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This year, March 9th is the first day of the Hare Moon in the Chinese calendar.  Just as dawn arrives in the Hare Hour, so the Hare Moon brings in the dawning of the radiance and beneficence of the New Year.  On this day, the powers of the Yang confer with the Jade Emperor, laying plans and strategies for guiding forth the strength and agility of the Fire Monkey for the benefit of all. (If you’re lucky enough to see the sun appear at dawn, you should consider yourself to be on the Monkey’s short list of Those To Be Helped…)

The Tiger Moon that has just passed may have rightfully given the Monkey some fright and startled him into hiding high in the treetops. If you don’t feel you quite get the gist of what’s going on around you, that’s entirely appropriate. Satisfy yourself with developing a taste for what might be, and let the Monkey calm down a bit before you ask for a demonstration of “the truth of the matter.”

As it unfolds, the Hare Moon will prove much more agreeable to the Monkey’s quirky and inquisitive nature, even though certainty and confidence will likely remain difficult to grasp and yet harder to rely upon.  Still, those teasing flashes of new potentials and freshly inspired alternatives which the Monkey has brought into fashion will have a better chance to spread out in the growing sunlight, and get their kinks and wrinkles properly ironed into smooth display.

The true glory of the Monkey’s Magic isn’t scheduled to come forth until the Dragon Moon arrives in April, when the resulting acrobatics are liable to be both awe-inspiring and a little giddy-making. So take the Hare Moon’s gentle and comforting invitation to get your thoughts and dreams properly aligned with your current status and access to resources. If you’re going to get your chance in the cock-pit of a jet airplane, you’ll want to get resolved about your reflexes and strength of will (not to mention your aims) first!

For more of my advisories about the Year of the Fire Monkey, check out the recordings of the Monkey Year Preview Talk, available through Ming Li Tong Shu Online.