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Friday, 31st of December


Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Master Mouse Says:

The WOOD HARE on duty today has a mild and friendly temperament, matched with an attentive disposition, and displays a fluid balance between confidence and curiosity.  In the rough and formal peace to be maintained between Rabbit and Rat, even the most focused considerations of present conditions will be highly tinged with dreams of the future.  Those who can keep an analytical attitude will have the most to say that will prove to be useful, and while romanticism will get a good hearing, it will only add entertainment value to what is already a melodrama of passing importance.  If you don’t like the way things are going, just wait a moment.

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Born in the Year of the Rat: Your vision is sharply attuned at this time of the year, but under the Rabbit’s watch, it would be dangerous to presume that what you’re focusing it on is easy-to-read, or self-explanatory of its inner nature.  Take small experimental steps forward, and do not fall into the temptation of imagining you’ve gathered more data or certainty than is justified by your results.  Good results will only mean that you’ve gotten some good results, not that you’ve passed all the potential difficulties.  When in doubt, check to see that you’ve got your knees very slightly bent, and that you’re not inadvertently holding your breath.  Tomorrow’s Dragon will make it easy to spring into action, but hard to use True Creativity.

Born in the Year of the Ox: The Hare has nothing of particular value to you to add to your mode of action, except perhaps, that he’ll be leaving you to your own devices.  Since your course is—at least temporarily—clear, and your momentum already in full motion, such non-interference is something to be appreciated in its own right.  And it’s curious, that just when you’ve most resolved yourself to rely only on your own strengths and knowledge, helpful friends will show up in just the right temperament to fit into your plans without implying that you should alter them.  Relax and let them roll along with you:  it’s good for your health.  Tomorrow’s Dragon will bring you friends offering distractions, and you should allow them to be a little successful in nudging you off-course.

Born in the Year of the Tiger: The Hare seems so congruent to your nature, and appears to be so easy to influence, that you’ll find it easy to take a relaxed and playful attitude to matters big and small;  but this particular member of the Clan of the Long Ears also has a powerfully wandering focus of attention, and you’ll find it difficult to drive anything into the particular corner in which you think it belongs.  Take a liberal attitude, and don’t press towards Final Results;  many unworkable possibilities must be brought into arrangement, if only to be sure that they won’t work.  Don’t spend too long with both hands full;  you’ll benefit greatly from keeping one hand free to deal with inconsequential accidents.  Tomorrow’s Dragon will catalyze your intention to make a clear demonstration of your will, and you may be surprised at your own maturity in expressing yourself.

Born in the Year of the Hare: The arrival of your Clan-Mate on the watch will help the whole world to appreciate your fluffy-fuzzy side, but it’s your strong legs and sharp claws that you’re going to be relying on.  Make sure that you don’t employ them any more automatically than is unavoidable;  if you can control your twitches, you’ll weaken your actions just enough to keep from wrecking all the P.R. work you’ve put in this year, and strengthen your accuracy just enough to avoid inadvertently causing damage or destruction.  Make sure you get some exercise just for the sake of exercise, today;  you’re going to have a lot of steam to blow off.  Tomorrow’s Dragon will be in a strong position, and you’ll have to be careful not to express criticisms in public.

Born in the Year of the Dragon: The Rat Moon is flooding your path with its radiant light, and making your Scales flash and glitter so elegantly, that even the Pesky Rabbit has to draw back in admiration.  Don’t tempt his critical carping by changing a single thing;  your trajectory is perfectly solid, and the only thing you need to change to ensure maximum results is …nothing.  Make sure that you’re not asking anyone to do something that you’re not willing to do yourself, and if that means trying it out to see if you would be willing, that would be a Very Good Thing.  Make sure you’re communicative about the results of the little experiment.  Tomorrow’s Dragon will allow you to do a bit more showing-off, but you’d be wise to keep your eyes open while you do so.

Born in the Year of the Snake: You’re going to continue to be hampered by a slight case of Cold Feelings until next week, when the evidence that the days are getting longer becomes a bit more believable.  But the Rabbit is so solicitous of your happy satisfaction that—at least in your work-life—the sluggishness which is causing problems elsewhere, will lend an air of Careful Deliberation that will improve your image, and draw support from your superiors.  On the other hand, matters at home are likely to be a bit more fractious, and if you want to keep them from sliding downwards, you’d better make sure that you’re acting like An Adult, even if no-one else is.  Tomorrow’s Dragon will counter-balance your difficulties by lending you a vast array of Usually Unavailable Resources.

Born in the Year of the Horse: The quirky friendliness of the Rabbit will combine today with the talkative complexity of the Rat, and produce a very strange result:  a day when you know exactly what you want, and when you’re given an open path that makes it quite available to get it.  If you find, however, that this path has some unexpected twisting and turning, try to respond with some flexibility;  as long as you still know what you’re after, and which way you’d like to approach it, you’ll maintain sufficient influence over your own experience to end up quite satisfied.  Stiffening up and getting insistent will only frazzle your nerves, and could lead to some minor damage to your health.  Tomorrow’s Dragon will clarify your sense of what you’re supposed to be doing, and will give you the pleasure of applying all your drive towards it.

Born in the Year of the Sheep: It will be extremely easy for you to attract the friendly attention of anyone you care to get it from today;  the Rabbit is shining a very flattering light on you.  If some of the attention comes in the form of thorny questions, or in playful jabs that could just as easily embarrass as entertain, be confident that if you maintain your poise and self-mastery, they’ll all become more grist for your mill, and you’ll have even the most skeptical in the crowd eating from your hand.  Try to show your easy grace, and not to do things too abruptly or dramatically;  living your life in slo-mo today is a way to ensure that nothing arises to damage your health.  Don’t bother getting into it with your brothers-and-sisters:  they’re not really listening, today.  Tomorrow’s Dragon will focus your attention marvelously, but make it very difficult to actually accomplish anything with it.

Born in the Year of the Monkey: Perhaps it’s just because some of the Rabbit’s attributes look so astonishingly weird to you, but the Weirdness Factor is going to be at the front of your own armament of attributes today;  and if you grasp it by the hilt, you’ll find it’s an extremely powerful weapon, indeed.  You’ll have to remain true to your own motives—rather than the ones you think others would want you to have—or you’ll find yourself losing your balance, and falling into a thorny bed of self-criticism.  And you’re much better off, as well, keeping your own counsel and using your own ten fingers—rather relying on volunteers to your cause—to keep from blundering into extraneous problems inadvertently.  Keep grinning, and follow your hunches;  your body is your best friend.  Tomorrow’s Dragon will collude with the Rat to shower you with Luck and Authority, and I may have to take away your Complaining License.

Born in the Year of the Fowl: The wobbling uncertainties of the Tiger Year are compounded during the Rat Moon, leaving you no tried-and-true techniques to employ in dealing with the Kwazy Wabbit.  Consequently, your best course for the day is to keep your head down, your mouth closed, and your hands in your pockets.  If you could manage also to keep your body in bed—or at least, mostly in the bedroom—I’d have to award you a Gold Star for the day.  If you do have to be out in public, stay close to a piece of furniture, or—failing that—a convenient wall:  this is a really good day for you to practice Blending In and Remaining Inconspicuous.  Tomorrow’s Dragon will help you to make friends with the wobbling, but it won’t help for you to imagine that will actually turn the trick.

Born in the Year of the Dog: There’s nothing like a Rabbit coming across your path to fire you up with enthusiasm and thrill you with an adrenalin rush.  While you won’t be able to shake off the more confusing stimulations of the Rat Moon entirely, at least you’ll feel your appetites and aptitudes align in a very satisfying way.  Don’t be afraid to devote your full commitment to the invitation, even if you can’t quite see where it will lead;  the Wild Hare has a journey he wishes to take you through, and you’ll benefit from going at it full tilt.  Pay attention to eating and drinking;  your energies won’t last long if you don’t.  Tomorrow’s Dragon will be surprisingly friendly to those appetites and aptitudes, but you’ll have to remember the instruction:  Don’t Look Down.

Born in the Year of the Pig: The fuzzy familiarity of the Friendly Hare is going to sap all the momentum out of your ballistic experimentalism, but that will not dampen your enjoyment of the day one whit.  It’s time for you to do some serious Summarizing and Recounting, and it won’t make any difference to you who is in the audience:  casual friends, wandering strangers, snoozing cats, a row of potted african violets—in a pinch, you could even make do with an electric socket.  What matters is giving yourself the chance to fill the air with your impressions and explanations of what’s been going on for the last three weeks;  you won’t know what you actually think until you hear yourself say it.  Don’t worry about taking notes; today’s version will just be a First Draft.  Tomorrow’s Dragon will have less patience for what you think, but will also give you a much clearer attitude towards what to do.

Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Words to the Wise:

With the nights so chill, thoughts of the warming days of spring yield only frustration;

Though the shadows are shortening, the winter still seems impenetrable, like the mountain passes barricaded with snow.

Just before dawn, the slender moon is a delicate blur through frosted windows.

Two bare feet on the cold tile floor;  walking looks more like ambulatory wincing.

“Assessment is the counterweight to boldness.”

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Thursday, 30th of December


Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Master Mouse Says:

The WOOD TIGER on duty today has a cagey but uncomplicated nature, and demonstrates in the clearest ways possible the attributes of patience, boldness, and fairness which are the watchwords of the year.  As the Rat Moon moves towards its close, this Tiger’s relative simplicity gives good ground to look towards the future with a trust in possibilities unlimited by the track record of the past, and open to new uses of familiar resources.  There is plenty of uncommitted strength left in the year, and it should not be discounted simply because reticence or structural conservatism has so far kept it concealed.  Try to look at things with fresh eyes, and don’t be afraid to look a bit juvenile in the way you toy with your options.  Remember that under any Tiger’s watch, the appearance of disinterest is not necessarily to be trusted.

Talk to the Animals

Born in the Year of the Rat: Your options for the future will sharpen in your vision today, and look temptingly bright, but simply reaching out for them will prove only how far that future is still in front of you.  Look less for immediate results through your own actions, and more for the building of alliances and contractual friendship which can potentially help you move forward.  Your powers of persuasion are strong today, and if you don’t make to big a to-do of using them, they’ll attract those who actually want to help you succeed.  Leave yourself some undedicated time during the day when you can stare out a window and let your thoughts roll by themselves.  Do not eat anything you haven’t taken a moment to think about before chomping down on it;  mindlessly popping tidbits into your mouth will not produce proper nourishment, much less sensory satisfaction.  Tomorrow’s Hare will stabilize your strategic position, but put you in danger of over-playing your hand.

Born in the Year of the Ox: You’ll have little trouble maintaining your chosen course of direction today, as obstacles and impediments seem to make up their minds on their own to get up and get out of your way.  But you could still run yourself off into a ditch by believing what appears to be advantage on first sight, and consequently passing over the opportunity to take a second look at it before taking action.  Make use of your friends’ opinions;  even if you don’t agree with them, or follow their indications, they will keep you from needing to call a tow-truck.  You’ll enjoy using the relative openness of your field to apply your strength to the most difficult or most resistant tasks you’ve got in front of you, particularly if that means you can show up in person and do a little Polite Intimidating.  Where matters of health are concerned:  Follow Orders.  Tomorrow’s Hare will make you appreciate your predilection for self-reliance.

Born in the Year of the Tiger: The looming closeness of your Two Clan-Mates will make you hanker for your own space, and for your own choices of timing, and consequently, you may feel—and act—just a tad anti-social.  If so, don’t be afraid to insist on your solitude, and if you meet resistance, to express yourself in no uncertain terms.  You can make apologies later, if necessary, but your tastes for physical comforts and undisturbed repose cannot be met with today if you’re under anything like public scrutiny.  On the other hand, if you have someone with whom to share them in a perfectly private context, that will be a Lucky Someone, indeed.  Don’t start any little tasks unless you’re willing to end up spending all day working through them;  it’s not so much that they’re going to snow-ball out of control, more that your interest in them is.  Tomorrow’s Hare will toy with your understanding of the difference between Play and Productivity, and strengthen your belief in what you think you know about yourself.

Born in the Year of the Hare: The Double Tigers are keeping you as their pet today, and will be defining all the appurtenant rules, and supplying all the necessary food-stuffs, toys, and sleeping arrangements.  If you feel entitled to do a bit of Prowling and Growling, that will seem perfectly natural to almost any onlookers you encounter, but you’ll have to remember that the essence of True Power lies in never having to really use it.  Aim to accomplish by implication and suggestion, and avoid any temptation to apply force or direct leverage.  This is a day to show the Cat Spirit that’s embodied in the Clan of the Long Ears.  Spend some time out in Nature, even if that means only looking at pictures of it;  messages from the wilderness are “good for what ails you,” today.  Tomorrow’s Hare will strengthen the softness in your social demeanor, but you’ll have to be careful to avoid following your appetites into a disappointing dead-end.

Born in the Year of the Dragon: Far from setting you back on your haunches, the Brace of Tigers will put you into exactly the right frame of mind to grab the reins and Ride Forth towards the prospects that have been tauntingly dangled in front of you all year.  You’ve got things lined up correctly, and the Friendly Rat will make sure that you’ve got trustworthy friends around to lean on.  Be bold, but don’t allow yourself to get too creative;  you could end up “improving” your way right out a triumph.  Don’t be afraid to make “an extra trip;”  it will most likely bring you Extra Good Luck.  Tomorrow’s Hare will offer you unaccountably good results, but not if you don’t keep to your strategy.

Born in the Year of the Snake: The Two Tigers are going to be caught up in their own affairs, today, and not really on the hunt for a new Snake Skin to hang on their wall.  As far as everyone else is concerned, the way your skin looks while you’re still wearing it has never had more charm and subtle sheen.  So far this sounds like you’ve got a Really Good Day going for you.  But be careful:  there are hidden difficulties around you everywhere you look, and you won’t know how big they are until you take them off the shelf to get a closer look.  Follow the Antique Shop Rule:  don’t touch unless you’re willing to buy at full price.  To get a bargain, ask for “assistance,” and then let the haggling begin.  Tomorrow’s Hare will bring accolades at work, and some minor squabbles at home.

Born in the Year of the Horse: The Double Tigers are going to give you a double-dose of support for pursuing whatever seems the most needful to you, and if you want to keep their assistance from turning into a burden, you’ll have to remember that “pursuing” doesn’t necessarily mean “accomplishing.”  As it happens, it’s the chase that will count for you today, and as long as you know that you don’t actually care about capturing the quarry, you’ll feel happy as a lark just to get to Really Go Forward for all that time.  More importantly, the day’s exertions and exercises are going to display your strength and intelligence to all “whom it may concern,” and set you up for a better resolution of the Rat Moon than you have probably been hoping for.  Don’t be afraid to decline direct assistance, but do not so more than twice;  those who are that persistent are only asking so they will get to go along with you.  And since when did you not appreciate a bit of appreciative company?  Tomorrow’s Hare will be similarly supportive, but you might have to argue a bit to take the route that you want to.

Born in the Year of the Sheep: All the respectful diligence you’ve put into the Tiger Year so far will be rewarded by the Double Tigers today.  They’re going to hand you the keys to that hot little number with the Snazzy Stripes paint job, and let you take it out on the track, to show what you’ve learned about Traction, Patience, and Pouncing on Opportunities.  Keep your eyes open, keep your breathing smooth, and—most important—do it Your Way.  You’ve got a good chance to hit a new Personal Best, if not to break one of the Track Records.  Do not try to avoid small discomforts;  enduring them will seem like a small price to have paid when they’re popping the cork on the champagne bottle.  Tomorrow’s Hare will put you in front of the press corps, but you’re going to handle them all as if they were just so many Trained Poodles.

Born in the Year of the Monkey: Even though fairly well surrounded by Big Guys in Striped Suits, you’re going to be well-possessed of your famous nimbleness and quick thinking.  Chalk it up to the Intimidation Factor, but neither of these attributes are going to get much traction, and so don’t count on them unless you happen to discover that they’re already in use;  planning on putting them to put them into gear will get you nowhere but into trouble.  Your only truly reliable resources are embodied in your friends and associates, and the more you dedicate yourself to following—shall we say, “aping”?—their example, and serving their interests and needs, the safer your transit through “the valley of the shadow of” Tigers will be.  Actually, that’s also a course fairly well guaranteed to give you a lot of enjoyment, as well;  so, grab a friend, and stick with ’em.  Tomorrow’s Hare will give you excellent leverage for your aims, but make you look awfully quirky in the way you pursue them.

Born in the Year of the Fowl: The alignment of the Double Tigers will give you critical mass in your guess-timations of what the whole Striped and Clawed Thing is all about, and you’ll finally feel a sense of certainty behind your actions.  Now, half of your “certainty” is actually still “presumption,” but you’ll never be able to tell which half, if you don’t get some experimental data logged in your notebooks.  So go ahead and give it a try:  Think Tiger, Act Tiger.  Don’t be dejected or dismayed at the half that doesn’t really come out right:  that’s the “presumption,” and you can thenceforth begin to dump it.  Don’t let others help you today;  they’re only going to confuse and muddy your data.  Tomorrow’s Hare is going to confuse and muddy just about everything you get into, and Just Hanging Out would be a wise response on your part.

Born in the Year of the Dog: The Double Tigers are going to be vying with each other for your attention like a pair of divorced parents trying to appear to be The Good One in their unfortunate child’s eyes.  Not that you’re going to take this condition as “unfortunate”!  Things to eat, places to relax, games to play, challenges to be conquered, it’s going to be a carnival of mental and physical pleasures, ending with that rich satisfaction at the end of the day that only comes when you’re quite convinced that you’ve been Rightly Assessed, Well Put to Use, and Proper Rewarded for your noteworthy showing.  If you find the exertions of the day are putting you near a borderline of exhaustion, just pipe up;  your communication skills are excellent today, and even if what you need is not instantly available, you can be sure that wheels will start turning to supply it at the earliest convenient possibility.  Tomorrow’s Hare will point your attention in a new direction, and following it will have Educational Value.

Born in the Year of the Pig: The Double Tigers are going to collude to produce that happiest of possibilities for a Pig:  a really thorny problem perfectly suited to your appetites, talents, experience, and intelligence.  Make sure to wear something a bit goofy when you’re entering the Maze—a left over pair of fake reindeer antlers would suffice, but it doesn’t need to be that flamboyant—if only to remind you that Puzzles Are Fun, and that solving them most frequently means doing things the way that’s not obvious or conventional.  Try not to think about Audience or Stories To Be Told until you’re back home with your slippers on, your legs up, and a cup of something hot on the table beside you;  the Tigers know you well, and they’re sure to put together something that requires all of your attention In The Moment.  When in doubt, dump your presumptions and follow your hunch.  Tomorrow’s Hare will be All Ears, eager to hear of your exploits and bio-dynamic experimentalism.

Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Words to the Wise:

The Yīn of the year turns ragged and rough, and begins to limp a bit in her gait;

Not that the reign of cold is weakened, or that the hours of the dark are ready to crumple away!

The Yáng of the year has a difficult beginning, and must find any little crevice to park and send down roots.

It’s not a sprout that shows much promise, but then:  the greatest trees grow from the tiniest seeds.

“Good luck to visit your mother’s grave on her birthday;  better luck to visit on yours.”

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Wednesday, 29th of December


Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Master Mouse Says:

The WATER OX on duty today is both somber and sedate, with little attention available towards the wider world, and will carry forward the Rat Moon’s established purposes without distraction or remorse.  Take the day as an opportunity to marry realism to hard work:  recognize those aims that have proved less rewarding, and give them one more week of diligent attention, making sure you’re applying enough energy to give them a fair test of their potential.  In seven days we’re entering the Ox Moon, when the whole great arc of the Tiger Year will be coasting in for its landing, and your work should be devoted to finishing-off, wrapping-up, and making preparations for the New Year’s arrival in February.  This is not a time for a new push today;  rather, it’s a chance to test whether it’s only lack of persistence of sufficient power that has been the problem.

Talk to the Animals

Born in the Year of the Rat: With the Friendly Ox helping you with your heavier pieces of luggage, it will be easier to feel that you’re finally getting somewhere, but you’ll have to sacrifice some of your interest in minor tweaks of process and direction to truly make use of his massive strength to push your causes forward.  You don’t have to cut your imagination short, but you should do some serious editing before bringing your ideas out into the open.  Don’t thwart the Ox with new instructions or new plans;  save those for tomorrow, when the Double Tigers will clarify your intent, and sharpen your powers of persuasion.

Born in the Year of the Ox: With your Clan-Mate so well-placed to begin closing out the Rat Moon, you’ll find it easy to hit a stride you can maintain with comfort and ease, and still feel that you’re speeding forward at a steady pace.  Be careful of over-shooting your goal;  you’ve been handed a megaphone, and you don’t really need to raise your voice to be heard.  In fact, the less talking you do today, the better:  it’s your actions that are most informative to those around you who need instruction, and most impressive to those who are going to write up your Year End Report.  Pay attention when you’re told, “okay, that’s enough;”  you’re a little addicted to doing more just for the sake of Doing More, today.  Tomorrow’s Double Tigers will lend your their authority, and empower you to apply it to The Big Problem.

Born in the Year of the Tiger: The continuity favored by the Clan of Hooves and Horns is not really suitable to the whimsy and authoritative command of your style, and so you may find yourself a bit out of sorts—and even bored—by the Ox’s dull diligence.  Still, as he’s going to be so willing to forward the tasks you’ve already launched, perhaps you can summon some compliance to his demeanor, and Just Keep Going.  If so, you’ll find the day far more intriguing than it might look at first glance, and your friends and admirers will reward you with cheers and laughter.  Tomorrow’s Double Tigers may make you look like you’re all Teeth and Claws, but you’ll find that your Inner Pussy-Cat is strong and attentive.

Born in the Year of the Hare: The Ox’s diligence to directions already established will give you a respite from the demands and diversions of those around you, and allow you to examine the long list of things you would have handled long ago, if only you were on a planet all by yourself.  Take them up as the Duty List for the day, and don’t worry if you find that most of them aren’t really sources of deep satisfaction, or even mild entertainment.  The Rabbit Year is drawing nearer by the day, and you’ll be very happy to have gotten these items checked off by the time we’re celebrating with red banners and fire-crackers.  Don’t worry about your health;  those nagging little symptoms are bad energy coming out of you, today.  Tomorrow’s Double Tigers will give you plenty of authority to look to the future, but the more you don’t use it, the better the day will go for you.

Born in the Year of the Dragon: The Ox’s straight-furrowed diligence can frequently seem dull as dish-water to you, and even though he’s volunteering to put his massive shoulders into the push you’ve already got going, you might feel you’re going to have to lie a bit to express gratitude and appreciation.  Don’t be too hasty, though!  In a pinch, you’ll always settle for a Receptive Audience, and the other onlookers and standers-by are going to be quite happy that you’re around to add drama and dream-weaving to the drabness of Just Going Forward.  Keep your hands on your own work, but don’t pass up any opportunities to help others with theirs;  your powers of demonstration have never been more elucidating.  Tomorrow’s Double Tigers will show you what you’ve gotten yourself into since the Rat Moon began—and what you’ll have to get out of, before it finishes.

Born in the Year of the Snake: The Ox definitely sweetens the sort of support you can earn from the Rat Moon, but as his path is going to be so uninventive and predictable, that leaves you with little place to hide, and small chances that you won’t be noticed.  Maintain a cheerful—even, hopeful—manner, and don’t try to do anything on the sly.  You’re about to start a cycle of 3 years of Good Luck, and you don’t want to put that in jeopardy before you even get to it.  Patience today will profit you in the Very Near Future.  If you feel that you’re missing opportunities, give yourself a Gold Star.  Tomorrow’s Double Tigers will put you in contact with new friends, but they’re likely to bring New Problems with them.

Born in the Year of the Horse: As much as you find the Ox’s style objectionable—too-pushy half the time, and too sluggish the other half—it will come as some relief today that he’s applying his more than ample strength to the trajectory you’ve selected;  and since one of your favorite characteristics in others is Predictability, perhaps you can focus on that harmony between the two of you, as well.  In any case, you’re going to feel inspired to some Big Pushing yourself, and the more you take it up as Outdoor Sport—or perhaps, as Performance Art—the more you’ll be able to make out of it.  Do not try to make things go the way you think you’d like them to go;  there’s great enjoyment available today for you if you’ll add Maintaining Mystery into the equation.  Tomorrow’s Double Tigers will rouse your spirits, sharpen your drives, and turn all eyes in your direction.

Born in the Year of the Sheep: The fact that the Ox is perfectly willing to lend his great strength to the plans and machinery you’ve already got in gear will come as little comfort to you, when the way he wants to be of service seems so …well, un-serviceable.  You probably won’t be able to keep yourself from racking up a continuous litany of items under the heading “Will Need To Be Re-Done,” but there’s no point in reading aloud from it today, or even in pointing out to others that it’s getting longer by the minute.  Summon your patience, and try to use it to keep from looking like steam is coming out of your ears.  Think of today’s labors as “roughing-in,” and plan on the “finish work” to come sometime later.  You have great prospects for that “sometime” to be tomorrow, when the Double Tigers will lend you their Commanding Authority, and you’ll be empowered to work through that list like a well-oiled machine.

Born in the Year of the Monkey: The strength and—in your case—protectiveness of the Rat Moon is re-doubled when the Ox comes on the watch, and you’ll feel the stability and confidence he adds to the day as justification for a bit more relaxation in your style, and a bit more cockiness in your step.  Don’t over-do it, but there’s no harm in beginning to get used to the idea that the Terrible Tiger is making preparations for departure, and that your Get Out Of Jail Free card is at the printers, and ready to be mailed.  Look for those puzzles that are not easy to solve, and let your fingers get busy:  focusing your attention this way will keep you out of trouble, and give you the greatest satisfaction upon arrival at success, anyway.  Tomorrow’s Double Tigers will look hungry, but if you can keep your willfulness in check, they won’t find Monkey on the menu.

Born in the Year of the Fowl: The arrival of the Friendly Ox on the watch will be a source of relief and satisfaction for all those who are already clear what they’re after, and are fairly confident in the path on which they’ve set themselves to achieve it.  For you, however, it’s almost the opposite:  this is the litmus test of whether you even understand what your options are, let alone whether you’ve selected correctly from among them.  Be relaxed and clear-minded about continuing on your course, but promise yourself the freedom to be entirely unromantic about the day’s results.  If they’re not good, or not adjustable within the near future to produce what you actually wanted, then be brave enough to consider dumping out the pot, and starting from scratch.  Such drastic action may not be necessary, but with the Ox Moon coming up for you, that wouldn’t be as disastrous a step as it might seem.  Tomorrow’s Double Tigers will lend you some of their authority, and give you the courage to do what you see is fit.

Born in the Year of the Dog: As odious and burdensome as the arrival of the Ox on the watch can sometimes seem for you and your Clan, there’s such a happy balance between the Rat’s invention, the Ox’s diligence, and the Tiger’s Commanding Authority, that the prospects are good for you ending the day thinking that you might actually like the Clan of Hooves and Horns.  To get to the sweet stuff, you will have to agree to take up more labors than you usually find palatable;  but the company you’ll get to keep is so engaging, and the nature of the work itself, so suitable to your skills and intelligence, that dumping your initial apprehensions will prove to be quite clever on your part.  Don’t be concerned if you bump into something puzzling:  it’s there to show you how solid your sense of intuition is today.  Tomorrow’s Double Tigers will rouse your courage, inspire you to take action, and refresh your appetite for travel.

Born in the Year of the Pig: With the Ox coming on the watch to fulfill the command, “Steady As You Go,” your attention will start wandering off into new directions, and your appetite for challenges will suggest that you wander off, as well.  Now, while you won’t have to keep your own hand on the helm to keep on course, leaving the bridge for long will be risky, and disembarking entirely, almost guaranteed to cut your progress short, and force some embarrassing re-adjustments in your E.T.A.  Still, your hunches are strong today, and if you’ll leave a corner of your mind dedicated to them, you’ll at least be able to call out orders to avert sand-bars, water-falls, and other—more destructive—disasters.  It’s okay for the Captain to be rather gabby, but not if “gabbing” means “not Captaining.”  Tomorrow’s Double Tigers will place some obstacles before you, but only to guarantee that you demonstrate how big your appetite for challenges is.

Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Words to the Wise:

The Mountain shows its recumbent patience by yielding, but very, very slowly;

Thunder expends itself with great shock, then rolls away, grumbling but indifferent.

When dangers are absent there’s the worry of what may be coming, and from which direction.

When threats are known, they settle the mind, as if inviting us to take tea and settle our differences.

“Travel is the question between where-did-you-come-from, and where-are-you-going.”

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Tuesday, 28th of December


Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Master Mouse Says:

The WATER RAT on duty today has a rational approach to problem-solving, and a romantic nature towards the world at large, and will apply them both to the practicalities of maximizing the accomplishments of the Rat Moon its final week.  Make your progress in small steps taken in rapid order, and don’t be afraid to appear to be a bit of a nag on those matters that require repetitious attention to get them sorted out.  Friendly demeanor, and a cheerful and earnest “thank you,” will soothe over most minor irritations you may cause.  If you can, leave yourself small amounts of private time through the day;  such pauses will be valuable to collect your wits, and to make note—written or mental—of possibilities that are coming freshly to light, and to set reminders for following-up items that should be seen to in the near future.  Many seeds are being sown for the future today, and it would be a shame to damage their prospects simply because you forgot where it is that you’ve put them.

Talk to the Animals

Born in the Year of the Rat: Your Clan-Mates will rouse you from your laziness and winter drowsing, and put your ambitions for the Tiger Year clearly in front of your nose.  There are barely 5 weeks before the Rabbit enters, and your chances and choices will shift radically when that happens.  You’ll have to balance a military precision with a forgiving fuzziness to get the best results out of the day, but if you promise yourself an early bedtime, you’ll be able to keep up a solid pace until a bit past dusk.  Eat frequently through the day, and do not pass up any offers of help.  Tomorrow’s Ox will bring you the help of friends, but you’ll have to give up attempts to achieve artistic results if you want to get much accomplished.

Born in the Year of the Ox: With the Double Rats talking into each of your ears, you’re going to feel your feet solidly on the ground, and the weight of your load solidly dragging behind you.  Lean into it with a will, and trust the guidance you’re getting:  you have an opportunity to make huge progress today, and the only thing standing in your way is the presumption that you need to be cautious and/or slow-moving.  If your boss or mentor is around, don’t miss an opportunity to chat a bit;  mutual respect is the basis of any good working relationship, and you’ve got a chance to deepen both sides of that equation today.  Avoid unusual foods and activities; they could compromise your health.  Tomorrow’s Ox will allow you to speak softly and still get heard loud-and-clear.

Born in the Year of the Tiger: The Double Rats are going to be whispering into each of your ears, and the topic is going to be the shortness of the Tiger Year yet remaining.  As the Yáng of the New Year is already formed and rising, your appetite for the Spring will be whetted and urging you on.  Never mind that there’s nothing on the scene quite yet to adequately represent it:  that’s what the advisories of the Two Rats are for.  Follow your whim and get out into the world;  prowling about will remind you of the list of commitments you must fulfill before the Rabbit arrives in February.  A bit of exercise would be good for your physical well-being, and the results will impress those who have Decision-Making Power.  Don’t accept anything you don’t fundamentally agree with.  Tomorrow’s Ox may put you in what seems like an awkward position, but if you follow your intuition and don’t stiffen up, you’ve every chance of seeing your way through to satisfaction.

Born in the Year of the Hare: The Double Rats are going to be chattering at you all day long, trying to get you to see it their way, and attempting to show you how they’d do it.  The “it,” of course, is the handling of the raft of problems and opportunities left over from yesterday, and if you can just throw your Sense of Control on the bonfire, you might be able to follow their advice to fairly substantial result.  If it helps, I’d like to mention that they are actually intent on you doing “their way” your way, and so you should feel perfectly empowered to put your spin on the ball as it runs down the alley.  The thing to pay close attention to is the information that’s hot off the presses;  Rats know everybody, and the gossip and intel they can pass on to you today may make all the difference in your understanding and subsequent action.  If your main criterion for fulfillment today rests on “having a won-derful time,” you’re going to find almost everything a slight dissappointment.  Tomorrow’s Ox will make it much clearer what your duties are—as opposed to your options—and the quicker you get to them, the happier you’ll be.

Born in the Year of the Dragon: The shape of your world today will seem quite familiar from yesterday’s choices and challenges, but the difference is that you have about 3 times the chance of things turning out successful—and that’s even without considering the ways in which the Double Rats are willing to tweak the results in your favor.  It’s worth taking the time to review everything you did yesterday, and—if you find the end results weren’t quite what you were after—giving things another shot.  I’m not so much advising a “do-over,” as an “editing.”  Pay particular attention to financial decisions: a very small adjustment today could reap you a very large difference when investments come due.  Don’t over-extend yourself physically;  you could have a hard time recouping any draining of your batteries.  Tomorrow’s Ox will offer you a surprisingly warm welcome to your plans, but you’ll need to take friends with you to keep things going smoothly.

Born in the Year of the Snake: The Double Rats will be willing to keep you well-informed through the day;  keep one ear to the ground, and the other attentive to random gossip.  Unfortunately, their efforts will also put you more in the Tiger’s Eye, and however juicy the gossip, you’ll have to wait for another time to turn it to your advantage.  Your best advice today will come from your spouse or partner, and if you need to make money decisions, do not ask anyone who has similar financial commitments;  you need help from friends who know you, not experts who know the ins and outs of your financial situation.  Your hunches are holding true today, but you’ve got to be very careful not to confuse them with your beliefs;  there is a difference.  Tomorrow’s Ox will provide you with a bit of friendly protection, but won’t be able to block the Tiger’s Gaze.

Born in the Year of the Horse: The Double Rats are going to be babbling at you from both sides, and destroying whatever sense of momentum you were able to build up under yesterday’s Frolicsome Pig.  Their aim—kindly enough as it is—is to get you to try things their way, and though for you that’s a Very Tall Order, you actually have a chance of achieving it, and thereby following their guidance to some rather remarkable results.  The trick will be to aim not to feel like yourself as you go through your usual routine, and to allow yourself the freedom to decline The Usual Choices, in lieu of Something Weird to come forward.  I can’t guarantee that you’ll like the experience, per se, but I’m reasonably confident that you won’t be able to cavil at the end results.  If you can find someone you deeply respect to encourage you to Go Weird, that will make a huge difference.  Tomorrow’s will make you feel You Again, right down to your bones, and give you a great yen for Physical Exercise.

Born in the Year of the Sheep: The Double Rats are going to rip the rudder right out of your hands, and insist that you manage to make headway, anyway.  If you can use this as an opportunity to let your competitive spirit rise, you’ll find the challenge quite stimulating, and will very likely discover that you have some talents in the Practical Navigation area that you were completely unaware of.  Dead Reckoning, they call it, when you can’t do the proper calculations to be sure of your location, and must make your progress by casual sightings and rough estimation alone.  Throw a healthy measure of Pure Hunch into the mix, and you’re going to have a brilliant demonstration of the art to add to your credits.  Tomorrow’s Ox will make any kind of reckoning a bit problematic, and you should probably give yourself at least a little bit of license to act Borderline Insane.

Born in the Year of the Monkey: The Clan of the Round Ears have made it a special project of theirs to see you through your Year of Troubles with a minimum of disturbance and danger, and they appear here today with enough number to take you by each arm, and ensure that you don’t make any missteps, or meander into range of the Tiger’s Reach.  As long as you can agree to the exactitude and dedication they require—and forego your usual Think On Your Feet attitude—your results are going to be brilliant, and your execution, well-nigh faultless.  You will need to be careful not to make presumptions about the support you can usually count on coming from friends, family, and helpful associates:  the display the Rats have designed is for you to make, and for you to receive credit for.  Satisfy yourself that you’re “flying solo” on this one, and keep your eye On The Ball.  It will help you if you imagine that the Most Important Person in your world is watching you.  And who knows?  They might be!  Tomorrow’s Ox will let you swing much more free-and-easy, with a couple of happy accidents along the way.

Born in the Year of the Fowl: You’ll fall under the friendly examination of the Double Rats today, but as it will be difficult to determine exactly what they’re examining you for, you’ll have to remain as accurate as possible, without giving extra information due to some presumption on your part.  Take it as a sort of Word-and-Logic game, in which the object is to respond as exactly as you can to what has been asked, and not to burble on into what hasn’t been asked.  If you’ve already been through law school, you’ll find it a piece of cake;  if you haven’t been through law school, you could take today as a sort of Interest Test to see if you’d enjoy that kind of education.  For enjoyment, get outside and move around under your own power;  dogs, vehicles, and ballistic sporting gear are optional.  Tomorrow’s Ox will make it seem like you’re more in control, but that’s only the next part of the “examination.”

Born in the Year of the Dog: The Double Rats have devised a sort of Obstacle Course they want to put you through, but—lucky you!—it’s been designed specifically to show off your greatest assets and highest talents.  Consequently, all you have to do to put in a good showing, is keep your eyes on what’s in front of you, and Do The Obvious.  There is one warning I should give you, however:  you’re quite likely to enjoy the course so much that you’ll throw yourself into it with a little too much abandon.  This would limit your score, and—worse—could lead to some damage to your health and well-being.  Summon your sense of discipline, then, and only Do The Obvious.  Tomorrow’s Ox give you much more of a sense that you’re designing your own day, and inviting your best mates along with you.

Born in the Year of the Pig: The Clan of the Round Ears can easily supply you with enough friendly competition to rouse your appetites, and enough commonality of view to settle your ambitions.  With Double Rats on the watch today, you’re going to find plenty of things you’d find enjoyable within easy reach, but you’ll also be so satisfied with wherever you are at the moment, that reaching out for them will seem rather superfluous to your sense of fulfillment.  Take the day as an opportunity for roaming attention, and casual observation, then, and show the world what “leisurely pace” actually means when put into practice.  Tomorrow’s Ox will refresh your sense of ambition, but you’ll have to play your hunches correctly to keep from bumping into confusion or frustration.

Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Words to the Wise:

The resident of the Southern Star is a kindly old man, always smiling, and gracious to a fault.

Whatever your Fate in life, it’s to him that it falls to extend or shorten it.

When he descends to view the Human Realm, the wise will eat no meat.

Or else, they’ll make great show of respect by cooking it with tender care.

“Rat has a very small body, and a very big world.”

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Monday, 27th of December


Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Master Mouse Says:

The METAL PIG on duty today is truly savvy concerning the ways of the world and the full range of human appetites, and has a crispness of style and a depth of substance that will summon delighted interest from the Rat and relaxed support from the Tiger.  Aim for an easy-going pace, and simple pleasures taken at leisure.  While the Pig may lead you towards grandiose objectives, satisfaction will come more easily at a sauntering speed, with plenty of time made available for sitting and considering.  Practical matters that can be delayed, should be;  knowledge is ripening into wisdom today, and turning it towards problem-solving—while not counter-productive—will cut short optimal results, and spoil your deeper appreciation of the process of developing your awareness of the world around you.  Eat slowly enough that you have time to fully take in appearance and aroma before biting down or slurping up.  Bon appetit!

Talk to the Animals

Born in the Year of the Rat: It will be easy for you to justify taking some time off today, even if you do feel a twinge of guilt about it.  Deciding what to do with your leisure won’t be so easy, but then:  Not Deciding is almost the essence of “leisure” for you.  Not to worry, friends will have plenty of ideas for you to take up and try on for size;  but just as you should allow yourself to shirk—just for the day—the largest and most problematic tasks in front of you, you should consider as a completely acceptable response to invitations:  “No, thanks.  I’m just going to hang out here.  Might have a nap, I think.”  A long one might be in order, as you’ve got a lot to get done over the next 4 or 5 weeks.  Tomorrow’s Double Rats will put the world back in the center of your cross-hairs, and put your ambitions back into their more usual over-drive.

Born in the Year of the Ox: The Pig’s tastes for diversion and dalliance will make it seem that you’ve been left to your own recognizance, and that will undoubtedly raise your spirits somewhat.  You—more than most—can safely aim for some productivity in the day, but you shouldn’t take up large scale problems without some selected assistants to go along with you;  your sense of what you need, and how to apply it, is strong, but you’re going to need some support, if only in the form of one more hand (or two) to keep things steady while they’re tightened into place.  Promise you won’t rush into things—an extremely easy promise for you to make—and your chosen resources will be happy to go along with your plans.  Don’t wear uncomfortable clothes.  Tomorrow’s Double Rats will enable you to take up The Big Problem, and sharpen your wits for getting through it.

Born in the Year of the Tiger: Leisure time for you today should include deeper connection to friends and associates;  the Pig will have you at your most relaxed, and the pure entertainment value they can bring to your day is not to be brushed aside lightly.  Exercise and recreation out of doors is also a sure-fire source of enjoyment, but in consideration of the darker auspices of the day, you should merely make token gestures in that direction, rather than full-bore commitment of all your energies.  And be very careful with others, if you are outside and Playing Games;  they won’t necessarily have the kind of stamina and resilience you’re capable of today, and may need to cut things short, quite quickly.  If offered something Highly Unusual to eat, you must try it;  then you can give your verdict.  Tomorrow’s Double Rats will add drive to your day, and put you into full Stealthy Stalking mode.

Born in the Year of the Hare: With the Pig guiding your appetites, you’re going to have a strong case of The Cravings, and it’s highly unlikely that anyone could be successful in restraining you from the pursuit.  You might find a companion or two to go along with you on your quest for the Ultimate Whatever, but I’m thinking that a larger party will only slow you down, and give rise to more frustration than friendliness.  In light of the darker auspices of the day, I must exhort you to take any unexpected chance to pause-and-appreciate;  sometimes the true value of driving off towards one thing, is that it puts you in the path of another.  And don’t worry if you feel you’ve come up totally empty-handed;  you’re going to get to do it all over again under tomorrow’s Double Rats, with a bit more information available this time.

Born in the Year of the Dragon: For you, the darker auspices of the day will only sharpen your awareness of those items on your agenda that keep getting dropped down to the bottom, and you’ll most likely see the moment of respite the Pig suggests as an optimum time to put them at the top of the list, instead.  If you balance your Willfulness in getting them done with your Wisdom in selecting pathways that won’t over-complicate procedures, you’ll be able to sweep them out of your mind with a minimum of fuss, and still have time for some very appropriately earned repose by mid-afternoon.  Don’t think you have to follow your normal patterns of action;  today, quirkier equals quicker.  A little time spent in personal grooming at the end of the day will help you to sleep better, as long as you give yourself enough time to Get It Right.  Tomorrow’s Double Rats will allow you to do a full review of today’s results, and tweak anything improvable into Sheer Perfection.

Born in the Year of the Snake: You’ll be quite wise to follow the darker auspices of the day, and aim for some Happy Hibernation time.  If there are matters you must make an appearance to deal with, you’re not entirely without resources, but they will all be arguing for your restraint, and for you to handle as much as possible through agents, rather than through your personal presence and action.  If you’re with a spouse or partner, let them do all the talking, and don’t roll your eyes or twitch your mouth while they do it;  handing over the car-keys is a small sacrifice to make in order to greatly improve your chances of Happy Arrival.  If someone says something offensive to you or about you, you must assume that you misunderstood what they were saying, as that’s almost certain to be the case.  Tomorrow’s Double Rats will lower the number of dangers around you, and raise your sensitivity in getting through them, as well.

Born in the Year of the Horse: For you, “leisure time” will almost certainly have to mean “time with friends,” at least if you want to enjoy it fully.  Your mental attitude will be swinging more and more strongly through the day towards the responsibilities and purposes you’ve let slide for the last week or so, but I’m hoping your buddies will keep you diverted today from actually trying to do something about them.  Of course, if one of your friends is obviously in need of some assistance, they won’t be able to divert you from stepping in to help, and you’re in a strong enough position today that you could easily make a Big Push on behalf of others, without even breaking a sweat.  Get some exercise during the day, but do not go for your Personal Best, even if you really think you can make it;  the game’s about recreation today, not winning-and-losing.  Tomorrow’s Double Rats will trouble you with Extra Information, and give you a feeling that you’re Not Yourself.

Born in the Year of the Sheep: The Pig, as usual, will be handing you a short list of Things To Get Done, with the added twist of an insistence that you handle them without disturbing the sense of General Leisure that he’s proclaimed for the day.  Not to worry:  if you take the Pig’s order along with a small dose of his willingness to Try Anything, your inventiveness will come forward, and you’ll be racking up a full list of accomplishments well before lunch-time, without even having to mop your brow.  Make it a long lunch-time—the better to eat slowly and attentively—and keep checking your actual sense of appetite between bites;  food has the attributes of medicine for you today, but you’ll have to be listening carefully to your body to understand what it needs—and doesn’t need.  Tomorrow’s Double Rats will make it difficult to go straight ahead in any direction, but you’ll undoubtedly get to where you’re aiming, anyway.

Born in the Year of the Monkey: For you, there’s something a bit objectionable about the Pig’s insistence that you:  a.) take some leisure, and b.) don’t disturb anyone else’s.  Still, once you get past the whole “you’re not the boss of me” thing, if you take a look around, you’ll find that all your friends are cheerfully observing the Pig’s demand, and having rather a fine time of it;  blend in with them, and I think you’ll find yourself well-at-ease.  True, it might make you feel jittery, and eager to Get Something Done;  but you’re more capable today of mastering those qualms than you probably realize, and it will impress the hell out of everyone if you successfully carry off the appearance of Just Hanging Out.  Think of it as a chance to Build Up Steam, since tomorrow’s Double Rats are going to aim you like a high-powered rifle, and fire you off in Grand Display.

Born in the Year of the Fowl: It’s not that the Pig’s insistence on a leisurely attitude through the day is particularly odious for the Clan of Feathers and Claws, and certainly it’s not that you’re not equal to the best of them at Sitting Pat;  rather, it’s that you’re going to feel you’re in a sort of spotlight through the day, as if what is, for everyone else, simply an opportunity to slouch anonymously in comfy pyjamas, is for you a public appearance on your own Reality Show, without any ability on your part to edit what will be shown.  Trust in the Pig’s aesthetic good-sense, however:  you’re going to look quite elegant through his lens.  And if you try for a bit of Mind Control over those fussing about you, you’re likely to find that they’re tuned into your wave-length, without even know it.  Tomorrow’s Double Rats will be producing a Friendly Chat show, but you should remain cautious of their questions during your interview segment.

Born in the Year of the Dog: It should be taken as a given that you’re going to be in superlative form following the Pig’s insistence that the day be spent in indolence and leisure.  Wherever you find yourself, it will be easy to feel that you’re Among Friends, and your expressions of desire or interest are going to be instantly comprehended and responded to—though, in some cases of course, the response may be something like: “Oh, no.  I’m sorry.  That’s not on the menu today.  Can we offer you something else?”  If such denial seems like a Great Burden, take it up in silence, and with pride;  you’re actually going to enjoy that kind of suffering today.  And strangely—as long as you do agree to it—it’s also going to be good for your health!  Tomorrow’s Double Rats will arrive with a short test in Obedience Training, and you’re going to win the Blue Ribbon!

Born in the Year of the Pig: Under your Clan-Mate’s insistence that everything be arranged to support leisurely indolence, and that all tasks be carried forward with nothing greater than “deliberate speed,” your sense of Good Order and your taste for Proper Organization will be equally well satisfied.  Your famous ability to follow your nose into concealed pleasures will demonstrate itself admirably, and you’ll take doubled delight in sharing your discoveries with those around you.  Your sense of fun might drag you across the borderline of “sharing,” and put you in danger of “commanding,” but that won’t really get you into trouble as long as you’re not imagining that there’s something Being Accomplished;  this is a day for rolling around on the floor, alright, but not in order to flatten the carpet or to use your clothing to pick up lint.  If in doubt about eating anything, make sure someone else has sampled it, first.  Tomorrow’s Double Rats will supply you with plenty of wherewithal, but not much appetite to use it.

Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Words to the Wise:

Even in repose, the Tiger’s eyes seem to flash hunger, or at least the consideration of blood;

When stalking, the gaze is unshakeable;  when striking, the arc of the leap is power itself.

If you find yourself under those great-clawed paws, feeling the hot breath of the broad-whiskered maw,

Remember:  the attack can be for play, as well as for prey.  Think clearly:  “Nice kitty!”

“The bow must be tense; the archer, at leisure.”

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Sunday, 26th of December


Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Master Mouse Says:

The METAL DOG on duty today has a bright attitude, a quick grasp of essentials, and a bone-deep reliance on the power of repose, but he’ll find himself perky as a pup presented with all the options the Rat and Tiger are holding between them.  Don’t worry today about which direction to dash off in, yourself;  it’s covering the distance between each corner of your territory and all the others that counts, and it won’t matter if the sequence seems somewhat disordered or confusing at the start.  Order will fall into discovery once you’ve allowed action to lead you forward for a significant part of the day.  The auspices are good also for communication from distance, so don’t feel your actions must involve movement through the physical world.  If you’re feeling lucky, make use of your reason before you place your bet.

Talk to the Animals

Born in the Year of the Rat: Your best results today will come from recognizing the Conventional Approach, and then challenging yourself to come up with Something Different from it.  It wouldn’t hurt if you allowed yourself to do a “gut-check” before you invoke your plan;  your body will be sending you signals as clearly as any Geiger-counter, if you’ll only pay attention to it.  Don’t be afraid to take control and direct the actions of those around you, but make sure that you’re quite clear in the way you tell them how to proceed, because they are most likely going to do exactly what you tell them to.  If there are any mistakes, they will come down to your instructions.  Also, don’t just supervise:  half the fun will be in you getting your hands dirty, too.  Tomorrow’s Pig will make it easy for you to take some time off, but difficult to aim for what you’d like to do with it.

Born in the Year of the Ox: The Rat Moon will be giving the Dog lots of ideas, but also giving you a very clear notion of What Will Work.  If sorting the difference out means argument arises, you’ll have to be the one supplying some tolerance and flexibility, even if you suspect they will only lead to some wasted time.  Your sense of direction might be inerrant today, but your sense of pace probably isn’t, and though you might be perfectly willing to take care of the problems in front of you all by yourself—just to make the solutions more efficient—that option won’t be available to you.  If you can make friends with a few more Break Times in the day than you think are actually called for, you can still get your plan accomplished, and no harm done.  Tomorrow’s Pig will allow you to strike off on your own, but not without a few hand-picked accomplices.

Born in the Year of the Tiger: It can’t come as any surprise that with the most brilliant of the Dogs on the watch today, you’re going to be surrounded by adulation and entertainment.  Your every wish is going to be responded to with speed and directness, and your words will be attended to with delight and expectation.  It is true that you may have to repeat yourself once or twice to make sure that the attention you’re receiving results in comprehension, but you’ll find it no less satisfying to have your erstwhile minions dashing off to accomplish with verve and satisfaction the duties with which you have honored them.  If you don’t want to be burdened by the sense of Responsibility the day offers you, you have only to show your quirky side to regain your Independence.  And of course, you could also simply order everyone off on some time-consuming Crucial Mission so you can satisfy yourself with washing the dishes or folding the laundry.  Tomorrow’s Pig will supply a bit less adulation and a lot more entertainment, which you should plan on sharing with your friends and public admirers.

Born in the Year of the Hare: Since the Dog almost always rectifies your appetites and tunes-up your intuition, even being presented with a re-hash of yesterday’s conundrums will lead to satisfaction and success.  Forgive yourself for any projects that have gone awry—or that you feel you’ve not been able to devote your usual energy and attention to—and take them up afresh;  good meals can come out of mediocre leftovers.  Summon your tolerance with your family members, and apply apologies or renewed attention where appropriate:  if you can manage to let them be As They Are today, you’ll be surprised at what they show you that you’ve not yet seen.  Staying in the orbit of the most powerful or influential person in the room—usually, that’s the youngest, by the way—will guarantee you some enjoyment, but don’t be surprised if they start ordering you around;  following their directions To The Letter will be at least half the fun.  Tomorrow’s Pig will bring you the pleasure of Working Hard to gain what you most enjoy.

Born in the Year of the Dragon: Your competitive spirit will survive the arrival of the Pesky Dog on the watch, but your wisdom will be nudging you to take a place with the spectators, rather than on the field and in the thick of it.  If your wisdom turns weak, and you find yourself suckered into Going At It again, you should be prepared for much less success, or at least less demonstration of your true prowess.  You’ll have to summon your True Sportsmanship and bear up against losses and embarrassment, if you wish to salvage your dignity and reputation.  Still, sometimes the highest accolades can be earned by holding your head high in defeat, and heartily congratulating The Winners.  For my part, I’m picturing you at the hot-dog stand, paying for the kids treats, and staying on the sidelines.  Tomorrow’s Pig will present you with some Marching Orders, and if your wisdom’s still intact, you’ll apply yourself to them with diligence and agreeability.

Born in the Year of the Snake: The Dog’s attitude towards you is much less forgiving than the Fowl’s, and even if the Rat tries to protect your interests, he’ll be outnumbered and out-gunned.  Fortunately, the rational brilliance of this particular member of the Canine Clan makes him easier for you to second-guess, and on top of that, your intuitive powers are strong and well-balanced.  Consequently, you could end up by this evening with a successful and satisfying day behind you, as long as you don’t try to take the controls, or demonstrate open resistance to the drift of things around you.  Make suggestions, if you like, but then sift back into the crowd to maintain some anonymity;  it’s not quite the same thing as your Invisibility Suit, but sometimes a bit of camouflage works just as well.  Tomorrow’s Pig will have different reasons, but a very similar result, and you’ll need to seek support and protection from Higher Ups.

Born in the Year of the Horse: Given this Dog’s brilliance and the Tiger’s state of ease, not even the sometimes-disturbing machinations of the Rat will be able to wreck the satisfaction due you today.  What might be wrecked, however, is your sense of protective conventionalism, and your guard against the discomfort you frequently feel when forced into a solitary position—”alone against the world,” as it were.  In truth, all your normal rules of behavior are going right out the window, and no-one is going to be more astonished at the sheer inventiveness and imagination you’re going to put forth, than yourself.  If you simply trust your grasp of the situation around you, you’ll find yourself basking in the rapt attention of all present, and able to do with it almost anything you can think of.  Borrow some of the Tiger’s authority, and a bit of the Dog’s showmanship, and don’t be afraid for things to turn a bit silly:  everyone around you wants to laugh like a four-year old at a puppet show.  Tomorrow’s Pig will prove equally supportive of your performing career, but you’re going to want to get Back To Work.

Born in the Year of the Sheep: Part of this Dog’s brilliance lies in the inerrant way in which he always seems to manage to get you into exactly the position you would have chosen for yourself, but didn’t quite know how to find the pathway into.  Prepare yourself, then, to get your turn at the wheel again, with a much clearer idea—having spent all day yesterday with the map in your hands—of where you think the bus should be going, and how best to get there.  Don’t be surprised to find yourself borrowing some of the Dog’s inventive imagination, and whimsically taking an unexpected turn along the way.  You’ll have a deeply internalized sense of that “map,” by now, and following your intuition will keep you from running into traffic snarls or delay caused by road-repair crews.  And if you do run into a problem or two, well that’s what will keep the day interesting for you:  it’s where your intuition will really come in handy.  Tomorrow’s Pig will require some unconventional solutions, but you’ll be able to count on your intuition again to lead you to Full Enjoyment.

Born in the Year of the Monkey: The brilliance and perspicacity of this member of the Canine Clan makes him just enough less suspicious of you than his Clan-Mates, for him to allow you some license to try things Your Way, and to see what you can make of the opportunity.  If you accept the position in the spotlight, you’ll have to aim to violate every stereo-type you’ve been labeled with, and show the elegance, boldness, and refinement that you’ve learned to bring forward through the travails of the Tiger Year.  Here’s a Friendly Hint:  treat them all like four-year olds at the circus, and threaten them with “dangers” that are Quite Obviously False.  You’ll have them squealing with laughter and applauding in appreciation.  Do not aim for laughter yourself:  this is a job, today.  Tomorrow’s Pig will seat you at the table where your friends are, and allow you to relax a bit more because of those who surround you.

Born in the Year of the Fowl: The brilliance of this member of the Canine Clan never escapes your notice, but it’s also true that your presence never escapes his.  This is not usually a good thing, because he sees you as a threat to his plans for the day, a heckler towards his style of action, and a disturber of his style of The Peace.  You can give him justification to let you off with just a warning, however, if you’ll just stay within arm’s reach of at least one of your friends or family members, and—if it comes to that—let them do all the talking.  Pay close attention, keep your mouth shut, and you might learn something of value.  And then there’s also that whole “skate free with your liberty and dignity intact” thing you’ll have going for you, too.  Tomorrow’s Pig will want to take a much closer look at your credentials, but if you don’t quail under examination, and manage to present yourself as Fully Competent, you may end up with a note-worthy net profit.

Born in the Year of the Dog: The problems you’ll face today are going to be re-runs of yesterday’s, but as the most brilliant of your Clan-Mates is coming on the watch, the range of solutions you’ll find available to you is going to be positively dizzying.  So another problem you’ll face will be to allow your spirits to rise, but without letting them get completely out of control;  everything’s going to go swimmingly, if you can just keep from drowning in your own exuberance.  Borrow some of your Clan-Mate’s Rational Resolve, and pace yourself:  two minutes Giddy Hilarity, fifteen minutes Getting Something Done.  I’ve every confidence you can take up this regime, and stick to it.  And even if you don’t, you could reverse the numbers and still receive the applause and appreciation of most around you.  Tomorrow’s Pig will improve your performance (and enjoyment) by taking your choice out of the matter.

Born in the Year of the Pig: This member of the Canine Clan has such brilliance and self-possession, that I’m quite sure you must believe that his tail—under all that fur—must be a bit Curly.  As if to prove the point, he’ll be nudging little problems and puzzle-boxes at you all day long, with a wink and a sly smile, daring you to take them up and crack them open.  Some of them are going to prove downright mysterious, as they will simply not respond to Rational Resolve.  Not to worry, your hunches are going to do the trick, and if you care to divulge the secret of your approach to a couple of the applauding on-lookers, there’ll be some satisfaction to be taken from accepting an apprentice or two into your confidence.  Don’t try to take charge of things, though:  that’s for tomorrow, when your Clan-Mate arrives with a Mission Statement for you to follow.

Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Words to the Wise:

Great winds raise great waves, and thunder when it crashes shakes even the base of the mountain.

Grand things fill the space between Heaven and Earth, and the small cannot rival them.

But time is the ally of the powerless, and the seasons do not favor security or position.

The Yīn turns and the Yáng must come forward;  that which nourishes must fail, even as seeds still sleep.

“You may have given a reason, but maybe not your reasoning.”

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Saturday, 25th of December


Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Master Mouse Says:

The EARTH FOWL on duty today has a mature grasp of proportionality and a brilliant mastery of precision, but will have to balance impulses with insight and patience, in order to use them with proper timing.  Hopeful willingness will suit the day more than willful hope, and those who mistake conviction for confidence will only be setting traps for themselves to fall into.  Follow the interests that your enthusiasm can authentically support, but make sure that you’re not obstructing others as you make your way forward;  yielding right of way will smooth traffic for everyone, and insure that damage is also avoided.  Do not offer critical review unless asked very specifically for it;  even if you are asked, be sure to find a way to balance fault-finding with praise.  Be careful to approach problems gently, or you may alter their natures before can even begin assessment;  facing the South-East will help you find solutions.

Talk to the Animals

Born in the Year of the Rat: Your inclinations will be well aligned with your intuition today, but it will be awkward for you if you aim to strike out on your own to follow them.  Instead, find others’ interests to support and labor over, and you’ll see openings to draw them into the pursuit of what you’re after, leaving everyone’s needs better satisfied.  If you find yourself talking about your own opinions, make sure that you end the sentence quickly, and don’t let it turn into a paragraph or two;  others may want your leadership or your advice, but they won’t want to have to sort through the entire encyclopedia article you have on the subject at hand.  Be brief and direct in your statements, and then ask questions that will bring out more information for you to consider.  If you get invited along to someplace you’ve not been before, you’ll be sure to add some enjoyment to your day by agreeing to go.  Tomorrow’s Dog will simplify the problems before you, and allow your true creativity to come forward in solving them.

Born in the Year of the Ox: Your temperate pace and tolerant nature will serve you well today, particularly if you don’t shy away from the tasks or problems that others regard as too thorny or demanding to be approached with ease.  Striding through where others dare not tiptoe will demonstrate your powers in a very flattering light, and earn you special attention in your friendships, that will last, at the very least, into the beginnings of the Year of the Hare.  Make use of the preferential treatment you’re getting from the Friendly Fowl by aiming to take care of things by yourself, and under your own planning;  partnering will add more stress than improvement, you’d have to spend at least half your time and energy doing an impromptu tutorial, rather getting to end results.  Your thoughts are your playground today, but it’s your body where greatest enjoyments will appear.  Tomorrow’s Dog will strengthen your will, but require you to Play Well With Others if you want to exert it.

Born in the Year of the Tiger: It will be difficult to put your finger on what, exactly, you most want to do today, and the range and frequency of minor distractions you’ll be running into will not help you get to clarity on the matter.  Toss your interest into the air, then, and see which way the winds seem to blow it.  The world around you has the charm and intrigue of a well designed maze, and as long as you can give up the importance of Getting Somewhere in working your way through it, the confusion of blind corners and sudden surprises will prove highly entertaining.  Make sure you invite one or two good friends to go along with you, as their startled laughs will provide at least half of your enjoyment;  you haven’t had as good a day as this for getting Lost In The Woods for quite a long time.  Tomorrow’s Dog will place you on the throne of your own magnificence, but you’ll have to be careful not to get too wrapped up in the Robes of Office.

Born in the Year of the Hare: The Fowl’s not in a strong position today, but that won’t keep him from making all your projects and pleasures wobble and weaken.  The best you can do will fall in the area of your own work, on your own workbench;  if you allow others to appeal to you to help them, you’d better be very clear with yourself that something’s going to Not Come Out Right.  That may not be a deal-breaker, but knowing that you’re not going to get your best results will definitely help to shield you from serious disasters or loss.  Allow yourself to be satisfied with Slightly Dented results—particularly in the way your body feels—and you’ll get through the day fine.  Harboring your energies and commitment will pay off tomorrow, when the Dog allows you an almost exact replay of the day, but with your wisdom and appetite properly guiding you.

Born in the Year of the Dragon: The Fowl’s not in a particularly strong position today, but he’s still going to be able to give you enough of a leg-up to allow you to make Full Demonstration of all those powers and predilections you’ve had to keep stuffing back into your pockets for what seems like the whole Tiger Year.  Grab the biggest thing you can find, and wrestle it to the floor with a satisfied smile on your face;  if you get bored with wave after wave of successful take-downs, try to find some activity in which you’re not very experienced, and prepare to demonstrate what a Quick Study you are.  Don’t eat too much, and don’t eat anything that’s either unknown to you, or from a questionable source;  your stomach is your Achilles’ Heel today.  By the time tomorrow’s Dog shows up, you’re going to discover you’re more than a little bit tuckered out by the exertions of today’s activities, so you should plan on switching gears entirely to avoid damaging your results and reputation.

Born in the Year of the Snake: Although the Friendly Rooster is not in a particularly powerful position today, he’ll be able to give you just enough support to empower your appetites to move you towards success;  make sure that you pay strict attention to your famous intuition, as your ideas will need the guidance they offer to come to fruition.  Your preference for Pure Pragmatics will have to look very much to you like Pure Moralism, as any deviation from Conventional Rules will be instantly noted, and you’ll be declared disqualified;  your (also famous) Invisibility Suit is not working properly today, and if you think you can slink through unnoticed:  you’re wrong.  Punishments will be largely symbolic—and might leave you at a tactical advantage, anyway—but it’s silly to bumble into them through over-weaning confidence.  Tomorrow’s Dog will make things more difficult for you to control, but easier for those around you to help you with.

Born in the Year of the Horse: The Fowl’s not in a particularly powerful position today, but that won’t keep him from disturbing the confidence you’ve come to expect in yourself under the watchful gaze of the Friendly Tiger.  The world’s going to seem like a bit of an obstacle course, and the more determined you are to pick one way through and Make It Happen, the more snarled and obstructed your progress will seem to become.  Drop the presumption which your past successes have earned you, and go at things like a raw recruit:  “Zen mind is beginners mind,” as they say, and there’s a lot of New Learning for you to go through if you’ll let the work feel more like puzzle-solving than hard-labor.  There’s plenty of guidance and advice available from Those Who Know, but they’re going to insist that you do the Actual Steps yourself, and they’re certainly not going to let you fall into any Actual Dangers.  Tomorrow’s Dog will raise your confidence to the point that you might not quite recognize yourself.

Born in the Year of the Sheep: Even though the Fowl on the watch today is not in a particularly powerful position, he’s going to have enough leverage to ensure that your addiction to being in the Driver’s Seat is challenged;  you might be allowed to act as Navigator—just to keep you from thinking that the restriction is somehow about punishing you—but clearly seeing the route to take will not guarantee that whoever is steering the bus is bound to follow your suggestions.  Don’t try making them “orders;” that will definitely produce Short Cuts turning into Unexpected Delays.  Instead, think of it as a Sunday Drive—well, okay: Saturday Drive, then—and while away the time gazing absent-mindedly out the window, taking in the scenery.  There are some surprises waiting for you there that will make you smile.  Do be insistent on proper timing of Rest Stops;  “Never do anything important on a full bladder or an empty stomach,” as I like to say.  Tomorrow’s Dog will almost insist that you get your hands on the Steering Wheel, and you’re going to return to the controls with uncannily correct intuition, to boot.

Born in the Year of the Monkey: The Fowl is not in a particularly powerful position today, but his influence on you almost perfectly counter-balances that of the Friendly Rat;  you’re going to find your skills so multiplied and your acuity brought to such sharp focus, that even the Great Stripéd One himself might prove to be an attractive target.  I can’t in good conscience, of course, actually advise you to get out there and Bag Your Tiger;  but the larger the task you take on, the more impossible the odds, the greater the gasps around you at your Sudden Audacity—in short, the more Big Monkey you display yourself to be—the better.  This is a day to bask in attention, whether from those in your camp or the opponent’s, and to delight in showing them all what Thinking Outside The Box actually looks like when put into gear.  I do have one caveat for you:  do not put your assets or finances at risk today, or The Show could turn out to be very expensive for you to have pulled off.  Tomorrow’s Dog will have people lining up for you to show them How You Do That, but you should remain reticent to take on any apprentices, just yet.

Born in the Year of the Fowl: Though your Clan-Mate has come on the watch, your position is not particularly well-suited for you to accomplish your aims.  You do, on the other hand, have a much better shot at explaining what they are, and how they fit into an over-arching view of how they can mesh successfully with the goals and purposes of others.  Don’t burden yourself with the expectation that Full Explanation can be accomplished today, or that Full Permission can be granted without some time for deeper consideration.  Take your satisfaction from simply getting an audience, and don’t be shy about laying things down clearly, as you see them.  If you’re confident and unromantic about details, your resources will arrive to support you.  Tomorrow’s Dog will want to grill you with a few Test-Case Scenarios, but if you remember to lean on your friends and family, you’ll get through them just fine.

Born in the Year of the Dog: The Fowl coming on the watch is actually in a much weaker position than you are, but one must remember that even a low-ranking policeman—technically, anyway—can  detain or arrest a senator.  Consequently, you should prepare yourself for some diversions and delays, regardless of how clearly you can see the object of your interest, and how direct the short path to it would be, if only they would just let you move.  The frustration you’ll have to suffer has a hidden benefit:  you’re actually in some danger of seriously draining your resources today, and therefore some resistance to the free exercise of your appetites does have some value for you.  Tomorrow’s Dog will give you back your traction, but that will not make your appetites any safer to follow, per se.

Born in the Year of the Pig: The Fowl coming on the watch is in just the right complementary angle to the Rat Moon to have a somewhat magical effect on the Clan of the Curly Tail:  you’re going to find your hunches eerily correct, your sometimes biting wit to be applauded by all as a well-spring of humor and wisdom, and your appearance to give rise to lusty smiles and flattering engagement from all in your attendance.  As if this weren’t enough for you to make you change your network status to “In Heaven,” you’re also going to find that your physical body is displaying a sort of force-field, warding off threats and dangers as if they were anti-magnetized to you.  Just two words of warning: don’t let flattery go much farther than flirting (if you don’t want to end up with Troubles At Home), and don’t let yourself get saddled with The Kids, The Pets, or The Artwork, if you don’t want the whole “magical effect” to seem wasted.  Tomorrow’s Dog will present you with an almost unending series of little puzzles to which you can apply your Eery Hunches quite neatly to solve.

Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Words to the Wise:

The Yáng stops its trembling, and the shadows up-stakes to begin their retreat;

There’s a long way for them to go, and the first steps will be small and make slow progress.

Even so, don’t think of pressing forward an attack:  the rout of the cold has begun, but your armies too are in disarray.

Fan up the flames under your own cooking pot;  stirring the stew is good for planning and strategy.

“Even if being taken to market, the pig finds the trip interesting.”

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Friday, 24th of December


Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Master Mouse Says:

The EARTH MONKEY on duty today is well-centered and well-organized, and with the well-considered support of the Rat Moon, he’ll display surprising poise in confronting the Tiger, and elegant delicacy in carrying forward the developing Yáng.  Deal with matters quickly today, and don’t over-think your range of choices or the longer-term implications of each.  If you trust your first inclination and apply diligent follow-through, the auspices are good for solid and lasting results.  Your own inner voice may be weak and timid, but you’ll find it easy to respond to outer influences and guides;  to access them, it may only be necessary to recognize that you could use their support.  A light-hearted attitude will smooth your interactions with others, but you must be careful not to fall into teasing them;  it will be easy for playfulness to turn to deep offense, and the repercussions could be very difficult to deal with successfully.  Practice taking the first “no” as an answer.

Talk to the Animals

Born in the Year of the Rat: You’re in a position of power today, but you’ll need to be conservative in using it.  The Yáng is still weak and tender;  the Monkey will be delicate and deft in carrying it forward, but if you apply your ambitions ahead of your common sense, you could find yourself closing doorways before you even get a chance to see if you want to go through them.  In social affairs, strive to maintain a Fair Witness attitude;  it will be easy for your affections to be misconstrued as prejudice, and your reasoning—if its not carefully structured, and clearly conveyed—will seem suspect and self-serving.  Don’t pass up an opportunity for an unexpected trip, and be prepared to lend a hand on someone else’s project:  bringing forward your inventiveness in both situations will bring you great satisfaction, improving your reputation, and deepening your friendships.  Tomorrow’s Fowl will make it easier for you to defend your own inclinations, and to take steps in accord with them.

Born in the Year of the Ox: Your social sphere will brighten under the Monkey’s watch, and you’ll find it easier than usual to include pleasant diversions in your day.  Be careful of taking surface appearances as representative of deeper values;  you’re not seeing with your usual good judgement, and can easily fall under the spell of an Attractive Package.  It’s important to keep your attention on properly Taking Your Turn, and to stay observant and “in the game” will others are having theirs.  If you are around children—or those acting like them—make sure to remain ready to take a protective role:  you could turn out to be the Life-Saver in your crowd.  Don’t be insensitive to your health;  if you’re tired, or stiff, or feeling a bit “off,” do something about it.  Tomorrow’s Fowl will make it easier for others to see your docility, and for you to gain access to Those With Influence.

Born in the Year of the Tiger: As rational and well-balanced as this Monkey is, and as diligently as he may be in maintaining a “soft touch” with his penchant for teasing aggressiveness, he’s still—after all—a Pesky Monkey, and will be rubbing you the wrong way, off-and-on through the day.  Keep in mind that your usual conventions may not be your best friends under this circumstance, and be willing to do The Unusual.  You’ll need to summon your inner sense of discipline to avoid social difficulties, but if you look around, you’ll see plenty of successful models to emulate in maintaining your poise and grace:  borrow one of the Monkey’s talents, and practice Mindful Mimicry for the day. Stepping in to help out is one way, at least, that you can divert your attention—and avoid letting your fascinations get you into trouble—but make sure you don’t try to take a leading role;  others will be scratching their heads, trying to figure out whatever it could be that you’re trying to get across.  Tomorrow’s Fowl will make most of your affairs look like Wild Goose Chases, but there might be some fun in following them, nonetheless.

Born in the Year of the Hare: Though the Monkey’s job will be to feature deftness of touch and softness of gesture, yours will feel more like summoning Great Intent and applying it with Unswerving Intensity.  Mind you, I don’t think you’re going to need even to break a sweat, and if you start off with the opposite presumption—that you can grasp Big Problems with a single glance, and push them into their Appointed Slots by a simple batting of your eyelashes—you’ll be quite surprised at your telekinetic powers.  Do not look for explanations, either others or from within yourself;  you’ll only find yourself falling deeper down into your own Rabbit Hole.  You’ll find some enjoyment in standing your ground, but you should be very careful not to be brusque about it;  what you think you’re looking at may be a complete illusion, designed to conceal rather than to display.  Tomorrow’s Fowl will make it necessary for you to put all your attention on managing your own affairs, and you’re going to have to give up something to do that successfully.

Born in the Year of the Dragon: Your Friendly Team-Mates—Rat and Monkey—are going to hoist you into a position of Influence and Power today, so you’d better be prepared to fulfill your office with Grace and Aplomb.  This is, of course, just the kind of requirement that you shine most brilliantly under, and you’re due for excellent results if you simply display your own confidence in doing it Your Way.  Since the Dragon Way always includes at least as much observation of your surroundings as reference to your inner will, no one is liable to feel slighted or left out, unless that’s already their chosen tactic for the day.  With such Resisters, Flattery and Special Treatment will be powerful tools in your arsenal.  Treat your family members as if they’re strangers you’ve just met and are interested in getting to know better, and they’ll love you for it.  Tomorrow’s Fowl will bring forward your competitive spirit, and if you have a chance to go somewhere new to exercise it, there will be Good Luck waiting for you there.

Born in the Year of the Snake: You haven’t been this well-positioned in relation to The Tiger Problem in a couple of months, and if you play your opportunity correctly, you’ll find the Rat and Monkey more than willing to follow your wishes.  Be conservative in selecting from them, however, in order to ensure that once you get your hands on what you’re after, you have the time, space, and peace of mind, to truly enjoy your Accomplished Desires.  It’s almost a truism for you and your Clan, but particularly important for you to observe today:  your best powers come forward when they’re applied to someone else’s problems.  If you’re not already partnered, this is a Very Good Day to find one:  ask your friends to guide you, and to handle the introductions.  If you are already partnered, make sure you get some time alone with them:  they have something important to tell you that will deepen and strengthen your relationship.  You’ll most likely already know all about it, but that won’t damage the importance of the moment.  Tomorrow’s Fowl will give you some Sharp Tools, and you’ll need to follow your hunches to use them correctly.

Born in the Year of the Horse: The Monkey will be rather boxed in by the Rat—and not allowed to pull any of his famous Monkey-Shines—and the Rat, for his part, will be so busy seeing to the Boxing-In, that you’ll feel permitted to go through the day without qualms, and very much on your own recognizance.  Pay attention to your inclinations, and follow them where they lead you;  the Monkey is going to be displaying the deft and delicate side of his nature, and if you aim to copy him, your investigations are going to produce such pleasure, that you may very well find it difficult to bring them to a pause or halt.  If this becomes problematic, simply remember one of the various duties or responsibilities to which you’ve made Prior Commitment, and see to;  you’ll find doing that involves no difficulty, whatsoever.  Tomorrow’s Fowl will present an array of labors for you to take up, and while you won’t get to decide which ones to be involved with, you should be careful who you end up working next to.

Born in the Year of the Sheep: The peskier and more problematic Character Flaws of the Monkey are going to be well-concealed today, partly out of respect for—well, that is to say, “fear of“—the Tiger, and partly from the Diligent Attention the Rat will be applying to make sure all goes forward smoothly.  Consequently, you’ll not need to be pressed into service as Monkey-Wrangler (which is more frequently the case than you probably would prefer) and you’ll be free to take up whatever tasks or enjoyments would seem to satisfy.  That includes taking center stage as M.C. or Main Act for the floor-show, should you be so inclined, but if you take up this role, aim to feature your nonchalance and to leave your Inner Drill Sergeant out of it.  You’re in a strong position today, and small gestures will produce big results.  Think Lucky, Act Lucky, Be Lucky.  Tomorrow’s Fowl will delete your sense of control, but if you can take that as something like a Party Game, you could have a delightful time with it.

Born in the Year of the Monkey: Under the Rat Moon, you and your Clan are in a stronger position than you’ve benefited from in a couple of months.  Aim to follow your Clan-Mate’s stable and sensible style, and underplay whatever advantage you feel today.  Your actions will seem all the more deft, and your results all the more glittering, if they don’t fall into the pitfalls of Catching Up, on the one hand, or Showing Off, on the other.  You’re not really in charge of all the variables at play, and if you succumb to the temptation to push things to their extremity of success, you may well find you’ve only been successful in becoming the butt of your own joke.  For true pleasure, pay close attention to your friends—and friendly family members—and help them do exactly what they want;  you could learn something Very Important as well, by doing so.  Tomorrow’s Fowl will give you Sharp Sight and Cutting Courage, and you might astonish all—particularly yourself—with what you do with them.

Born in the Year of the Fowl: While things are going to be fairly calm today—at least relative to what can happen most of the time when the Clan of the Long Tail comes on the watch—you won’t find yourself very often in a position of advantage because of it.  The stillness and quiet will make it quite easy to see Problems To Be Dealt With, but will not give you access to the tools or time that would make Taking Steps Forward either practical or satisfying.  Take up the role, then, of Observant By-Stander, and focus not on what you could do, but on why you feel you’d want to do it.  The ultimate answers in that Self-Examination are at base Quite Simple, and once you get to them, you’ll feel all other considerations drop away.  This will prove also to be very well-timed, as tomorrow’s Fowl will give you the opportunity to make your “answers” known.

Born in the Year of the Dog: The Monkey is going to be surprisingly quiet and highly focused today—not like what you usually expect from the rowdy and rambunctious Clan of the Long Tail—and that’s likely to make you feel that you can take up and tighten what he’s leaving slack, pursuing your interests and appetites with zeal and delight, and acting as if your investigations will be welcome wherever they lead you.  Now, while your position is secure today, and your intuition basically on the mark, you will have to be a bit disciplined in your style if you don’t want to end up also taking up the Monkey’s reputation for the whole “rowdy and rambunctious” thing.  Most important will be to remember that if you find something so fun that you can’t stop yourself from continuing to repeat it, that itself can be a perfectly good Reason To Stop.  Experiencing some Not Having will do wonders for the clarity and richness of your appetite, and might also keep you from driving everyone else into displeasure or Temporary Insanity.  Be careful with children;  they’re going to be fun to share time with, but they’re also capable of making you really angry today.  Tomorrow’s Fowl is going to make it very clear to you what you do like and what you don’t like, but unfortunately, also keep you from being actively able to choose between the two categories.

Born in the Year of the Pig: On the up side, the Monkey will be fairly well restrained by the Rat Moon, and not able to dig around—in that annoying way the Clan of the Long Tail seems to delight in demonstrating—in your carefully laid out garden;  on the down side, nothing in the garden is going to be growing very well, or even looking like its ever going to.  Thus, you’ll likely feel bereft today of both your own satisfaction in your accomplishments, and of the adulation you might receive when you can make a display of them to your various admirers and casual passers-by.  Don’t let yourself fall into despair or dejection;  think of all the things the Monkey’s not doing, and turn your attention towards those things you know the least about.  There’s a blank in your day, waiting like an empty page for you to fill with facts, notes, observations, inter-connections, theories, and future possibilities.  There are times when the very best thing you can do for your garden is to take a trip to the library.  Tomorrow’s Fowl will sharpen your insight, certify your intuition, and—strangely—keep you from putting yourself in any danger by making use either or both.

Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Words to the Wise:

Having achieved a coign of vantage at the height of the promontory, the Tiger settles into rest.

Sprawling out in comfort, he spreads his stripes like lingering shadows across the ground.

The whiskers flare, the great pink of his tongue brushing casually beneath them, and the huge fangs are displayed.

Opening wide, then wider still, the jaws show terror to the world, even in the indolence of a self-satisfied yawn.

“What your grandparents did for you, your grandchildren should benefit from.”

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Thursday, 23rd of December


Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Master Mouse Says:

The FIRE SHEEP on duty today has all the verve, diligence, and organizational skills necessary to step in, take charge, and see that things get done, but will have to bring forward delicacy and gentleness to take successful steps forward while the Yáng is still so tender.  Avoid argument today, unless it’s of a purely philosophical nature, and spend three times as much time and energy in preparation than you think it will take for action itself.  It’s the soft and wooly side of the Sheep that needs to be made use of, and pushing forward, or expressing adamant will, can only be expected to bruise the results you’re aiming for, or to close off the options you’re trying to pursue.  Complaining or expressing your emotions, but not to those they concern, will help you lower any aggressiveness in your attitude, and put you back into your diplomacy.  Remember that every breath in is followed by a breath out.

Talk to the Animals

Born in the Year of the Rat: This is one more day to stay conservative in your actions, and to focus on being observant of your options without exercising them.  You’ll see much more clearly today the direction the turn of the year has pointed you towards, and may feel that your comprehension is solid enough to base your commitment of energy and movement upon.  Still, your style of delicacy can easily snarl under the Sheep’s watch, and it’s much better to delay, even if you think you’re missing the ripe moment.  Tomorrow’s Monkey will help you complete your investigations, particularly by showing you the down-side of the solutions you’re considering.

Born in the Year of the Ox: You’re not going to be happy under the Sheep’s watch, and if you feel under-appreciated or that your accomplishments lack a certain zing in your own estimation, you can chalk it up entirely to the Clan of Fleece and Horns.  Still, you’ll have to admit that a bit of waiting might be just the thing to help you capture the new impetus of the very fresh and tender Yáng, and though you might not like the style in which the need to pause is being presented to you, if you focus on its function, you will get through the day without things crashing down around you.  Tomorrow’s Monkey will show a different kind of delicacy than the Sheep can muster, and bring you some friendly faces to engage with.

Born in the Year of the Tiger: Where your quality of gentleness has to do with patient repose, the Sheep’s is all about pressing very, very slightly, and accomplishing results through continual and recurring moments of attentiveness.  While you can’t be expected to master this form yourself, if would be very healthy for you to try it on for size today.  The next 6 weeks will see a slow decline in your appetites and your sense of traction, and a bit of the Sheep’s style will help you prepare for the Rabbit arriving in February.  Think of it as a trade-off, in consideration of all the Clan of Fleece and Horns have had to learn from you and your Kind over the last 11 months.  Tomorrow’s Monkey will put you in a sour mood, and test whether you’ve learned how to apply any of the Sheep’s powers of diplomacy.

Born in the Year of the Hare: The Sheep on the watch will help you learn a very important lesson today, in preparation for the Year of the Rabbit arriving in February:  enthusiasm may be a Big Engine for your accomplishments, but you need Steering Wheel and Inflated Tires to keep on course.  Employ both today by aiming to grasp the problem in front of you from the Difficult Side, and then forget about what you thought following-through was going to feel like.  The movement forward itself will show you what to do, moment to moment, and the more gingerly your progress, the better.  Big energy producing small but correct results will tell you you’re using the Sheep Style with just the right—that is to say, “light”—touch.  Tomorrow’s Monkey will tease the Yáng forward with a different sort of delicacy, and show you the power of your will when you apply it.

Born in the Year of the Dragon: Your poise and repose are the only things that will get you through this day without bruised feelings and battered plans.  The Sheep on the watch is not in a powerful position, and you may feel that your influence is not only called for, but necessary, in order to keep things from falling to failure.  But consider that the Sheep’s attentiveness to small actions and continual pressure is higher than yours, and give his style the benefit of the doubt.  Offering your help is the polite thing to do, of course, but so is accepting the rejection of the offer with grace and ease.  Keep your eyes open, and take notes, however:  tomorrow’s Monkey will bring forward just the sort of moment when your powers can be applied with exactitude, and your influence, with proper scale.

Born in the Year of the Snake: The arrival of the Sheep on the watch, to guide forward the fresh and tender Yáng, is highly auspicious for you and your Clan;  the delicate but continuous encouragement he is able to supply will harmonize perfectly with the pace with which your spirit is warming and turning towards Activation.  Take things slowly;  you have 6 more weeks before the Rabbit arrives, and your powers will start to soar.  Imagine yourself in a wooly and warm coat today, and move with “all deliberate speed.”  Your body is behind your mind, and the more time you give it to catch up, the better.  Tomorrow’s Monkey will display a different sort of delicacy, and a sense of timing that will play right into your needs.

Born in the Year of the Horse: The Sheep’s attitude towards matters of great power is something you have intimate and direct experience of;  his delicacy and diligence—while frequently demonstrated—are more difficult for you to catch in your conscious awareness.  Pay attention to them today, as they are both on clear display.  If you can also harmonize with them—allowing developments around you to determine your own proper pace and strength of action—you’ll find that it’s quite easy for you to accept the Sheep’s control, and even easier to enjoy the Brilliant Results you’ll get by doing so.  Put your own ideas and demands somewhere down the list for consideration, and attend to those of others first.  If that produces proper results, then “problem solved;” if it doesn’t, you still have your point-of-view to give a try.  I’m thinking you won’t need to.  Tomorrow’s Monkey will display a different kind of delicacy than the Sheep can muster, and allow you at least to feel that it’s your ideas that are being tested out.

Born in the Year of the Sheep: Leave your strength of will tucked under your pillow or shoved under the bed, today, and be a Perfect Lamb in all matters under your consideration.  Your Clan-Mate is not in a strong position, but if you’ll demonstrate the meekness with which your Clan is fully capable, he’ll show you a path to Substantial Results, nonetheless.  Show a cheerful face— whether you think you’re entirely convinced by it, or not—and aim to take teaching from others.  The world may seem a puzzle-box, but if you follow your hunches, small shifts will crack open big problems.  Tomorrow’s Monkey will hand you the microphone, so don’t think you have to speak loudly into it.

Born in the Year of the Monkey: The delicacy and diligence the Sheep will put on display today are both worthy of your Undivided Attention, and if you end up feeling that you’re sprouting a Coat of Fleece because you’re staring so intently at them through the day, just make a joke of it by saying:  “Baa-aa-aaa.”  You have your own style of tenderness to bring forward tomorrow, when your Clan-Mate comes on the watch, but you’ll put it to use to much better effect if you’ve constrained yourself with the Sheep’s pace today.  It will feel like the Art of Not Touching, if you get it right.  Wanting to touch, wanting to touch, not touching:  just like that.  If you have that down by the time tomorrow’s Monkey arrives, you’re going to do brilliantly.

Born in the Year of the Fowl: The Sheep on the watch will be demonstrating the proper delicacy and continuity of action which should be copied to make the most out of the turn towards the Yáng, and between those two, it’s the “delicacy” you already have mastered.  Mind you, it doesn’t always spring to the fore as First Option when you’ve got a nut to crack, or a boulder to roll forward, but if you look down your whole list of options today before taking action—which is highly advisable—you’ll see right away how appropriate your skill at it is to the tasks at hand.  Now, for “continuity,” you’ll have to substitute “rhythm;”  aiming to minimize the unpredictability of your efforts is of the essence.  Do things in regularity of repetition, or at least make announcement just before you take action.  Soft is better, both in volume and in force.  Tomorrow’s Monkey will demonstrate a different kind of delicacy, and you’ll do better to simply stand back and wait.

Born in the Year of the Dog: The arrival of the Sheep on the watch puts you in a strangely strong position:  your enthusiasm will seem both natural and guileless, and your roving attention will put everyone around you at ease when tension would cause Serious Difficulties.  Aim to be as talkative as seems appropriate, and don’t worry—for once—about placing a filter between what you’re thinking and what you’re saying.  Your friendliness will be infectious, and will smooth the field for Important Matters to be laid out on.  Don’t be hasty to jump in when they are placed there, however;  this is a day for you to let others do the work.  Any lifting or running you do today should be purely for entertainment and recreation;  if that happens to get some of your “work” accomplished at the same time, so much the better.  Tomorrow’s Monkey will put a different kind of delicacy into play, and you’ll have to bring forward your sense of discipline to balance it.

Born in the Year of the Pig: The Sheep coming on the watch is not in a position of power or strong influence, but you are;  show your affinity with his Clan by keeping a roving eye on the lookout for small gestures of encouragement, and brief phrases of advice or instruction, that you can offer to friends and strangers alike.  Your broad experience and wide-open appreciation of the world in all its flavors are like nourishing syrup you can pour out for the delectation of all who hunger, and even conditions of Break-Down can provide avenues for your support to Really Mean Something.  You have a Big Wish to bestow in your pocket, and it doesn’t need to be a Big Deal when you hand it over.  Tomorrow’s Monkey can’t promise you such an altruistic position to occupy, but if you keep your attention on Learning Something, you’ll get through the day without a bruised ego.

Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Words to the Wise:

The water gurgles into the kettle, mumbling something or other about worries and strife.

Dumped into place on the stove, the kettle seems to pout in silent frustration, angry to be in service.

Soon the bubbles are forming, making that little ticking-clicking noise they do before the boil;

The whole world seems to have an opinion, but without divinatory preparation, I’m as stupid to it as a stone.

“Complaining to your spouse is like throwing mud into your own well.”

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Wednesday, 22nd of December


Text © Robert Fenwick • The Fenwick Academy • (831) 471-0388 • Master Mouse Says:

The FIRE HORSE on duty today has tender sensitivities to his surroundings, with an excessive willfulness where his rights and appetites are concerned, and will easily catch the appearing glint of Yáng, turning with it towards the brightening of the light that will complete the Tiger Year, and lead in the Rabbit.  Follow your whims today, but be cautious enough to balance your curiosity with stillness and observant poise.  Guard the young Yáng like a small ember, and do not be hasty to depart from the protective sluggishness of the Yīn, which will be dominant until the Spring Equinox, still three months away.  Aim to be eager to behold, quick to recognize, but slow to make commitment;  this is a day for reading omens, but they will have to be corroborated with demonstration in fact, before they can be properly understood, believed in, or put to use.

Astronomically, the Winter Solstice fell on yesterday’s date for the parts of the world to the west of the meridian of longitude at 15º E, in Europe.  Since the date in China was already the 22nd at that time, astrologically, it’s the Fire Horse that brings in the turn of the year’s qì. The Yīn is still deep, and the Yáng is just a tiny spark, but there could hardly be a better auspice for properly turning towards the warmth and vitality just beginning to build its effect in the world.

Talk to the Animals

Born in the Year of the Rat: Continue to simplify thoughts, actions, intentions, and don’t strive against the Horse’s willfulness.  The depth of your powers today is in the receptivity and tolerance of the Yīn that has just crested, and will now slowly, slowly begin to recede.  Keep your eyes open, and try not to make your presence felt;  any movement you might make, particularly if quick or ill-introduced, may shift the omens and muddy your view of them.  Rest in your cheerfulness, and don’t aim to exert leverage;  you’ll be much better served by information that’s accurate and truthful, even if it’s a bit bitter to the taste, or seems to tease you to nudge it towards your benefit.  Tomorrow’s Sheep will grasp the new Yáng tenderly, and bring forward its strength for you to observe.

Born in the Year of the Ox: The Horse will make a big demonstration of the new Yáng, but not all will be able to feel it as well as you;  a small, interior shift will be quite clear to you, as if something had grabbed your center of gravity, and given it a little tug.  Let it work on you, and suggest a new compass point by which to navigate towards your long-term aims.  Keeping away from company might be a good idea, as social interaction may divert your attention from the new, and cause you to brush aside the Horse’s gift.  Don’t shy away from the larger tasks you have in front of you;  there’s still something to be accomplished before the Tiger’s Tail disappears around the corner, and that will be happening sooner than you might think.  Tomorrow’s Sheep will try to keep the new Yáng from flaring up too brightly, so don’t let your impatience get in the way.

Born in the Year of the Tiger: For those of your Clan, the arrival of the Horse on the watch for this delicate moment should be cause for particular celebration;  it suggests a proper relaxation of your attention, balanced with a renewal of your interest in Getting Things Done for the remaining 6 weeks of the year.  Strike out towards them today, and keep your gaze fixed on the commitments you’ve made that have not yet been fulfilled;  you do not need to launch into brash or bold action, and you certainly don’t need to bring the full power of your Big Pounce into the demonstration, but seeing to your promises will reassure those around you, and bring you deepening peace.  Tomorrow’s Sheep will gently fan the new Yáng into greater brightness, and show you the proper way in which to move forward.

Born in the Year of the Hare: Your awareness of the shift of balance in the year’s will be bone-deep, and not even the confusion that sometimes arrives with the Clan of Hooves and Mane will disturb your clear-eyed attention.  In truth, this particular member of the Clan is so much an embodiment of the new Yáng emerging, that your careful observance through the day might finally explain those quirks that make the Horse so frequently the object of your quizzical fascination.  Then again, what’s at its inception point today is the Year of the Hare, destined to achieve its arrival in February;  your excitement and over-bubbling brain activity are certainly in response to that.  Try to remain outwardly inactive;  the head of “steam” arising in your brain can power Magical Intention, as long as you don’t blow it off by dashing about in anticipation.  Tomorrow’s Sheep will cup the new Yáng with gentle regard, and show you how to balance your enthusiasm with order.

Born in the Year of the Dragon: The arrival of this Horse on the watch for the day is extremely auspicious for you and your Clan.  The solid stance and nimble agility of this Horse so match your own, that you’ll find his energy the perfect lens with which to focus down onto the tiny atom of Yáng, re-booting your inner circuitry from its charge, and returning you instantly to your full Physical Powers, as if by pure thought.  Take things slowly;  the new always deserves that moment of appreciative regard, and you’ll benefit from the chance the pause gives you to sense the shift in the wind, and the alteration of your capacities, however small or large they might be.  You’re going to be astonished at your accomplishments over the next 6 weeks, but there’s no value in rushing towards them.  Smile calmly, and consider the Great Problem.  Tomorrow’s Sheep will hold the Yáng up gently for you to observe in action, giving you an opportunity to take important first steps forward.

Born in the Year of the Snake: The Fire of this Horse will warm your heart enough to feel that Something Great will eventually bloom there, but as the Yáng is still just a tiny atom, you’ll have to feel you’re using Inner Sight to glimpse its meaning clearly.  The time for action is a ways off, and though your comprehension of the Clan of Hooves and Mane is faultless, your attention is far too sluggish yet to make any demonstration of your capacity to Take Command and ride off into the sunset.  Take careful note of your thoughts and ideas today;  many of them will prove to be prophetic.  Treasure your weariness and lethargy:  they are the cradle of your coming powers.  Tomorrow’s Sheep will guard the new Yáng from its own dangers, and show you how to time your wakening with its development.

Born in the Year of the Horse: The arrival of your Clan-Mate to the watch, to stand guard at the conception of the Yáng, is a Great Omen for all, and a source of surety and comfort for you.  Your sense of your Nature today is both clear and correct, and you stand within the world around you as The Center of it.  Look in any direction, and you’ll see the correctness of your appetite, and the calm certitude of your interest.  Take note, but do not take action:  the Fire that is arising today is just a tiny fleck of heat-and-light, and drawing from it could easily put it out, leaving you back in the dark.  Think boldly for the future;  you have work to be done over the next 6 weeks, and though all of it won’t be difficult or strenuous, all of it will be important.  Tomorrow’s Sheep will fan the “tiny fleck” into greater brightness, showing you the comfort you gain by giving up control.

Born in the Year of the Sheep: As beneficent an omen as the Horse is for all today, his arrival on the watch means something special for you.  Your harmonious grasp of the Fire which powers his Nature will give you sharp awareness of your vitality, certifying your accomplishment in the Tiger Year, and turning you towards the coming Rabbit, when your powers will bloom and your fame will spread wide.  Hold the tiny atom of the Yáng tenderly today, and take only those actions you can aim towards with perfect equilibrium.  What is beginning now will turn great and grand in your capable hands, but you know—perhaps better than anyone—that it must be fed slowly, patiently, confidently.  Tomorrow’s Sheep will demonstrate the full scale your attention has grown to under the Tiger, and point towards your realization of the Hare.

Born in the Year of the Monkey: The turn of the year—as it signals the conception of the coming Hare, and therefore, the end of the Terrible Tiger—will send a thrill of excitement and renewed possibility coursing through your body, and a rush of ideas and images flooding into your mind.  Your competence in grasping the reins and riding ever-so-lightly across the finish line, is without question, and your heart is going to be urging you to jump up and lurch forward.  Don’t.  The Yáng is still just a weakly flickering spark, and though this Horse is strong, he must be approached with Proper Deportment and Gracious Ease.  Rest in your appreciation of the way in which he has calmed—at least for a day—the dangers that the Tiger delights in throwing your way;  employ your agility and inquisitiveness in making fine-scale preparations, and maintain the discipline in which your fears have made you well-practiced this year.  Tomorrow’s Sheep will hold the new Yáng quite tenderly, and show you the distance it must traverse before making its full effect known.

Born in the Year of the Fowl: With your delicate accuracy and high-resolution of vision, you more than most will appreciate the infinitely tiny scale of the Yáng as it returns today.  The Horse, with his Firey Nature, and his Blazing Appearance, will show a large-scale image of this new beginning to all others who are attentive, but their problem will be to understand how insubstantial and fragile the new up-rising of actually is.  The long and steady growth of the light is a Great Task which must be accomplished with diligent persistence and—at the beginning—attentive care.  Make this your task today, and show the world the power of Incrementalism.  Even microscopic readjustments will have great power over time, and small realignments today will make Huge Differences for your future.  Tomorrow’s Sheep will gently fan the new Yáng to greater warmth, and show you in which direction, and to what purposes, your diligence must be applied.

Born in the Year of the Dog: The Horse is both a clear emblem of the new Yáng emerging today, and the perfect ambassador to make Friendly Introductions to all who are in the proper state of attention.  It should be a foregone conclusion that you’re to be one of the first in the Receiving Line, and the only caution I must give you is to remember that the Tiny Infant will be difficult to actually see, and so easy to disturb, that you’re not going to be given the opportunity to hold him, quite yet.  Nevertheless, do not doubt that your name is at the top of the list for Potential Godparent, and I’m placing all my money on you getting the nod.  Let your inner joy and exhilaration rise as far as you can stand them, but maintain a civil and polite outward demeanor.  Whooping it up a bit when you’re in private would be entirely appropriate, but over-doing it will make them seriously reconsider your position on The List (not to mention, blow my chances for a big pay-off.)  Tomorrow’s Sheep will guard the new Yáng jealously, giving you a bit more permission to clap others on the back, and hand out cigars.

Born in the Year of the Pig: The tiny, tiny scale of the emerging Yáng is difficult for most to conceive of, and impossible to imagine correctly.  For them, the Horse is doubly auspicious as he presents a large-scale symbol of what cannot be directly apprehended, and points the way towards Proper
Regard of the present, and Appropriate Direction to be taken towards the future.  For you, the Deep Problem of considering The Inexperiencable is no problem, at all;  the solidly grounded aesthetic by which you guide yourself in the world admits of all manner of substitutions of Image for Reality, Potential for Actuality, and Space for Form.  Since the conception point we’ve reached today will lead—in about 6 weeks—to the birth of the Rabbit Year, when your artful philosophies and comprehensive powers of supervision and advice, will bloom to even greater radiance, you can afford to stand back today, and savor the undefined region between The Possible and The Inevitable, where your tastes truly lie.  Hover in your own confidence today, and show the world how elegant and beautiful that balance can be.  Tomorrow’s Sheep will bring forth the new Yáng for a bit of a showing, and you should consider what blessing you might wish to bestow on the Tiny Mite.

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The winter is damp, and it’s hard to remember blossoming peonies swaying in a warm breeze;

In the center of the temple yard, the well is silent, topped with ice, and snow abounds.

In the deepest cold is a spark of fire;  confidence arises in the empty place at the heart.

The Yáng trembles at the bottom of the pit, and all the centuries stand as still as upright stones.

“Beginnings and endings bow to each other.”

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