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MonkeyKing BaGua

Recordings of the Monkey Year Preview Talk I gave recently are now available as downloads through Ming Li Tong Shu Online. You’ll find the link for “Digital Products” on the welcome page, or you can use the link for “Products” once you’ve gone to the daily page on the site.

There are three separate sound files you can download:

• The first is an overview of the Year of the Fire Monkey for everybody, with explanation of the Monkey’s special character and possibilities, and attention to months that are more available for profitable action and those that are better devoted to “watching and waiting.”

• The second covers advice and warnings for each of the Twelve Animals, focusing on practical strategies for making the most of the Monkey’s powerful and quirky nature. To get the fullest use of the information, you’ll need to know the Animal for your year of birth. This can easily be found (if you don’t already know it) by registering for a free account on Ming Li Tong Shu Online. This will give you access to the full database of years on the site. Getting a free account requires a working email address which the system uses as your ID.  We do NOT sell this information, nor do we use it beyond ID purposes.  (There are rare circumstances in which we send important alerts to the registered members and subscribers using their emails, usually regarding changes to the site or disruption of service.). This download also includes questions from the attendees, and while they’re sometimes poorly audible on the recording, I tried to make the nature of the questions clear through my responses.

• The third is briefer and goes over the “Do-Little Days” for the year, explaining how they fit into the flow of the year, with some ideas on how to make best use of them. For easy reference, this recording also comes with a .pdf of the dates to observe throughout the FIre Monkey Year.

The first two files are $12.97 each, and the shorter one is $9.97, charged to your credit card. They are .mp3 files and are playable on virtually any device. (Apple users will need to downlad to a computer hard drive first, and then transfer them to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad if you want to listen to them them there.)


“May Monkey’s play bring Monkey’s power!”




“When Monkey reigns, doorways open and magical blessings abound!”


Hou BaGua



“Long life, surrounded by blessings!”








“Four Seasons Send Wealth”



Thursday begins the Lunar Week:

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