Hi, I’m Robert Fenwick, and thanks for visiting the blog!

I’m a scholar, teacher, and practitioner of Chinese astrology and fengshui, and an adherent of the long view of human nature through history, culture, and technologies.  Through The Fenwick Academy I offer webcam courses in Chinese Cosmology, private consultations in Fate Pattern Astrology, and Feng Shui Design services for residences, businesses, and institutions.

In partnership with my great friends at Great Applications, L.L.C., I’m the editor of Ming Li Tong Shu Online, an English language version of the traditional Chinese Astrological Almanac.  We’ve been publishing since 1992, aiming to acquaint more people outside of China with this deeply practical and highly valued cornerstone of traditional Chinese life and culture.

There are several levels of yearly subscription available, as well as access to the Ming Li Astrology Chart for any date and time of birth from 1900 to 2020. We also offer a service listing daily tables in four traditional “Open Point Systems” for acupuncture and acupressure treatment.  If you have questions about subscribing, I’m always happy to advise you in advance to help you select the proper level of service for your needs and interest, or if need be, to help you go through the subscription process online.

The Fenwick Academy offers a series of courses in Chinese Cosmology, both in residence in San Jose, California, and through webcam sessions.  The next Introductory Course is currently scheduled to start meetings  in Spring 2014, with formal instruction to begin once a full complement of students is assembled.  It will survey the basics of Chinese Astrology, Fengshui, Fate Calculation, and Flow-School Analysis.

The Introductory Course consists of 80 hours of lecture, and 42 hours of tutorial, usually over a two-year period.  One section of this course is planned to be held on webcam, so as to serve students not in the south San Francisco Bay vicinity.  This Introductory Course will be followed by a more intensive Professional Certification Course, also usually two years in duration. A Doctoral-Level Teacher Certification Course is planned to follow.

If you are interested in a Fate Pattern Reading of your Ming Li Astrology Chart (based on your date, time, and place of birth) please do not hesitate to contact me as shown below.  Clients have remarked that the readings are “insightful,” “life-altering,” “unlike anything I’ve experienced before.”  I also do my best to make them enjoyable and entertaining, as well as understandable in practical terms, and from the client’s point of view.

It’s my consistent aim to present the wisdom of long tradition inherent in the chart, in a way that will empower clients with new perspectives, and give them access to a deeper confidence in their own Human Nature, applied to common human situations and the variable problems that time, circumstance, and lifestyle may bring forward.

I’m also quite pleased to answer any questions subscribers may have about deepening their use and understanding of the Ming Li Tong Shu Online and its proper place in modern life.  Please check it out, and let me know what you are curious about!

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