find yourself almost completely unobstructed, and what impediments you encounter will remove themselves if you just give them the time to pass.  You will, however, need to be careful not to take resentments along as you attend to your accomplishments;  there’s a simplicity to the day that’s zen-like in its accommodation to roving possibilities, but it will demand that you not take yourself seriously, and that you not use emotionalism to try to gain ground or make points.  Tomorrow’s Dragon will present you with an opposite irritation:  clear purposefulness, but perpendicular to yours.

Born in the Year of the Tiger: The Hare is going to foster the atmosphere of “making haste slowly,” and present you with a wide and amusing array of activities to take part in, and enough random chatter to give you a broad choice of things to state your opinions on.  Don’t take it all too seriously;  you’re very likely to find, by the time you get to The Point of your story, that no-one’s paying attention to you anymore: then, that a matter of minor urgency is being pressed into your hands to deal with before it turns to ruin, and that even though you deal with it triumphantly, you’ll receive not much more than a smiling, but pat, “Thanks!” for your diligent attention to the problem.  This is all just a part of the Wabbit Way of doing business, and if you regard it as more Clown Show than Career Path, you’ll find yourself receiving delight and satisfaction from so many directions at the same time that you’ll find it hard to keep from getting a bit giddy.  Tomorrow’s Dragon will, on the other hand, demand Seriousness, and make you dive into your desk to pull up your resumé to refer to.

Born in the Year of the Hare: Your taste for activity will be highly nourished today, but—as this Clan-Mate of yours is not the most well-equipped to Step-In and Take Charge—much of what is going on around you will seem to be disorganized and to be taking place all at cross-purposes.  See to what you can bring to success yourself, by narrowing your focus a little, and by avoiding the temptation to guide others while you do so.  It may seem that they’re all like kids making mud-pies while you’re accomplishing High Cuisine, but the rambling inefficiencies of the day still have the potential to present an extremely well-balanced and equally well-received offering by the time all the dishes hit the table.  Your knack for letting things be “as they are” will be tested before the day’s through, but if you remember that you frequently catch yourself “making mud-pies,” you’ll keep your levity, and end the day smiling.  Tomorrow’s Dragon will make the alarm clock seem extra-loud, and you’ll probably spend the whole day just trying to catch up with yourself.

Born in the Year of the Dragon: You don’t usually have too much trouble dealing with turmoil and disorganization, but that’s only because you’re so good at taking charge of them, and bringing apparent chaos into Good Running Order.  That path is, unfortunately, not going to be available to you today, and even in situations where conditions are not extreme, you’re going to be both powerless to achieve resolutions, and irritated to find yourself so.  Normally, I’d advise some solitude, “far from the madding crowd,” as it were;  but that path will be difficul to attain, as well, and you’ll most likely have to satisfy yourself with being dissatisfied.  Don’t take it too seriously;  the dull randomness, apparent lack of preparations, and even the bone-headed lack of simply paying attention, are all part of the Wabbit’s Fuzzy-Logic.  You don’t have to like it, or respect it;  but if you can put up with it for the day, the damned thing will demonstrate that it actually seem to work!  Go figure!  Tomorrow’s Dragon will give you the satisfaction of getting your hands on problems that actually respond to your intervention, but you’ll be wise to let go of today’s frustrations before you take up the challenges.

Born in the Year of the Snake: To most, the Hare is going to look… well, “hare-brained,” today:  running off in all directions, seeming to charge into things without plan or purpose, and taking up one task, only to drop it and charge off at another.  To some degree, of course, this is exactly what’s going on, and springs quite naturally from Random Rabbit’s 360º View of the world.  You will see, of course, that there’s a deeper wisdom to the Wacky Wandering, and you’ll recognize without even thinking about it, that—while it’s fundamentally designed to distract and confuse those who would like to advance themselves by serving Rabbit Stew for dinner—it presents the advantage to you of a confusion in which you can conceal yourself, removing yourself from scrutiny and danger.  Perch yourself somewhere where you can observe the whole gamesmanship of it, and prepare yourself to be well-served by the Hare’s Hospitality.  When making your thanks, keep your voice low, and your gestures of gratitude very discreet.  Tomorrow’s Dragon will offer another kind of diversion, and while it won’t startle you as it does most, you’ll have to be careful about trying to make too much of an advantage out of it.

Born in the Year of the Horse: There’s going to be far too much hustle-and-bustle going on around you for your to feel perfectly relaxed, and your natural tendency will be to try to jump in and lend a hand, imagining that a sense of Order In It All will become visible, once you get caught up in the machinery of things.  Joining in will be well-received, and a perfectly good use of your time and attention, but I’m afraid that the more you get into action, the less you’re going to feel that any of it makes sense.  You’ll certainly have difficulty locating any central intelligence driving the whole thing, or finding The Plan that implies that there’s Somebody In Charge.  Consequently, I advise you to stand back if you can, and let the whole thing crank forward without you.  It will be a miracle to witness, and if you allow yourself to observe it like a 9 year-old beholding a carefully staged Magician’s Illusion, you’ll be gleeful to see it complete itself, your brain buzzing with the question: “How did they do that???” Tomorrow’s Dragon will resolve your qualms by definitely Taking Charge, but will test your willingness to go along with him.

Born in the Year of the Sheep: The Way of the Kwazy Wabbit is going to be demonstrating itself in spades today;  everybody will seem dedicated to taking action well before a thinking process has been brought into it, and even those operating with purpose will have a distracted, disjointed plan of attack, that makes it look like they simply can’t make up their minds about what to do next.  You’re perfectly familiar with this style, so inveterate to the Clan of the Long Ears, and far from putting you disturbance, it usually puts you into High Gear.  It allows—nay, fairly demands that you enter the fray, bringing order to chaos, and laying down explanations for the alarmed onlookers.  Use the opportunity today to test your newest ideas about yourself, and allow yourself to Do Little to bring about the accomplishment of A Lot.  This is one of the Tiger’s secret knacks, of course, and unless I miss my guess, you’ve studied it diligently enough so far this year, to make us all think you’re about to sprout Fangs and Whiskers, once you try it out yourself.  Tomorrow’s Dragon will be all Order and Authority, and you’ll be wise to make sure you’ve dropped the Tigerish attitude.

Born in the Year of the Monkey: This member of the Clan of the Long Ears is not the best of his fellows at the sort of bustling busy-ness the Tiger and Pig will expect.  Consequently, the more functional aspects of the Wabbit Way will be hard to discern.  In fact, almost everything is going to go forward almost as if by accident, and there will be no end of little crises and gaps of attention calling for your quick wits and nimble fingers to bring Imminent Catastrophe to Magical Success.  Be cautious about this temptation:  the rules being followed by the Random Rabbit are difficult to discern, even for one as observant and intuitive to form as yourself, and you’re very likely to embarrass yourself with an inadvertent misstep.  Then again, the Pig and Tiger are going to be roaming through the house, and you never know where they’ll show up next.  If you must help, ask first;  if your help is declined, smile and sit on your hands.  Tomorrow’s Dragon will give you plenty to help out with, and a reminder of your skills that reframes and bolsters your confidence in yourself.

Born in the Year of the Fowl: There are many ways in which your skill at observation, and your deftness in selecting and accomplishing actions to be taken, have taken full measure of the Way of Stripes, thus far in the year.  If you’ve been paying proper attention, you will see that you’ve developed a different sensitivity, and widened your confidence by trailing along in the Tiger’s Path.  The successes you’ve reached, and whatever knacks you feel you’ve gained, are going to be valuable for you in the future, but—unfortunately—they’re going to be of zero use to you, today.  This is lucky for you, actually, as this “disempowerment” will give you a heads-up for the coming Year of the Hare;  if you just drop your presumptions, and agree to let things roll forward without your instruction, interference, or comment, you’ll have a clear taste of what will be required of you come February.  And really, whether you’ve seen it taking place or not, this sort of “lying low” is one of the Tiger’s Tricks you’ve been so successfully studying.  Tomorrow’s Dragon will call you back into the middle of the action, and give you something to crow about.

Born in the Year of the Dog: The Hare is going to be aiming to accomplish a great deal today, but will have a lot of difficulty keeping himself On Task, and running According To Plan.  Actually, when it comes to “Plan,” …there probably isn’t one.  Things will get started, and then dropped in favor of something else;  requests will be made, agreed to, and then completely ignored.  This is where you come in:  it won’t be necessary for you to construct an over-arching Grand Strategy for the events around you, but there’s never been a better, more constructive time for you to indulge in a bit of barking orders to make sure Things Get Done.  Just make sure you pick one thing at a time to be bossy about;  there will be Rabbits Running in every direction you can think of, and to try to chase them all down at once—while very fun—will prove more exhausting than productive.  Tomorrow’s Dragon will seem to be chasing you, and that might be another reason for not over-taxing yourself today:  you may need to do some running, yourself.

Born in the Year of the Pig: The Hare will be all Bustle and Bounce today, dashing about in random directions, and thinking of three new tasks to aim at accomplishing every time he turns around.  No doubt you’ll feel this only adds a festive air to the day, and makes your world seem like a carnival has come to town.  But others around you may take the disjointed style exhibited by Random Rabbit as a cause for concern, and if you’d like to spread your mirth—not to mention, earn the renewed admiration of your ever-growing fan-base—you have only to add the lightest of suggestions and the most gracious of instructions to the hurly-burly, in order to bring Order and Fulfillment into the affairs of the day.  Mind you, the Clan of the Long Ears has its own way of producing Order out of Chaos;  but what circus doesn’t have a Ring-Master, even if the Clowns do know how to enter and exit on their own.  Tomorrow’s Dragon will enter like a storm, as far as you’re concerned, and you’d better plan on spending the day checking the tent-pegs keeping your Big-Top on the ground.

Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Words to the Wise:

Now that frost has gone to freezing, doors suggest entrance more than exit.

The winter air is clear as crystal, but the windows cloud over with damp.

One cannot read the movement of the trees when the breeze falls to nothing.

Not that I wish for chill winds;  coals on the hearth are enough for divination.

“Your body has its ways;  they are the ways of your ancestors.”

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Wednesday, 24th of November


Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Master Mouse Says:

The EARTH TIGER on duty today has a gruff demeanor and a highly secretive style, and will prowl cautiously in wary regard of the Tiger Year, in spite of the various revelries and diversions offered in suggestion by the Pig Moon.  Tigers and Pigs know how to take their play seriously, and those with more tender sensibilities will be wise to take a seat well back in the grand-stands, and leave the field to the professionals.  The potential for rough-and-tumble can be constrained only through close attention to the Rule Book, and your best strategic stance will be to aim to Play Fair, and not to chance stepping out of bounds.  Simply acting agreeable will not gain you many points;  it’s your spirit and your honesty that will prove profitable.  Expect bickering to break out, but treat it as nothing more than a social sport, and you’ll end the day well-satisfied.

Talk to the Animals

Born in the Year of the Rat: There are many opinions you’ve had to suppress this year, and many points of supposed advantage in your plans that have turned out to be disappointing illusions.  Still, the Clan of Stripes and Claws will be more than responsive to your needs if you can find the way around your own inflated sense of yourself, and show the sentimentality that’s at the heart of your nature.  This will be tricky while the Pig Moon is still waning, but if you drop a few artless hints today, the Tigers—between the Two of Them—are sure to sniff them out.  Don’t pass up any opportunities to show your wit and good-humor;  moping and complaining might feel perfectly reasonable, but they’ll only mask your message.  Tomorrow’s Hare may look distant and aloof, but will be more than ready to take up your invitation to play.

Born in the Year of the Ox: It’s part of your Luck in Life that Tigers always seem to lead your appetites forward, without insisting that some sort of demonstration or payment has to be made towards them, in recompense for the favor.  Neither of the Two Tigers on watch today has much social gracefulness on their sides, but the way they will take up each aspect of your progress as a point of quizzical curiosity will help you to resolve your own feelings in the matters at hand.  Don’t take their expressions of disdain and disinterest as anything more than tactics;  sometimes it’s a studied lack of enthusiasm that shows deepest interest in striking a bargain.  Tomorrow’s Hare will leave you feeling quizzical, and whatever disinterest you register should be taken at face value.

Born in the Year of the Tiger: If you’ve succumbed to the Pig’s seductions and given your Hunting Spirit a bit of a rest for the last two weeks, you’ll be in the properly well-rested state to assess the entry of your Two Clan-Mates with cogency and cool wisdom.  Tigers make Tigers feel more like Tigers, and this veritable convention of them will put your internal compass into strict alignment with your own Nature, and make you take as unarguable the deepest urgings of your Spirit.  Look to practical matters, and you’ll find that the Pig’s apparently seductive diversions have had method to them;  he knows better than most that, where Tigers are concerned, Lounging always leads to Leaping.  Time by yourself will be both preferable and profitable, and if there’s a Final Statement to be made, there won’t be a better day for it for at least two months.  Tomorrow’s Hare will raise your interest in events around you, and show you the ways in which your own states of agitation are your own Biggest Problems.

Born in the Year of the Hare: The Tiger Year at large is not a time when you naturally feel sleepy or disinterested;  yet, those times within it when you do, are the best gifts the Clan of Stripes and Claws can offer you.  Similarly, Tiger Days can easily keep your attention high—with your sense of Duty-and-Service revved up into the red-zone—but it’s the sag of your energies, and the appeal of lethargy and inattention that will more clearly express the Tiger’s wish to guard you and bring you benefit.  Take the grumpiness of the Tiger as permission to pout a bit yourself, and to let your aims wander from their pre-determined compass points.  You have a Big Leap to make yourself, next February, and any chance you have to let yourself Squat Down in preparation for it, will shield you from exhaustion, and store up your Luck for the Future.  Tomorrow’s Hare will heighten your appetites, and clarify the ways in which preparation can actually mean Taking Action.

Born in the Year of the Dragon: Neither of the Two Tigers today has much Patient Tolerance to offer, even to innocent bystanders, let alone to Competitive Hecklers like yourself.  And though the Pig has been working diligently to put all the members of the Clan of Stripes and Claws into a relaxed and self-satisfied mood, his efforts have only brought him to the point where he’s looking for a little indulgence of his own Nature, in recompense of all his jollity and labors.  Thus, the day will have something of the character of a Dragon Hunt to it, and you’ll discover why it is that those who are being chased so frequently must make a fateful decision between Dashing To Escape, or Darting For Cover.  In your case, of course, there’s always that cloud bank up there for you to disappear into, but if you don’t take that course of action, you’d be wise to have your best running shoes already on your feet.  Do not take this as a day to Stand Your Ground;  as clever as he might be, a cornered fox is a dead one.  Tomorrow’s Hare will prove on the whole far less dangerous to your projects and your preferences, but he’s not going to give you any space to lick your wounds in private.

Born in the Year of the Snake: The Two Tigers on the watch today are similar in their lack of willingness to be liberal in the application of mercy, but that doesn’t mean they’ll have much of a Mutual Admiration Society going on between them, either.  Do not be seduced by their fractiousness and readiness to bicker, into thinking that you can artfully play them off against each other.  Even if they weren’t unified by the angle of disdain they take towards the Clan of Scales and Fangs, there’d be the Pig Moon for you to deal with.  You might be the Master of Manipulation, but where Tigers are concerned, the Clan of the Curly Tail has you beat, hands down.  Show your plans in the slightest way, and the Pig will only have to whistle to get Both Tigers to come crashing down on you.  If you’ve ever thought you could do a really good imitation of an Inanimate Object, today would be the day for you to demonstrate that ability.  Be cool, and look towards tomorrow, when the Hare will take up all your causes, and argue your case will diligence, sensitivity, and flair.

Born in the Year of the Horse: As nourishing and diverting as the regime of the Pig Moon can prove to be—particularly when it’s so clearly focused on the satisfaction and delight of the Friendly Tiger—it can be a bit lacking in attention to the proper amount of Things To Get Done.  This can result in a failure to satisfy your desire to feel you’ve made a Contribution, and to rid you of the suspicion that Extra Relaxation means that something important has been ignored or neglected.  The Two Tigers will resolve any apprehensions you may have along these lines, if only by giving you a clear sense that what they want you to do is to pursue whatever it is that you want to do.  And for once, that won’t be very difficult for you to recognize.  Look to the immediacy of the moment, and follow your whim;  don’t be surprised, however, if turning briskly to the tasks at hand turns out to be merely a justification for returning to Ease and Comfort for the rest of the day.   Tomorrow’s Hare will be happy to turn the tables, and offer to be of service to you, but you’ll have to summon your deepest patience and trust to allow him to do so.

Born in the Year of the Sheep: There are times when the most important thing you can do to ensure the smooth development of your plans is to Be Still and Wait.  Normally this is a fretful condition in which to find yourself, giving rise to an endless fountain of inner considerations and second thoughts:  alternative techniques you could have used, another sequence you should have aimed for, different personnel you should have relied upon.  Fortunately for you, the Two Tigers are of such Grand Mien and Mighty Repose that—although they’ll insist that you strike a settled position and stick to it—their commanding authority will eradicate the internal chatter to which you can fall subject, and allow you to sink deeply into the sense that All Is Well.  Well, perhaps that’s a bit too rosy an expression to use;  let’s say that if Something’s Not Well, it will be clearly and unarguably Not Your Problem.  In this kind of blank, a kind of Truth for yourself cannot help but arise, and tomorrow’s Hare will fairly well demand that you take it out for a test-drive.

Born in the Year of the Monkey: The Tiger Year, per se, is not due to depart until next February, of course;  but—as difficult as any alignment of Two Tigers can be for the Clan of the Long Tail—you should take some encouragement that this is the last such line up this year when your star will be low, and the Tiger’s, all ablaze.  In less than two weeks now, the Rat Moon will arrive to guide you, and following that, the Ox Moon will converse with you on no topic except your Unaccessed Wisdom.  So go carefully forward today—”Pigs and Tigers,” after all—but studiously decline to imagine that things could Get Worse.  Of course it’s true that they could;  but it’s also true that your cleverness is finally on the increase, and your current humiliation is leaning towards its relief.  Employ that knowledge to empower you to stare Bleakness in the face, and to recognize the only thing worse than Terror, is:  being afraid of Terror, itself.  Tomorrow’s Hare will be glaring and growling at you, but don’t take it personally;  he’ll be doing that to most everyone.  And besides:  he’s got much smaller teeth!

Born in the Year of the Fowl: The Pig Moon’s work is not yet completed, and yet its effects will be demonstrated today in the way the Two Tigers show their grumpiness and ill-will, without really doing anything about them.  You’ll have to be attentive to their moods, and mindful of the distance you keep from their enormous paws and huge fangs;  but then, such exactitude of consideration is your Strong Suit, and you may find that its proper display actually brings forth, not the Tigers’ ire, but their fascinated interest.  If you play your cards right, you’ll get at least a couple of opportunities to check off some items from your Wish List—with the Tigers’ blessings—and discover that you understand the Way of Stripes more than you believed could be true.  Don’t get cocky about it, however;  a great deal of your success will rest on hidden factors, and on the Pig’s seductive influences.  Tomorrow’s Hare will turn those influences in completely different directions, and any resting on your laurels will prove highly embarrassing.

Born in the Year of the Dog: The Two Tigers are neither of them primarily playful in mood, or easy going in disposition.  Fortunately for all of us, they’ll be so well attended to by the Pig Moon, that their irrascibilities and crankiness will remain well-masked by sated appetites and comfy positions of repose.  Consequently, you’ll feel perfectly comfortable yourself, and make bold to strut up and down, basking in their bewhiskered attention.  You may feel well justified in taking the opportunity to imagine that almost anything you might request would be instantly supplied to you, and that whatever direction you might want to dash off towards, there would always be the Tiger-Held Center available for you to return to.  Make full use of your good spirits, then, and exercise your whims and good-judgement with equal states of conviction;  just make sure not to exhaust yourself to the point where thoughtlessness stirs up trouble.  The Pig has worked hard to get the Clan of Stripes and Fangs this relaxed, and it would be indelicate of you to produce an opposite result.  Tomorrow’s Hare will be somewhat cranky as well, but will allow you a much wider range of wandering, and demand much less attention to that pesky “good-judgement” thing.

Born in the Year of the Pig: As the Pig Moon is now waning, the meeting of the Two Tigers can be regarded as a convention held with all the kinks of logistics, and the sticky points of protocol, worked-out well in advance.  This is quite fortunate, as both of these members of the Clan of Stripes and Claws have their dark sides, and flashes of anger between them could lead to serious mayhem and cause for the flight of all Innocent Bystanders.  As it is, the relative quiet is going to be an accolade to the Pig Nature, and you and all your Clan-Mates will be due to receive honor, satisfaction, and appreciation from all around you who are actually paying attention.  That leads, of course, to the matter of all those who are not “actually paying attention,” and what to do about them.  You might think of this as the Tigers’ punishment—instead of their Award to the Clan of the Curly Tail—but “what to do about them” is to turn the Moon-Beam of your cosmopolitan sensitivites and bemused flatteries upon them, bathing them in the radiance of your curiosity and engagement.  There won’t be a day as suitable to Waking Them Up for at least a couple of months;  if you decline to waste it on self-doubt and recrimination, you could easily reach Triumph, instead.  Tomorrow’s Hare will bring diversions, and perhaps some unexpected travels, and at the very least, reflect some of your Moon-Beams back at you.

Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Words to the Wise:

Cold comes with its stillness, and the depth of the night seems immoveable;

The stars show their sharpness, their indifference to those who stand and gaze.

Pulled close, my cloak is warm enough;  but the pile of blankets is warmer.

If tonight the garden freezes, there won’t be so much as a wind to bear witness.

“Even great generals must take orders.”

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Tuesday, 23rd of November


Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Master Mouse Says:

The FIRE OX on duty today is both sturdy of purpose and lively of wit, easily recognizing how to take advantage of lucky turns when they appear, and to finesse difficulties by remaining thick-skinned, patient, and diligent against any apparent obstruction or obstacle.  Gather your flexibility around your persistence, and be jubilant in the possibility that all will work out well;  taste and style are ephemeral matters, and ultimately the momentum of your will, and the confidence you can summon in the overwhelming generosity of the world around you, are what will nourish your aims.  If you must be fussy about details, expect disappointment;  rolling with the punches, and laughing at impediments will gain you the most ground.

Talk to the Animals

Born in the Year of the Rat: The Ox’s simplicity of attitude and directness of application are perfect complements to your wide-ranging resourcefulness and unyielding imagination.  Let yourself take the simple path today, and you’ll meet with great success.  Things are being dropped on the wayside, and you should just let them go.  Stop arguing with success, and focus solely on building momentum.  Sometimes you don’t trust your own powers, but when you meet a Great Friend, it’s as easy as second nature to throw your lot in with them whole-heartedly;  your friends have been tested, and it’s time now to make your commitments.  Tomorrow’s Double Tigers will bring you benefits, but not without strings attached.

Born in the Year of the Ox: Your Clan-Mate’s nature is both buoyant and well-balanced, as he never mistakes the pathway for the goal;  follow his lead and let your tactical flexibility come forward.  Both Pig and Tiger are still in a mood to be entertained, and they’ll be all the more surprised if you drop into that goofiness you are always holding at bay, and show them what Mass in Movement is actually capable of accomplishing.  Dodging-and-darting is not your preference, but I, for one, have perfect confidence in your capacity to do that dance, and if there is a Best Time for showing some flash, this would be it.  Also, be advised that complaining is also a form of prayer, and those who hold you in Great Affection are open to your supplications.  Tomorrow’s Double Tigers will add energy to your chosen direction, and clear the rubble before you, as long as you remain true to your chosen course.

Born in the Year of the Tiger: This member of the Clan of Hooves and Horns is more than capable of putting up with your rowdier side, and in fact would enjoy a bit of your playfulness.  Since his flexibility and power are so close to your own, you’ll have no trouble believing that it’s perfectly safe to allow him to stand the watch without supervision or concern, and that fact will no doubt give you the confidence to indulge your appetite for Lounging and Lazing.  This is as it should be:  the stresses of the year have mounted up, and are being dispatched through the artful competence of the Pig Moon, but the Double Tigers tomorrow will put you squarely in alignment with the tasks you’re most ready to deal with, and it will be better for all concerned if you face them in a well-rested and self-authorized condition.

Born in the Year of the Hare: The strength and persistence of the Clan of Hooves and Horns can be a bit mystifying to you, and leave you with a multitude of questions as to the Why’s and Wherefore’s of their actions.  Still, when it comes to results, you have to hand it to them:  they get it done.  This particular member of the Clan, happily, shares with you a deep appreciation and responsiveness to the twists and turnings of the Present Moment, and your psychic attunement to the world around you—and the people who inhabit it—will be well-nigh perfect.  Apply your full strength and determination to those things you’ve long held as objects of your desire, and you’ll feel the Ox’s Great Strength helping to push you along.  Don’t question anyone—including yourself:  for the day’s best results, you’ll need to remember that your reality comes from Your Actions, and that Interrogation is, almost invariably, merely interruption.  Tomorrow’s Double Tigers will completely support your appetites for Rest, Repose, and Recuperation, though if you want to throw some Recreation into the bargain, they’ll be highly available to comply.

Born in the Year of the Dragon: Even though this member of the Clan of Hooves and Horns is the one with the frisky side, you’re likely to find his style of action dull, and his taste in objectives, drab and undramatic.  Try to loosen your grip on your own mastery, and give yourself a chance to study his ways.  You’re not the only one who can counter-balance Mass, Force, and Flexibility to the level of high art, and if you give him a fair audition, you may find that you’re highly interested in learning the steps he has to show you.  You’d certainly find them a beneficial addition to your repetoire!  As for alternatives, there really aren’t any.  Your objections will be instantly discounted, and your attempts to dodge and deflect will be countermanded before you even launch them.  Put on your dancing shoes, then, and prepare to recognize that the choreography will be artful, if rather repetitious.  Tomorrow’s Double Tigers will put you into an alarmed awareness of the limitations of your options, and demand that you plumb the depths of your own resources to earn freedom again.

Born in the Year of the Snake: This member of the Clan of Hooves and Horns holds you in high regard, and will do his best to shield you from resentments and recriminations, even if you’ve earned them.  As his flexibility of approach, and his intelligence in selecting Optimal Tactics, are so close to your own, you may feel that your temporary successes are your own accomplishment, but this would be a disrespectful and ultimately dangerous mispresumption on your part.  The Pig and the Tiger would like nothing better than to catch you off-guard, spotlighting your extension beyond your resources, and to embarrass you with the vacuity of your ambitions;  so make sure to honor the Ox’s protective devotion by declining opportunities to display yourself, and by letting the Ox take all the credit.  If you find that he’s also taking all the blame, you can make that a secret joke between the two of you;  you’ll find he really won’t mind.  Tomorrow’s Double Tigers will put you in great jeopardy of losing your entire nest-egg of collected advantages, and will reward your discretion only if you stay Absolutely Quiet.

Born in the Year of the Horse: On the face of it, the Ox arrives with such a simple agenda, and with such insistence on the dull repetition of What Works—without reference to recreation, or apparent concern for recuperation—that you might be inclined to draw back, brace yourself, and show him your own brand of Obstinacy.  Allow yourself to look a bit deeper, however, and you’ll find that there’s something in the natural attitude of this member of the Clan of Hooves and Horns that puts him eerily into harmony with your own aptitudes and interests.  True, he does like to take the long path, where durations are concerned, but if you can get over that structural hurdle, you’ll find him quite responsive to the appeal of Something New, and actually ready to take up the possibilities inherent in Something Different.  If you can allow him to Look Dull, he’ll allow you to Act Frisky.  Tomorrow’s Double Tigers will restore a sense of your own authority, and renew your willingness to be of service to the purposes of others.

Born in the Year of the Sheep: In spite of the Pig’s friendly indulgence of your tastes, and his artful reliance on your strengths, today’s Ox will obstruct all possibility of you having it Your Way.  It’s true that you’re doing quite well in your adaptation to the Way of Stripes, and the Friendly Pig would like nothing better than to reward your progress with a smooth path and glowing accolades, but even he will be powerless to swerve the Ox in his determined trajectory, and will have to leave you to your own insufficient resources.  That being said, you will have to admit that—as Oxen go—this one is the least objectionable of his Clan.  Strategically savvy, tactically flexible, willing to take up any new artifact of time, space, or terrain, and weave it into the fabric of potential success:  why, it’s almost as if he’s willing to trade in his Horns for an honorary Fleece!  Take a neutral ground, then, and demonstrate your inveterate willingness to meet at the Half-Way Mark;  some of your differences are major, but if you can’t make something big out of your similarities, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to accuse you of trading in your Fleece for a set of Horns!  Tomorrow’s Double Tigers will level your playing field, and give you a renewed calibration of your strengths and insufficiencies.

Born in the Year of the Monkey: The Clan of Hooves and Horns is famous among your kind for supplying the kind of boredom that frees your intellect, and brings forth your inner, unrecognized resources.  Not that any of you enjoy the experience, of course!  Recruits, after all, don’t sign up for the Marines in order to “have a jolly time;”  and it’s a very silly applicant at the convent who thinks that the essence of becoming a nun is the satisfaction of her own whimsical desires.  Still, as Oxen go, this one is fairly mercurial, and quite adroit at capturing your interest and summoning your fascination with yourself, even if he is only going to use it against you.  Since the Pig and Tiger are still on the prowl, perhaps such rigors—including the potential for “self-erasure”—will seem appealing;  they certainly won’t do you any harm.  Spend the day relinquishing your own interests, and you will be ironically well-engaged.  The puzzle of inter-play between the Inside and the Outside is worth your investigation, and the Ox is diligent and insensitive enough to make sure that you keep at it.  Tomorrow’s Double Tigers will present your last major Hazing Ritual, and will likely rip away whatever is left of your immaterial Self-Esteem.

Born in the Year of the Fowl: The path of the Tiger is a bit inconsistent, as far as you’re concerned—or at least, difficult to keep in your direct attention.  The Pig Moon, so far, has done little to rectify the situation, offering first intensity, then mirth, then lazy indulgence.  What’s a Chicken to do? Ah! Wait for the arrival of this most cosmopolitan and savvy member of the Clan of Hooves and Horns to carry you forward in style, security, and sagacity.  The shade he throws is broad and cool, so if Hiding Out is to your liking, you have only to saunter along beside him, and assume that you’ll hardly be noticed.  The force of which he’s capable is well-nigh irresistible, so it’s Showing Off that is more to your taste, you have only to hop up onto his back, and wave triumphantly to all you pass before.  If you’ve got curiosities or opportunities you’d like to pursue, simply whisper in his ear;  this Ox is the one who relishes variety and delights in the unforeseen, and he’ll be heartily grateful for your informed instructions.  Tomorrow’s Double Tigers will demand your undivided attention, though they will respond favorably to the deftness with which you wield it.

Born in the Year of the Dog: The difficulties presented to you by the Clan of Hooves and Horns have nothing to do with temperament;  in truth, there’s something highly congruent between the earthiness of your appetites and the willingness of any Ox to Just Keep Going.  The problems that arise between you and any Ox, are simply a matter of pace:  that is to say, you think of “pace” as the rhythm of Variable Speeds, and he thinks of “pace” as …well, “Just Keep Going.”  Fortunately for your interests, while this Ox is true to his kind, he is the one who’s most interested in “variability.”  Consequently, if you will just take the trouble to run ahead of him and present yourself as a sort of Traffic Sign for him to come across, you’ll find that he is available to influence, and can accommodate your need to Stop, Slow, or avail yourself of Gas-Food-Lodging.  Summon your selfishness, and don’t be afraid to honk your horn—or, …um, “bark”—to get his attention.   Tomorrow’s Double Tigers will present you with an Honorary Award for your devoted attention to your duties, and give you permission to express your delight in getting to Go Along For The Ride.

Born in the Year of the Pig: The diligent spirit of the Ox might seem a bit dry and dusty to you, on first consideration, but there are many ways in which your appetite for orderliness, renewal, and proper preparation can fit perfectly into his ambulatory pace.  Beyond that, you’ll be happy to discover that this particular member of the Clan of Hooves and Horns is the one most interested in the sort of New Direction that you’re so fond of dictating.  Of course, the world being what it is, anything “New” is always already well-established, well-practiced, and deeply seated in its own tradition.  That’s the secret that you’re consistently concealing up your sleeve, but it’s also what makes you most able to captivate the attention of the Ox, and to lead him “wheree’er you will.”  Get to work, then, and get things tidied up:  tomorrow’s Double Tigers will have an Important Announcement to make, and a New Office in which you are to be installed.

Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Words to the Wise:

Every thing has its insistence;  each form has its path of dedication to survival or destruction.

To the wise, these are matters of whimsy and delusion, and it’s the flow of the world that makes it last.

Draw back the clouds, and the stars reveal themselves;  when the Sun arises, they’ll melt into the Azure Lake.

The darkness deepens, the cold pervades.  The bright can only fail,  its triumphs must naturally fall away.

“Take the shank by the bone-end;  take the knife by its handle.”

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Monday, 22nd of November


Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Master Mouse Says:

The FIRE RAT on duty today has a feisty spirit, but understands the power of “flowing along” in response to actual conditions, which will earn him the fascinated curiosity of the Tiger, and the irreverent playfulness of the Pig Moon.  It’s difficult to accomplish steadfast or ambitious progress when Rat and Pig arrange a play-date, and though the Tiger has plenty of muscle available to push things through to completion, he’ll be far too interested in frivolity and light-heartedness to volunteer to assist in anything that smacks of seriousness.  Keep your attention moving, and toss things lightly from side to side, to make sure you’ve examine them from every angle.  You’ll not find it easy to tackle problems head-on, but there will be plenty of entertainment value in toying with possibilities, and feinting-and-retreating in order to draw out more information.  It’s the gathering of information that counts today, and the testing and re-consideration of plans for the near future.

Talk to the Animals

Born in the Year of the Rat: The Pig Moon will prove an easily engageable audience for your Clan-Mate, and you yourself will have no trouble gaining the attention of those who might fit into your plans and possibilities.  Don’t aim for profit today, however;  when the Pig and Tiger are so happy-go-lucky in each others’ company, it would not only be unproductive to require them to get down to business, it would be the height of tactlessness and bad taste.  Besides, you actually think better when you’re in a playful mood yourself, and this is the sort of situation that will prove that fact to you.  In two weeks, the Rat Moon will arrive to empower your devious and delicate strategems;  take the time before then to make sure that all the details are well worked-out, that your motives are reasonably justifiable, and that your actions will be both deft and efficient.  Tomorrow’s Ox will bolster your confidence, and allow you to work with Simplicity and Directness as your allies.

Born in the Year of the Ox: The Rat will seem to be interested in nothing more than gamboling about, and will look to you completely disinterested in your aims, and unavailable to support you in them.  Don’t take these appearances at face value:  there’s method in the Rat’s monkey-shines.  Both the Tiger and the Pig have great energies available for their friends and trusted allies, but they must be approached with great discretion, and without anything as crass as Direct Insistence.  You, of course, would be perfectly willing to do without their encouragement or support, but the Friendly Rat has other ideas for you, at least for today.  Lean on his devil-may-care charm, and allow him to seduce your away from your Business First attitude.  Sometimes it’s the meandering path that’s the shortest route between two points, and the Rat will be cheerfully teasing you to try it.  Tomorrow’s Ox will, of course, put you right back onto your own Straight-and-Narrow, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself grinning and whistling as  you go.

Born in the Year of the Tiger: Any Rat has a million-and-one plans being held in contingency, and twice that number of possible ways to approach their accomplishment.  For you, this always makes him look not so much devious, as disarmingly complicated, and as fascinating as an illusionist who’s shown you the same baffling card trick three times, shown you once already how it works, and yet you still can’t catch him at his legerdemain.  Extraordinary!  Fortunately for you, the Clan of the Round Ears is equally fascinated by the magnitude of your powers, and the trustworthy regularity within which you manage your course, and maintain your access to satisfactions.  Consequently—and in deference to the Pig Moon—the Friendly Rat has agreed to take charge of your entertainment for the day, and no matter which way you turn, you’ll find magic and spectacle on display.  True, some of the “spectacle” will be of a very small order, but then, this is Mouse Magic we’re talking about, and you couldn’t hold that as their fault.  Be careful where you step;  your paws are enormous.  Tomorrow’s Ox will allow you to relax your guard, and you could even safely risk a bit of rough-and-tumble play.

Born in the Year of the Hare: The Rat will be in a good mood, and his jesting and joking with the Pig will prove both hysterical and infectious to you, but as the day progresses, you may very well feel that you’re not quite sure what’s behind the good humor, and you might therefore become suspicious as to motives, or at least unsure of how you’re expected to go forward to Next Steps.  Keep turning towards the jocularity being insisted upon by the Pig, and all will go well.  You’re actually in a much stronger position that the Clan of the Round Ears;  your affinities with both Pig and Tiger should convince you that being liberal with Benefit Of Doubt is entirely justified.  If you rest into their support, you might even find that the Mousey Magic has a certain confusing charm to it, and that his puzzling questions and manipulative misdirections are aimed at nothing more serious than causing you to laugh so hard you double over in stitches.  Tomorrow’s Ox will help you to straighten your self up, and join the Pig in a return to poise and propriety.

Born in the Year of the Dragon: The Rat will appear to all to have put productivity on the back-burner, and to have given up all resistance to the Pig’s demand for diversion.  Only you will see that—even on the back-burner—something is still being cooked-up.  If you bide your time patiently, the Rat will find a moment to whisper into your ear, arranging a meeting place where you can compare notes, share whatever intelligence has come into your respective hands, and hash over mutually-beneficial possiblities for the near future.  Think of it as a football huddle masquerading as an espionage contact—or vice versa—but don’t commit yourself to anything solid until the bundle’s been delivered, and the snap-count has been agreed too.  Until then, stay cool, calm, and collected;  you do know you highly enjoy this sort of gamesmanship and cloak-and-daggery, don’t you?  Tomorrow’s Ox will require you to apply a bit more Dry Diligence than you usually find enjoyable, but then it is still the Pig Moon, and you’ll find it much easier to comply than to argue.

Born in the Year of the Snake: The Rat’s display of agreeable tom-foolery today is half designed to keep the Pig in an obstructive mood, half designed to demonstrate respect and admiration for the Tiger, and half designed to mask the ratcheting wheels of his inner cunning.  If you think that’s “too many halves,” then you’re not considering the well-practiced trickeries of the Mouse’s Magic, and you’re in danger of misconstruing his artful performance as mere buffoonery.  Never underestimate the Rat’s complexity:  you know him well enough to see that his world is built of shells within shells within shells, and if you agree to play along with his well-meaning but half-truthful display, you’ll find that the dance he’s inviting you into is cleverly choreographed to get you out of jeopardy, and into a clearing where you can strike a mutually beneficial bargain for your respective futures.  Tomorrow’s Ox will guarantee your safety—if just for a day—and test whether you’ve truly agreed to the Rat’s expression of opportunity.

Born in the Year of the Horse: The Rat will be dedicated to honoring the Tiger’s desire for something to be curious about, and the Pig’s demand to be kept laughing, and between the two of these purposes, even the most artful member of the Clan of the Round Ears would look like he was completely pre-occupied.  This is not entirely the case, however:  the Clever Rat is carrying on at least three other lines of calculation beyond what those outside him can see, and planning which of them he should be dividing into three (or more) other sub-sets.  The attention required by his song-and-dance routine will keep him from bugging you directly, of course, but as another member of the presumptive audience, you will be expected to remain still, and keep your attention on the performance.  If you feel you’re suffering from a certain Loss of Freedom, remember that your time will be coming up again in 6 days, and that you might gain some Surprising Ideas by zeroing in on the Mouse Magician’s prestidigitations, however confusing and baffling they may seem.  If they give you head-aches, you’ll be allowed to get off by yourself, but you should try to do so with a minimum of disturbance and complaint.  Tomorrow’s Ox will bring the relief of simplicity, and the annoyance that comes with your realization that that’s just about all he brings.

Born in the Year of the Sheep: The radiant Full Moon may be diminishing, but it’s still shining like a spotlight on Mr. Mouse, and in honor of the Pig’s tastes, and the Tiger’s expectations, he’ll be striving to put on a Good Show.  Whether you’re out in the house, or backstage manning a piece of technical machinery, you’re going to take some satisfaction in having a Position of Responsibility, and a Contribution To Be Made.  Try to follow along in the spirit of light-heartedness which the Rat is trying to maintain;  if you have corrective notes, or constructive ideas, make sure that you’ve actually gotten permission to bring them forward, or at least that you’re not interrupting one part of the performance to critique another.  There’s no particular problem with you insisting on doing your part your way, but you ought to at least announce that you’re reserving that right before the curtain goes up—or before your review is posted on your blog.  Beyond that minor but important technical consideration:  I’m not entirely impartial here, of course, but I think you’re going to enjoy the performance!  Tomorrow’s Ox will make no such delights available for you, and whatever technical considerations you run across, they’re likely to be anything but “minor.”

Born in the Year of the Monkey: The Rat is going to be tap-dancing as fast as he can, aiming to satisfy the Pig’s demand for diversion, and the Tiger’s expectation of something with which to Be Fascinated.  In the back of the Rat’s mind, however—as he’s twirling his shiny cane, and cocking his top hat forward over his brow to cap off his fancy footwork—he’ll have a significant portion of his attention set to working out the problem of Your Predicament, and what the hell can be done to get you out of the Pig’s sight, and well past the Tiger’s glaring attention.  Stay as out of view, if you can—either at the back of the house, or concealed in a dark corner back-stage—and wait for his signal.  When the coast is clear, you’ll be handed a brief statement of Your Mission, and if you put your single-minded attention to it, you’ll sift into the crowd leaving the theater, and become unrecognizable as Monkey for the rest of the day.  Be careful not to whoop and jump about once you’ve accomplished the solution to the Mouse’s Puzzle;  that would blow your cover, don’t you see, and make the whole exercise pointless.  Stay cool, pull your collar up behind your neck, straighten your bow-tie, and wait for Further Orders:  Control Central is working on a way to smuggle you out of Pigsylvania.  Tomorrow’s Ox will require of you some sedentary lack-of-activity, but then what good spy-story doesn’t have a stake-out scene in it?

Born in the Year of the Fowl: As the Rat takes the stage today—calling for another round of applause for the Hilarious Pig as he makes his exit—the entire atmosphere of the theatricals will be shifting from Pratfalls and Comedic Banter to the serenities and bafflements of Magical Illusionism and Stage Hypnosis.  Don’t be surprised—when you hear the call for a volunteer from the audience—if you find yourself on your feet, drifting effortlessly and irresistibly up onto the stage.  At this point, you’ll see two options.  One will be to start peppering him with questions about how to accomplish what he’s about to ask of you;  the other will be to grin broadly, stare out into the audience, and simply go along with what ever The Job Requires.  Now, if you think you really have a choice here, you must have skipped over that word “Hypnosis.”  Not to worry;  the Pig is paying the bills this month, and he’ll insist all patrons be treated fair-and-square, and returned to their seats, “feeling relaxed, awake, and feeling fine!”  Tomorrow’s Ox will give you reason to feel well-grounded, and to pursue your more usual modes of enjoying yourself.

Born in the Year of the Dog: The Rat is scheduled to take charge of the Tiger’s entertainment today, and while he has quite enough tricks up his sleeve to keep the party rolling until well after dusk, it would be somewhat rude of him not to include a few turns and tumbles specifically to suit the appetites of the Pig. To this end, he’s very likely to turn to you for assistance.  Now, while it might seem that this will mean you’re somehow to become the butt of a joke, or worse, to end up the only one in the house who doesn’t see what the Rat is doing, I can assure you that your presence on stage will do nothing if not bring admiration and appreciation in your direction.  The Tiger’s affections are well-recognized after all—particularly by Mr. Mouse—and both you and he are going to finish the day smiling.  Tomorrow’s Ox will seem much more indifferent to your enjoyment, comfort, or participation—but perhaps by then, you’ll be ready for a bit of your own Me Time.

Born in the Year of the Pig: While the Rat relieves you from your position at the microphone, and takes over the responsibility of keeping the Tiger entertained, you can slink off to the back of the house, or settle into some comfy vantage point backstage, where you can relax and enjoy the continuation of the performance, without the pressure of the audience’s unrelenting scrutiny.  At least a quarter of Mr. Mouse’s little vaudeville routine is going to be made up of private jokes between the two of you, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself snuffling and shaking in suppressed guffaws.  Don’t let yourself be too restrained, however;  laughter from the back of the house—or indeed, from backstage—is an old and fool-proof technique for getting the audience to agree to enjoy themselves.  And if the Great Stripéd One, himself, should catch you in a fit of hilarity?  Well, he’d regard that as High Entertainment, indeed!  Tomorrow’s Ox will make it feel like the scenery’s been flown, and the house lights have been brought up full, and the time for Clearing and Cleaning has arrived.

Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Words to the Wise:

Like the yielding hollow in your palm, where an orange might perch without a wobble,

The streets receive the calm of dusk, and beckon forth stars to flash out from behind scattered clouds.

Storms blew through the day, driving rain hard against the doors and windows, striking down all the tattered leaves.

Now, silent moonlight makes the damp garden shimmer, the dripping eaves beat time through the length of the night.

“Walls and a roof make a room;  holes in them make it useful.”

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Sunday, 21st of November


Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Master Mouse Says:

The WOOD PIG on duty today holds a natural expectancy towards bright results, and has the worldliness and drive needed to strive towards them.  Still we must expect that these optimistic qualities will be used to steer not towards grand accomplishments, but towards the merely festive aim of celebrating the Pig Moon, now Full, and the Tiger Year, as it comes to the crest of its own self-satisfaction.  The Pig knows how to throw a universally satisfying party, but—as the other auspices of the day are cautionary, and auger for conservatism—if you wish to be a Welcome Guest at the function, you’ll have to keep to traditional forms of etiquette, and try to maintain a calm and calming demeanor.  Make your arrival without a big to-do, and suggest your own departure well before an awkward silence falls over the group.  Your best impression will be made simply by showing up, and by not trying to attract attention.  And, if you’re keeping quiet, at least you can remain also observant:  there’s great pleasure to be had today in watching the world unfold around you.

Talk to the Animals

Born in the Year of the Rat: When one Pig hosts and toasts another, it’s a good idea for you to stand and wait to be invited to join in.  Your sometimes aggressive behavior can be a source of irritation between you and the fun-loving members of the Clan of the Curly Tail, and with the Two of Them jesting and joking between themselves, there will be precious little room for you to insert your comments, or make points with your cunning wit.  Indeed, “making points” would be precisely the problem.  Instead, aim straight for the buffet table, and make sure that you put together a reasonably balanced plate for yourself.  It will not be a problem for you if you find yourself dreamily staring into space, but make sure you’re showing a vague smile while you’re doing it.  The Tiger will notice your appreciate your nonchalance, but others will be concerned if they take your disengagement as a judgement on the proceedings.  Tomorrow’s Rat will offer you invitations to do a bit of showing off, but you’ll have to be sure that you don’t take yourself seriously while you do so.

Born in the Year of the Ox: The Two Pigs will be very much monopolizing each other’s attention—one hosting, the other playing the Special Invitee—but they’ll have everything set up well in advance to insure that everyone has access to their own enjoyments.  Don’t be surprised if the casual but orderly atmosphere set by the Clan of the Curly Tail inspires you to be more talkative and engaging than is your usual norm;  you’ll see quite readily that Striving Forward is not on the Pigs’ agenda, and that their appreciation of your Unique Qualities is not to be disregarded.  It would be a bit tactless to actually Talk Business at such an affair, but if you allow yourself even a tenth of the free-flowing conversation that the Pigs like to sponsor, you have a very good chance of making some connections that will prove extraordinarily helpful within a few days time.  Tomorrow’s Rat will bring you renewed clarity about that direction you decided on a while back, and offer a few tips about increasing your speed and efficiency in following it.

Born in the Year of the Tiger: The Two Pigs are going to be very busy with each other, but if you find yourself in a corner by yourself, it’s not because they’re ignoring you;  it’s only because they’re completing the preparations for the Awards Ceremony, at which point in the party, you’re to be the Honoree.  Not to worry, it’s not going to be much more complicated than the dropping of a banner—proclaiming their admiration, of course—and an invitation to relax for the day among your many fans.  Once you’ve smiled bashfully, and nodded a blushing “Thank you!” you can allow them to escort you over to the buffet table, and let them put together a plate of specialty dishes they’ve included as a central part of the festivities.  Move about the room as you will, and don’t concern yourself about whom you should talk to, whom you should let pass by:  the Pigs have arranged that everyone will be on their Best Behavior, and your whims are to be their delights.  If you’re moved to prowl-and-growl a bit—or even give ’em a bit of a Roar—don’t be surprised if the response is not terrorized withdrawal, but wide applause and spirited cheering.  Tomorrow’s Rat will endeavor to continue the festivities in your honor, but it’s the Party Games that he’s been put in charge of.

Born in the Year of the Hare: There are Two Pigs managing the celebration today, one as host and the other as a sort of Visiting Expert, but they’ll both be devoting their attentions to the exaltation and admiration of the Tiger, from whom they’ve drawn so much support and motivation so far this year.  True, the Tiger’s style can be both brusque and combative, but the Pigs show the toughness of their fiber under such pressure, and generally are more than able to give back as good as they get.  Don’t feel neglected if These Three seem to be ignoring your presence, or giving slight to your needs and contributions.  If you do just a bit of nosing around, you’ll find that the Pigs have attentively arranged everything to your comfort, and supplied all manner of diversions to rouse your delight.  Of particular note are the foodstuffs displayed on the buffet table, and you should waste no time in tucking in, and sampling as much as you can before you hit your limit.  For once, everyone is going to find your behavior Perfectly Natural, and if you look over your shoulder, you’ll find a line of others following your lead.  Relax, enjoy, appreciate:  there’s not been such a good day for such indulgence in quite a long time.  Tomorrow’s Rat will have a few questions for you, but they’ll seem more like quizzical riddles than attempts to gain honest answers.

Born in the Year of the Dragon: There will be Two Pigs, actually, managing the Tiger’s Tea-Party today, and though you’re always ready for a chance to show your social skills, you’ll find yourself a bit flummoxed, if only because it will be very difficult for you to tell which one of them is hosting, and which one of them is attending as guest.  As minor as this distinction might seem on the face of it, you’ll find it vexing trying to make the distinction;  it’s just damned awkward not being able to determine to whom you should be offering Polite Gratitude, and to whom you should be offering Casual Conversation.  Don’t allow yourself to sulk in the corner in retaliation for the confusion induced by your dilemma;  this is actually exactly the kind of puzzle you most enjoy working out!  Maintain a serene and composed agreeability, and Observe All.  It won’t be long before you’ve put each attendee into relative position on the Guest List, and recognized to whom your Gracious Thanks are due.  You might find that you are enjoying yourself so much that you find yourself cheering heartily, along with all the others, when the Tiger is presented with his Honorary Award.  Tomorrow’s Rat will button-hole you for an engaging tête-à-tête, and compare notes with you on What’s Been Discovered so far.

Born in the Year of the Snake: There will be Two Pigs prowling around the party being thrown today, and while one of them is The Host and the other is a Special Invitee, it will make no difference to the caution you’ll have to display in order not to raise their ire.  Both of them are going to be devoted to the plan of pulling off their Tiger’s Tea-Party without a hitch, and making sure that the Honoree—that’s the Big Guy with the Stripes and Claws, of course—is made to feel fully at ease, and indubitably Among Friends.  Consequently, it’s actually a bit of good fortune for you that some of the auspices today make it appropriate to take a low tone;  you’ll find it that much easier to find someplace shaded and out of the way in which to enjoy the samples you’ve surreptitiously selected from the buffet table, and from which to entertain yourself with the sport of eaves-dropping on bits of conversation—as the other attendees wander past—without giving the slightest indication that you’re listening in.  Divert yourself, if you like, by imagining how you could dart forward to seize passing opportunities, but do not dare such a thing in actuality.  Two Pigs, remember…? And a Tiger.  Be sensible, and admit that you’re totally outnumbered.  Tomorrow’s Rat will present you with much more even odds, but you’ll have to match his cunning if you want to place a winning bet.

Born in the Year of the Horse: There are actually Two Pigs in charge of the Tiger’s Tea-Party today, though one will be taking the part of Host, and the other will restrict himself to the position of Visiting Expert in Etiquette and Entertaining.  You won’t need to be able to tell them apart, but you will have to honor their endeavoring to make the Tiger comfortable—and to keep the assembled guests circulating in Good Order—by departing from the sort of hi-jinx and high-kicks that yesterday’s Dog might have inspired.  It’s your calmness and sober sensitivity that the Pigs are asking you to bring to the celebration, and if you can manage to comply, they have promised to make sure that your tastes and sensibilities are well-rewarded.  Good thing, then, that some of the day’s auspices not only favor quietude, and even silence:  that will make it more feasible for you to summon your restraint, and to enjoy it.  Tomorrow’s Rat will require some of your restraint as well, but will not be able to offer you much reward for it.

Born in the Year of the Sheep: Today’s Pig will be in Hog-Heaven having both the Pig Moon and the Redoubtable Tiger to impress with his hosting abilities, and his festive good-spirits.  Of course, the other Pig will waste no time in relinquishing any claim to the Guest of Honor slot—passing that seat to the Big Guy in Stripes—and offering to be of any service necessary to make sure the party goes off brilliantly.  (It’s just What Pigs Do, after all.)  For once, your insistence that you be given some significant role in the production of Orderly Accomplishment of the tasks at hand will be politely declined;  you’re to regard yourself as one of the Guests in Attendance, and you’ll have to satisfy yourself with the sheer enjoyment of the pleasantries and pleasures the Pigs have arranged.  See to the comfort of others, if you like, but don’t disregard your own;  the only way you could really disappoint the Clan of the Curly Tail is by letting their offerings pass without true delectation and enjoyment.  There!  You’ve earned this reward, and you’ll just have to accept it!  Tomorrow’s Rat will bring you some tasks to see to, but you’ll no doubt want to haggle a bit about whose technique will be followed to achieve them.

Born in the Year of the Monkey: There are Two Pigs in attendance at the Tiger’s Tea-Party, of course, and though one of them is clearly the Host, and the other clearly a sort of Visiting Expert in Etiquette and Entertaining, it’s going to be somewhat difficult for you to tell them apart.  They’ll be finishing each others sentences, and completing each others actions so elegantly, that they’ll look like nothing so much as a pair of Twin Jugglers, doing that Stepping In Trick, where the balls not only keep to their orbit, but the guys tossing them are dizzily rotating in and out of position, as well.  Whether this proves confusing for you, or simply exciting, it will also be a bit dangerous.  The Honored Guest of the party is, after all, the Great Stripéd One, himself, and neither he, nor the Two Pigs, will find it “charming” if your confusion or excitement tempts you start up your Circus Act.  The Three of Them expect you to compose yourself, or subject yourself to correction, and they will Not Be Nice about it, if it’s the latter.  Good thing some of the day’s auspices support “conservatism,” then;  sit tight, and “conserve” yourself.  Tomorrow’s Rat will show you an escape hatch from your confinements, and present a happy little puzzle for you to solve.

Born in the Year of the Fowl: The Tiger’s Tea-Party will have Two Pigs in charge, one as Host, and the other as a sort of Visiting Expert in Etiquette and Entertaining.  Between the Two of Them, they’ll have everything arranged to flow forward in good order, and to satisfy and delight all comers, whether Bosom Buddies to the Clan of the Curly Tail, or merely attendees invited to make sure that there’s a crowd of respectable size to impress the Tiger with their show of esteem.  For your part, the chief appeal in the Pigs’ noteworthy efforts will lie in the clarity with which each aspect of their hospitality seems to counter-balance the others, and the exactitude with which they have guessed what will be needed, and when.  Their style of planning and execution has much more to do with serendipity than strategic control, but the results are going to be glittering to behold, nonetheless.  You’ll find plenty of ears open to your running commentary on their technique and accomplishment, but you’ll be very wise to honor the more dark auspices of the day by speaking in a low tone, and by never implying that you “could have done it better.”  Remember to compliment whoever seems to be in charge, even if it’s only in the vaguest of terminology.  Tomorrow’s Rat will also be aiming for a party atmosphere, but you’ll have to ask a lot of questions to find out how he intends for you to fit in.

Born in the Year of the Dog: The Two Pigs in charge of the day’s festivities are actually taking up Two Offices:  one is the Host, of course, and the other, a sort of Visiting Expert on Etiquette and Entertaining.  Both of Them will be instructing you on the Very Important Task with which they wish to charge you;  namely, Keeping Tiger Happy.  For one as eager to please as yourself, this will be an occupation roughly as difficult as rolling off the proverbial log, and as burdensome as scratching exactly where you itch.  Control your glee, and demonstrate to the Pigs that you take their commission with earnest dedication, by seeing to the list of Happy Diversions with which you can engage the Great Stripéd One, and counting up the full array of Clever Tricks you can display to keep the attendees in a festive mood until the Award Ceremony can be begun.  Once the banner has been dropped from the ceiling—”TIGERS ARE AWESOME!!!”—and the applause and cheering has died down, you’ll be free to take your share of the delectable treats the Pigs have supplied, and find somewhere comfy to sprawl.  Don’t be surprised if you dream that your head is resting upon the Great Tiger’s Paw;  you might not be dreaming.  Tomorrow’s Rat will have a couple of new tricks to learn, and for once, he’ll find it difficult to be a Hard Taskmaster.

Born in the Year of the Pig: With Two Pigs in charge of the celebrations today, you’re going to be undoubtedly Among Friends, and will no doubt feel called upon to throw your hand into whatever preparations and logistics you believe will make things more likely to go off without a hitch.  Since the day also bears some auspices that make calm and conservatism favorable, carry yourself with your utmost ease, and forestall any inclination to dart about.  Your Two Clan-Mates, I can assure you, have things well-in-hand, and in any case, the Guest of Honor is in nothing like a demanding or critical mood.  Show that elegance of spirit that springs from your easy grasp of circumstance, and from your gracious generosity to all who have been so kind as to honor Invitation by politely Attending.  Wander through the day and its casually shifting events as though you have no other place to be;  it’s a Pig’s Day, and the truth is, you really don’t!  Tomorrow’s Rat will add some drive to your drifting, and keep you giggling as you go.

Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Words to the Wise:

In the time between Lightning and Thunder, the whole world knows expectancy.

Though the light is like Heaven’s Anger, the overwhelming brightness cannot last.

Though the shock that follows stuns, it rolls and rumbles away, as if absorbed into Earth’s Forebearance.

The Yáng peaks, and the Yīn is uprising;  the vague enfolds, and the definite is made new again.

“The virtuous do not lay blame;  the superior do not deny fault.”

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