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Red Sheephead Glyph Trigrams

With many thanks to my partners at Great Applications (as well as to the clients and students who have kept me so busy for the last four weeks!) I am happy to say that an edited version of the Sheep Year Preview Talk I gave just before the New Year is finally available.  There are two sections, available separately, through Ming Li Tong Shu Online.  You’ll see the download link on the sign in page, and if you’re already signed in, you can access the download form through the “Products” button at the top of the page.

The first recording (which was actually the second half of my talk) previews the Sheep Year for each of the Twelve Animals, with responses to several questions from the attendees.

The second recording goes over the “Do-Little Days” for the year, explaining how they fit in the year, and several ways to make best use of them.  For easy reference, this recording also comes with a .pdf of the dates to observe throughout the Wood Sheep Year.

Each recording is $12.97, payable on your registered credit card through Stripe, the payment system we’re using now for subscriptions.  I hope you’ll find the recordings helpful, and if they prompt any questions, I’ll be using future postings on Tong Shu Talk to respond.

Now that the Earth Hare Moon is here, I’m forecasting a bit more fluidity as well as bounce in almost all matters.  The Tiger Moon brought a lot of energy, but left the Sheep a bit perplexed as to what to do with it.  Now that it’s past, it’s time to get focused, raise your confidence, and look around for partnerships that will bring satisfaction, productivity, and jovial feelings.

This Rabbit isn’t all that much of a Party Animal when you get right down to it, but will so delight in harmonizing with the Sheep’s inerrant sense of organization and purposeful labor that even mundane tasks will very likely lead to “whistling while you work.”  For surest results, wait for this Moon’s first Pig Day on the 24th to stomp on the accelerator.  Just make sure that you’ve got both hands on the steering wheel…!


Thursday begins the Lunar Week:

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